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  1. Assuming there are gods, and they give a mummer'sfart. "My secret is revealed," Tyrion agreed. "Aye, I'm less than half of Haldon, and no one gives a mummer's fart whether I live or die." Least of all me. "You, though … you are everything." Comely? I have taught my Margaery what comely is worth, I hope. Somewhat less than a mummer's fart. Aerion Brightfire was comely enough, but a monster all the same. "He picked her because she's fat," Lord Walder said. "You think Bolton gave a mummer's fart that she was your whelp? Think he sat about thinking, 'Heh, Merrett Muttonhead, that's the very man I need for a good-father'? Your Walda's a sow in silk, that's why he picked her, and I'm not like to thank you for it. We'd have had the same alliance at half the price if your little porkling put down her spoon from time to time." The man slipped out his dirk and found a chink in my friend's armor. His strength, his speed, his valor, all his hard-won skill . . . it was worth less than a mummer'sfart, because he flinched from killing. Remember that, girl."
  2. -If she choked on the blood or retched up the flesh, the omens were less favorable; the child might be stillborn, or come forth weak, deformed, or female. -He felt strangely at peace, now that he had snatched the power of life and death from his father's hands and placed it in the hands of the gods. Assuming there are gods, and they give a mummer's fart. If not, then I'm in Dornish hands. No matter what happened, Tyrion had the satisfaction of knowing that he'd kicked Lord Tywin's plans to splinters. -He tossed aside the splinteredspear and claimed his foe's greatsword. -Clegane slammed his fist into the Dornishman's mouth, making splinters of his teeth. -I put my life in the Red Viper's hands, and he dropped it. When he remembered, too late, that snakes had no hands, Tyrion began to laugh hysterically. -he staggered to one knee. At once Lord Beric closed, his downcut screaming through the air trailing pennons of fire. Panting from exertion, Clegane jerked his shield up over his head just in time, and the cave rang with the loud crack of splintering oak. -He found an old shield in the armory, battered and splintered, the chipped paint still showing most of the great black bat of House Lothston upon a field of silver and gold.
  3. I have held a suspension of poisoning as the cause of Tyrion retching after the Red Viper vs. The Mountain combat. When I noticed this discrepancy of his breakfast. Tyrion Lannister slept long and deep. He rose at first light, well rested and with a hearty appetite, and broke his fast on fried bread, blood sausage, applecakes, and a double helping of eggs cooked with onions and fiery Dornish peppers. Tyrion's breakfast came boiling back up. He found himself on his knees retching bacon and sausage and applecakes, and that double helping of fried eggs cooked up with onions and fiery Dornish peppers. My question is: Where and when did he eat the bacon, How did it get in his stomach, and is that bacon or does it just look like it-worms? Where did the fried bread and blood go? Or is it a jumble thing? I thought the Red Viper’s offered wine was poisoned: Tyrion found Prince Oberyn drinking a cup of red wine as he donned his armor. He was attended by four of his younger Dornish lordlings. "Good morrow to you, my lord," the prince said. "Will you take a cup of wine?" "Should you be drinking before battle?" "I always drink before battle." "That could get you killed. Worse, it could get me killed." But Tyrion may recognize the wine as a dangerous cure all or purging agent like ipecac. After that above comment by Tyrion, Oberyn laughs. Prince Oberyn laughed. "The gods defend the innocent. You are innocent, I trust?" Could the bacon represent sin and the missing fried bread and blood be like a Eucharist? Oberyn wanted to make sure Tyrion was innocent of any offense to the gods? 022444499X
  4. My first opinion on the books was based off the wall being more than it appears. A great being at rest. It’s casing melts into the water table. Wall weeps rainbows. All land in between rivers filters/fertilized differently by color and influences a godswood. Each body of land has a creature/personality/god? The nights watch sprinkling flint on top of the wall made me think of those ants that guard caterpillars. Always bothered me that it was flint. Who’s the guy mining it? The flint mountains are far away right? Flint contains phosphate or phosphorus, fertilizer? I still hold this as one of my baseless theory’s. When Cersei manically demands Lady’s head, I got the impression of The Red Queen of Hearts from Alice in wonderland.
  5. Has anyone discussed if dragons can possess a human? We’ve seen people behave like animals. Maybe the danger of dragons are their ability to use man for whatever amuses them in their long life?
  6. Bah! You made question if she always dyed her hair, and it came out in the wash, or a Who’s really under that cloak situation, or is death just bad for your hair? I’m hitting the easy button. Magic.
  7. Hay, bales of hay, or maybe House Hayford? House Stackspear. Makes me think of a pitchfork in a haystack. House Haigh?
  8. Bloated corpses in water, partially burnt bodies, and strange sounds from caves. Sounds like an attack by people, slavers, or cave dwellers. Survivors of the attack or shrieks in caves.
