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  1. dreamcatcher

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    ...except she's from Australia. They mostly cast UK and other European actors.
  2. dreamcatcher

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    I've been humming Rains of Castamere the whole day..
  3. I loved it when Qhorin started talking about Jon's death. I was like, "aww you know he's gonna die, we know too!"
  4. dreamcatcher


    Hi, I don't think I've introduced myself before, I've been here quite some time. :) I'm Tina and these days I've seriously upped my presence on these boards, which is the result of the nearing university exams :rolleyes: I think my escapism is making me into the biggest ASOIAF nerd there is (last year it was That 70's show).
  5. dreamcatcher

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Arya and Gendry are extraodinary, the best scenes in the ep for real. Loved seeing Gilly, she acts as Cassie did :)
  6. dreamcatcher

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Sure, but not if he wants to finish it in 2 books.
  7. dreamcatcher

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Oh no. And here I was thinking that George sped things up again by not showing us every detail. What happened with Doran could've easily been slipped to her thoughts.