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  1. I think the books might retain the Song of Ice and Fire, but the show has become an entry level college poetry reading of salt and schadenfreude.
  2. I sincerely hope that they kill Arya off because otherwise she's just an unstoppable weapon that makes the entire show pointless... but also I'm almost beyond caring because the shark has been jumped and re-jumped and having her be stopped by Cersei is almost more ridiculous than having Arya kill the Night King. Having Robert Strong kill Arya to set off "Cleganebowl", or having Cersei hire Jaquen to kill her would be an actual plot but I don't have any faith in them going down such a path. I think they knew the audience would turn on them if they killed Arya and then got addicted to having her fulfil her list.
  3. Thanks for all these comments, I've lost interest even in hate watching the show. I did go watch the clip of Arya killing the NK. for the first 20 seconds I was sure the poster had dubbed in some shitty music to try to hold of getting flagged as long as possible, Nope, that was the actual soundtrack... Why do we need 3 more episodes? Arya kills Cersei, the end.
  4. I don't think Sansa and Arya were playing LF. I think Sansa finally realized what was going on with "LF's little game". I still hate Arya's current incarnation, they need to hurt her just to show she isn't just totally invulnerable to everything but they never will. We got one of the best Tyrion scenes in 2 years but I don't count that as a pro when its pretty much the only Tyrion actually being Tyrion scene we've had in that timespan. Way too much 'switcheroo' going on, by which I mean 'oh look a switch that you setup just a few minutes before, only to get us invested in the story going one way until you switch it right back to the way we expected it to go. Ser Robert better actually get ordered to kill the next person Cersei threatens or it will become a running joke that all he can do is move his sword arm a bit and walk in a straight line. and ffs, thanks Exposition Fireside Chat, where Sam and Bran explain it all.
  5. While I overall am still not impressed with S7, that was one of the best fantasy battles I've ever seen. The only thing it was missing was Euron's fleet showing up to ambush them.
  6. That was some pure Arya porn right there. I kept saying 'Snap., Snap. Snap.' every time she parried Brianne with Needle.
  7. Was it me or was everyone's accent off in this, by which I mean it was much much more pronounced than I remember? That Varys scene was a year too late and really should not have had any of Queen One-look to it. That would have been a moment for Dany to let loose. Arya and Hot-pie had terrible emotion to it, and no it wasn't because Arya is a 'badass' now. She wasn't that way at all around soldiers she didn't know and had no reason to believe wouldn't rape or kill her at the first chance. This should have been the scene to give Arya a bit of humanizing and de-programming after going 'badass' on the Freys. Arya treated Hot-pie like shit and looked like she couldn't care less to see him like he was some bug beneath her that wasn't even worth looking at. Until of course he offers up some useful information. Who knew the solution to Greyscale was to just skin the patient and pour an ointment on it. Is the dangerous part skinning the head to put ointment on the mental collapse? Oh, and was I the only person to say "Oh well now Jon has greyscale" when they handed him the message from Sam. Why are the Vale Lords still at Winterfell? Why has no one in the South mentioned or noticed that? They took Winterfell and the Northern Lords have rallied around Jon...why did we spend all that time with SansWorm while this was going on? I'm still not sold on their Euron. The actor portrays what D&D want well enough, but...it's not Euron. That's not Silence. Seriously where the fuck is 'Crow's Eye'. This is no "tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood". Their Euron is the villain from Pirates of the Caribbean 7
  8. Two things I cannot escape: Ed Sheeran and Arya fanservice.
  9. For me the show threads and most of the forums keeps returning an 'offline' message, though when I can get through its obvious people have been posting.
  10. For me the show threads and most of the forums keeps returning an 'offline' message, though when I can get through its obvious people have been posting.
  11. It feels like they had maybe 2 hours at that location to film ALL of the Dorne scenes for season 5, so they ended up doing 1 or 2 takes for each scene and just hoped no one would notice. I've seen fights at Ren Faires that were better choreographed than the one in Ep. 6.
  12. The part I was looking forward to the most, Tyrion's exit, was just horribly done imho. -He doesn't tell Jamie about Cersei (because this has been skipped over in the show) -Jamie doesn't tell him that Tywin lied about Tysha being a whore. I already knew it was in danger when they had Shea actually fall in love with Tyrion, her betrayal doesn't make much sense then. So now when she sees him she pulls a knife and Tyrion pretty much kills her in self defense rather than wrath. No "wherever whores go" line. No 'In the end Tywin Lannister did not in fact shit gold." They take the most important scene of that character and just kinda meh it out. Finding out about Tysha was rather important. So all this basically means that there won't be a "Dark Tyrion" and makes me wonder what they intend for his future. Tyrion doesn't just leave KL or escape. He burns all his bridges on his way out.
  13. +1. I was very disappointed and I was waiting for this episode for a long time. With having last week's episode short and only covering the Wall, I'm baffled that they didn't just take the Wall parts from this episode and have them last week. Tyrion's escape just felt completely flat, no Tysha story means no Tyrion wondering about 'wherever whores go'. No Stoneheart...No Coldhands....
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