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  1. I gave this episode an '8'. Great episode, much smoother flowing than the last one. The longer scenes really do help. Favorite bits: + Tyrion/Varys + How Jon + Qhorin being captured neatly makes Jon's wanderings in the last two episode make much more sense - nice plot simplification + Grenn finding the dragon glass + Theon + Yara's conversation + Cersei/Tyrion + Talisa not being Jeyne - if true, great. I don't mind. Iffy bits: - How the Talisa/Robb situation will work out. I'm willing to let it play out before I judge.
  2. Hmm... I voted a 7. Not as good as last episode. The scenes felt too short overall this time, and the cutting back and forth was a bit odd. The SanSan scene was a good example... Just 10(?) seconds long, and then we are off to another part of Westeros/Essos. There seemed to be 4 shorter Jon/Ygritte scenes - I would have preferred two longer ones instead. My favorite scenes: Cersei/Sansa and Cersei/Tyrion - a really good episode for Cersei overall, I think. Least favorite? Probably Robb/Talisa. And the Arya scene did nothing for me this time. The Qarth changes are fairly drastic, but I don't feel like I can judge it fairly without seeing where it will end up. So far I am on board. (Need more Qaithe, though!)
  3. Ran, I'm curious why you seem to think that Arya's scenes in this episode are almost objectively bad. Are they? From reading many recaps from reviewers (and seeing Tumblr and twitter reactions) - and as you noted, it seems to be a highlight of the episode for many. This seems to be a case where your dislike of the change (& details) causes you to dismiss the whole set of scenes as bad. But not just pad, poorly plotted, "contrived", and filled with "false tension". A bit strong, IMO. Many scenes adapted more faithfully from the book could easily be argued as being contrived. But as book readers, we are OK with it.
  4. I gave this episode a 9. My favorite of the season so far. Nice straw-man there. If we are not as wedded to the source material as you, we just want "a bit of action?". Why don't you explain it to us? And also whether or not that is a good or a bad point of the source material? Or is Dany's Qarth journey as described by GRRM above critique in this aspect?
  5. Amen to this. Given the grief some people give nudity on the show, this would have thrown them into a tizzy. Can you imagine the 'sexposition' talk? (yet further misuse of the term) They made the right call. It is a quaint detail from the book that has no plot significance.
  6. I don't think the boat part is cut. One of the actors (Nikolaj or Gwendoline) mentioned a canoeing scene...
  7. Not to mention too short. Lucy Lawless is not a tall woman. I can only imagine the outcry if she had been cast...
  8. The forum admins are not happy about any talk about episode 2 until Sunday. And why the heck are you writing about episode 2 in an episode 1 sub-forum? Show some common sense.
  9. Not familiar with HBO I gather? Nor the vivid descriptions from the GRRM novels?
  10. Congrats, lyvyathan. It looks like your irony-detector needs to be calibrated. I think you managed to miss what The Roose is Loose was implying. :)
  11. Nice job on agreeing and then missing the point in one fell swoop. As far as thickness of legs, it's a silly nitpick to make. Besides, many larger animals have remarkably slender legs for the mass/size they are carrying. Horses, Giraffes, and Moose are prime examples.
  12. For the people wondering how non-bookreaders did receive the episode and grasped details - this podcast episode by two casual fans is pretty good: (they discuss GOT and other shows) http://www.grantland.com/blog/hollywood-prospectus/post/_/id/47147/hollywood-prospectus-podcast-direwolves-fat-betty-and-soggy-detectives
  13. The Craster complaints are a bit weird to me. Yes, he is vile, and has a creepy personality. Does he also have to look that way? I personally appreciate some contrast instead of going for the typical clean & pretty = good, dirty & ugly = evil. Can't we move beyond that? This is one of the (few) areas where the book treads closer to typical fantasy character tropes, so I'll gladly accept a more nuanced portrayal. The contrast it provides against the scruffier looking Nights Watch is also nice.
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