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  1. I know 2 different unrelated people each with one black grandparent and I wouldn't have known that unless they told me, because I thought they were white. Which is why 2-3 generations of mixing with white Westerosi would deal with the issue above. As for Corlys himself, if they give him silver hair/white wig that would solve a lot of problems. What I'm trying to say is its not an impossible hurdle.
  2. Imaging the meltdown over black Hightowers made me laugh. But I get your point about the Velaryons. Isn't it easier to give Corlys a black mother and white/Valyrian father? Within 2-3 generations his descendants would be white passing anyway, and his paternal ancestors intermarriage with Targaryens isn't effected.
  3. By S8 Jamie was a brunette, and I don't know what to call Tyrion's hair after S7.
  4. White people playing roles of POC sometimes in black/yellow face is literally the entire history of Hollywood right down to today. This is a character that GRRM created, he gets to say who/what Corlys is, he's a producer on this project and is heavily involved-HOTD being one of the shows he pitched with Condal. GRRM is on board, so your examples don't fit here.
  5. As for Criston and Harwin merging - one way to do that would to make Rhaenyra's sons Laenor's and Criston just telling Alicent that he was their true father.
  6. thanks for reminding me. I have a horrible memory lol.
  7. I like the casting so far, Eve Best is a badass and I can see her killing it; same with Rhys Ifans he disappears into every role he's in. I've yet to see anything Toussaint is in, but I like the direction they are going with the Velaryons, and Mizuno is an inspired choice for Mysaria. I don't remember much from F&B tbh, but Mysaria was master of whispers to Rhaenyra right? With Mizuno's casting it seems like for now all the POC main characters are on Rhaenyra's side, especially if they cast her sons with Laenor with biracial actors.
  8. I know that this actually happened, but every time I read it, it will never not be a shocking.
  9. A couple of years from now there's a possibility that 3 GOT shows will be on at the same time. It seems like HBO is flailing since HBO Max isn't doing well compared to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime. Moves made in desperation usually don't turn out well. As much as I'd love to see Dunk & Egg brought to the screen, I prefer GRRM finish them first before we have a reply of GOT.
  10. 711 AD to 1492 AD. LMAO. It is a fascinating period in history, the Moors were a mixture of Arab Syrian (the most famous ruling dynasty), (North African Berbers and black Africans). And yes there was lots of mixing, not just blood, but culture was well. William IX of Aquitaine's capture of Moorish dancing girls and their attendants (they weren't just dancers-they were singers and poets as well) heavily influenced what would later come to be known as troubadour culture. I forgot to add, it was the Arabs who rediscovered Greek and Roman literature and Philosophy and translated it into Arabic, and in Spain into various European languages. Most of the foundational scientific concepts that lead to the Renaissance were Arab/Muslim in origin. Not to mention even our numbering system 1,2,3 etc are Arabic numbers; in the middle ages Europeans used Roman numerals, which aren't so good for long division, or complex mathematics. It took a LONG time and several burnings of individuals as heretics before Arabic numerals came into use. To say that Al-Andalus was the center of learning, and culture in Europe during the middle ages is an understatement. Everyone flocked to Cordoba, Seville, Zaragoza to learn and then take their new found knowledge back to Paris, London etc.
  11. I completely agree that trust has been broken. Like you said tho, there are ways to do the paternity plot right even with a black Corlys; but if the writing sucks, it sucks and if its great, its great. Adapting The Dance is not the same as adapting a novel, it reads like a historical document with different versions of the same event being told. It has the effect of giving the writers a complete story, but none of the details and nuance of a novel; which means they will have to fill in those areas. Either way having a black Corlys isn't going to be the problem some are making it out to be imo.
  12. I personally don't have a problem with this change, its a fantasy show and most casual viewers won't care. This is the show that Condal and GRRM pitched to HBO, I don't think this change would've happened without his agreement. I do agree calling the side with many black actors "the blacks" is cringe.
  13. Have they cast Laneor and Laena yet? It would be ridiculous if Corlys is black and his children are white LMAO. If Andreeva's reporting is accurate (I suspect it is) then Laenor and Laena will probably be biracial on the show.
  14. Corlys being described as a self made man doesn't really make sense considering the Velayrons are an old noble family and the traditional spouses of the Targaryens. But if the Sapani rumor is true, and they make him say half Summer Islander, he could have a chip on his shoulder for being made to feel like an outsider; and in response he out works the other lords of Westeros and not only makes his family the richest in the 7K, but marries the daughter of the Prince of Dragonstone.
  15. I for one am glad that the S8 sucked and is now a cautionary tale about how not to end a series. It was frustrating watching S5-S7 and seeing the all the praise the show was getting when it clearly became sub-par. Is that fucked up?
  16. I wonder who posts/edits on IMDB? Never thought about it before now tbh. This rumor about Corlys casting to me looks like it was info shared by the HOTD team to Deadline. At this point I would be surprised if its not Sapani and shocked if whoever they cast as Corlys isn't black.
  17. I honestly don't think so. I've been reading Deadline for years and Nellie Andreeva is rarely so off the mark. She specifically says that there are five lead characters- Viserys, Alicent, Rhaenyra, Daemon and Corlys; and that Sapani is in talks for that last key role. Deadline is more of an industry site than a gossip one. They get the scoops; I bet she was specifically told this with the idea that she would publish. The fact that he is in talks for Corlys lets you know the direction they are going with the character even if its not him. Anyways we should find out soon, I'm guessing Corlys, Rhaenys and their children will be announced at the same time.
  18. Hi Everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. Surpisingly excited for HOTD considering how I felt about GOT ending, but I still love the world and the books so I guess not that surprising. About the casting, I'm wary, but hair and makeup can do a lot if they bring the acting chops. As for Danny Sapani. the lady on Deadline who reported the rumor has a very good track record; usually in the business you don't report something like that unless its extremely likely, they're probably at final negotiations with him, which is why she was told this information with the understanding that would publish.
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