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  1. More mystery characters. I wonder how many of them are just extras? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E0OuutAXoAAzFEl?format=jpg&name=small
  2. Now the question is will Rhaenyra's boys look mixed race, but lacking the silver hair, or white and lacking the silver hair?
  3. Is it retconning Dany and Viserys had blue eyes and other Targaryens had purple? In the books didn't some Targs have blue eyes?
  4. You're not sure because you don't like the look, or you don't know who they are?
  5. I wonder who this lady is? https://i.redd.it/rho7i8aut4w61.jpg
  6. Laena died around 120 AC, that means Alicent's older children were teens, and Rhaenyra's brood are very young children. Looks like Aegon II, Aemond, Heleana, at least Jace and Luke will be in season 1.
  7. I agree. I get people being concerned that Cooke looks way to young to be the mother of adult men, but D'Arcy is the perfect age for Rhaenyra as the mother of teen, pre-teen and young boys.
  8. I see Westerosi menswear has not changed in 2 centuries.
  9. They can fudge a year and keep her alive. She was the most prominent voice for Rhaenys right to the IT. If they do have the old king in the early episodes, may as well have Alysane and show what a contentious and explosive issue female succession is if its driving a rift between an ancient royal couple.
  10. That Deadline article from back in December which reported the rumor that Danny Sapani would play Corlys stated there are 5 leads in the show Viserys, Daemon, Alicent, Rhaenyra and Corlys. Deadline was wrong it would be Sapani (probably due to conflicting schedules with the Halo tv series currently in production) but they were right with the direction writers were going with Corlys being black. Add to that the Sea Snake spin off is one of the prequels announced, and I remember reading somewhere further along in development than the others, suggests that Coryls is a major player in HOTD. His character is compelling enough that they are creating a show around him.
  11. This is Hollywood, show Rhaenyra will never be fat. Ever.
  12. That's a lot of time to go from teenage Alicent marrying Viserys to late 30s early 40s Alicent as grandmother. They would be wise to let the story breathe a little and maybe have Viserys' death be end of S2 and have Dance proper begin in late S2 to early S3. Otherwise they should've hired a somewhat older actress to play Alicent and even Rhaenyra.
  13. The light skinned black man on the left side could be Laenor? He looks familiar somehow, or he could be part of the production team. https://deadline.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Ez6lVAJXMAEMBu8.jpeg
  14. They're trolling at this point. A big countdown to announce filming? At least show some promotional images of the actors in costume.
  15. You're absolutely right, Westerosi racism is expressed in suspicion and fear of anything different, not the hierarchical racial pyramid of modern racism, which has elements of the former. The experiences of the very white Lara Rogare who left Westeros because she couldn't handle the reaction to her, or Lady Darklyn who was blamed for every bad decision her husband made speak to that. Being foreign, or worse looking foreign opens up you up to fear, suspicion and hostility even if you're a noble/royalty and breathing that rarefied air.
  16. Or it could be a question throughout the series that works as rorschach test for the audience depending on who you support. They could show Rhaenyra having sex with both men. Both Laenor and Harwin Strong can be played by biracial black men, Laenor with the silver valyrian hair and Harwin brown/black hair. If the boys are all visibly biracial, but with brown/black hair its still a question because Rhaenys, their official grandmother has black hair. Who is to say either way? I think they would be smart to never really answer it.
  17. I agree Lord Varys, Westeros does have a primitive form of racism, not our modern day version of it, and manifests itself differently as you laid out. Its a complex issue in universe, but the example of Baelor Breakspear leads me to believe that if Rhaenyra's sons are visibly non-white, it will be something that the Greens can possibly exploit. We'll have some idea the once Velaryon siblings and The Strongs specifically are cast.
  18. I don't know why, but that's so funny to me.
  19. via watchersonthewall.com http://watchersonthewall.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Cornwall-production_6.jpeg
  20. I'm not completely dismissing his character, his takes on events started to become annoying as the story unfolded. They could write him as a bawdy fool in public, but an intelligent political schemer in private. That would be funny actually, unlike Tyrion, Mushroom leans into the dwarf stereotype because it protects him, while Tyrion was always fighting against it because of his pride and status as a Lannister. Mushroom could showcase what life is like for a non noble dwarf. I've convinced myself he should be part of the cast. LMAO.
  21. Besides coming up with the disastrous dragonseed should be riders idea, what does Mushroom actually do?
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