  9. That and Chataya’s bloody kiss to Tyrion. Vex me like a peach from Renly. A touch in play?
  10. Free time? Between telepathically manipulating a castle of humans and communicating his Machiavellian schemes to a legion of minions in his world empire, And training a global network of child assassins, not to mention influencing continents of cities with a Pavlov-ic dog response to his bells…You think he has free TIME?! The seven kingdoms do not run themselves! Ding! Dong! Dance!
  11. Tough question. Toilsome answer. I remember looking for anything about how and where he spent his time. He left Casterly Rock for Cersei wedding. That timeline was muddling. Could be.. "A voice from nowhere," Sandor said. He peered through his helm, looking this way and that. "Spirits of the air!" The prince laughed, as he always laughed when his bodyguard did this mummer's farce. Tyrion was used to it. "Down here." He never saw the wolf, where it was or how it came at him. One moment he was walking toward Snow and the next he was flat on his back on the hard rocky ground, the book spinning away from him as he fell, the breath going out of him at the sudden impact, his mouth full of dirt and blood and rotting leaves. As he tried to get up, his back spasmed painfully. He must have wrenched it in the fall. He ground his teeth in frustration, grabbed a root, and pulled himself back to a sitting position. "Help me," he said to the boy, reaching up a hand.
  12. https://asearchoficeandfire.com/?q=eggs+butter&scope[]=agot&scope[]=adwd&scope[]=acok&scope[]=asos&scope[]=affc
  13. Only substitute I know of is the classic… Eggs And Butter = Eggs and Bacon. Never tried a substitute. Substitute in this case could be GRRM or Martin
  14. a thought thought came to me. the rag doll? Cloth doll? Ser soldier. I’ll have to reread that chapter. I thought it was “Arya’s toy”. Can’t remember what I saw in the daughter.
  15. Bah! Seeing it written out like this, makes me think of the old type face printers. Bacon’s cypher for surface use vv for w I was just reading something a wile back About the French guy, master in his citadel, he wrote Essay? Michel Eyquem de Montaigne. Probably another rabbit hole but I’m going down it. • I could have sworn there was mention of Jaime having difficulty reading. His eyes? are Jumbled/mixed (HBO corrupting my memory) I need Pylos’s help
  16. He liked the birds: the crows in the broken tower, the tiny little sparrows that nested in cracks between the stones, the ancient owl that slept in the dusty loft above the old armory. Bran knew them all. "I always like to return to the city through the Gateof the Gods," Varys told Shae as he filled the wine cups. "The carvings on the gatehouse are exquisite, they make me weep each time I see them. The eyes . . . so expressive, don't you think? They almost seem to follow you as you ride beneath the portcullis." Don't bother, sweetling, Tyrion thought, swirling the wine in the cup. He cares not a whit about carvings. The eyes he boasts of are his own. What he means is that he was watching, that he knew we were here the moment we passed through the gates. Most chapters where people walk through a gate they watched as eyes are upon them. Tongue is also defined as: to refer to plumage on a bird-jet of feathers sticking out. Sandor Clegane stopped suddenly in the middle of a dark and empty field. She had no choice but to stop beside him. "Some septa trained you well. You're like one of those birds from the Summer Isles, aren't you? A pretty little talking bird, repeating all the pretty little words they taught you to recite." Could be He wants to remove any distinguishing features on a bird to allow it to be mistaken as another type. A talking raven on Jeor shoulder? Sounds like a pirates parrot. Maybe flayed and replaced the birds skin? Ha! No idea.
  17. Wow three pages about a possibly dead mans penis. Let’s keep it up! More posts bump
  18. Endless slog?! :gasp: As a child in Westeros, with strangers waiting to reap my bloom, yea I’d be lucky. If I was a lady on Earth? I’d be brand bragging “Bad Bitch” tampons size XXL. Throwing out and Catching high-5s on red tide week As a dude on Earth? I keep it Old Testament. “When a woman’s moon blood is upon her, she shall be kept from the house, kept from the barn for she is unclean. So God has spoken “ just kidding
  19. Anything to do with menstruation. “Have you flowered yet little girl?” Gross. Osha Really no one else? "Isn't that sweet?" she said again. "Not so fast, oh, slow, yes, like that. There now, there now, yes, sweet, sweet. You know nothing, Jon Snow, but I can show you. Harder now. Yessss." Gross and grosser
  20. Mad huntsman and his flock to feed stony sept? Does Little Finger buy, dye, resell wool? Or just silk? Sheep are 3 toed animals? I know there are some toeless people limping around. Only 3 finger Hob comes to mind. No idea if anything relates to that.
  21. House shepherd. Ser Cleos looked like a weasel, fought like a goose, and had the courage of an especially brave ewe.
  22. House Rambton. Sigil of a White Ram with golden horns. Maybe this "Dogs," the big bald man said contemptuously. "Yet I'm told there's nothing like a wolfskin cloak to warm a man by night." He made a sharp gesture. "Take them."
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