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  1. Great episode. Not the best, but close. Syrio's fight wasn't choreographed all that well. I can't suspend disbelief enough to belive that he knocked out those armoered, helmed men with a swift knock to the head. Otherwise, everything else rocked. We got some new lore from the hands of GRRM himself. Apparently, the Others sleep under the ice for thousands of years before reawakening. I sure hope they show Selmy killing Lannister guardsmen next episode instead of us just hearing about it like in the books. Drogo was awesome. I will definately watch the new Conan movie now. Oh and Ghost should be mute. Too late for that now I guess.
  2. Hi, have a nice day :).

  3. 'It is known.' 'Blood of my blood.' 'Moon and Stars.' 'Bloodrider.'
  4. Hope the Reeds both pass away. They are boring and annoying. Anyhow, theres a good chance the 3 eyed crow could be Bloodraven. As to CH, it could very well be Waymar Royce; he was wearing ringmail in the AGOT prologue.
  5. Which reminds me, doesn't anyone else here feel for brave Lady Hornwood and the cruelty imposed upon her. Also, why didn't the Hornwood men lauch some sort of offensive on the Dreadfort? Did the Hornwoods take their entire strength with them? If so why would one do that when your neighbours are Boltons?
  6. [quote name='shadowbinding shoe' post='1538302' date='Oct 1 2008, 05.39']This was not a good chapter as the other three were but it gave some interesting insights. The story about Lady Hornwood eating her fingers is given a new angle here. She had not eaten off her fingers because she was hungry from starvation, she did it to stem off the pain from flaying But Theon eats a live rat?? That just doesn't make sense. The rat would have taken off half of Theon's face if this happened for real.[/quote] Actually Theon wrings the rats neck fist then eats it. A rat is no match for a human unless said human is in an obullite. :)
  7. [quote name='grinachu' post='1506524' date='Sep 5 2008, 02.01']He's alive because, as Roose Bolton observed to Robb Stark in ASOS, he's useful. And they aren't letting him go. They're taking him somewhere.[/quote] Yeah from all accounts to meet 'Arya Stark' as she makes her way down the causeway.Also, the bastard of bolton will probably need to use theon on the ironmen holding moat cailin to convince them to cease and desist. I'm telling you, Bolton is in da HOUSE in book 5. The Flayed Man has come into its own.
  8. Honestly I don't see Ramsey surviving the book. Roose is far cooler from all accounts, though perhaps less physical.
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