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  1. Ithanos welcome back! All others, I'm happy to see you are all going well, considering the challenges we've all had this year.
  2. If we are going to be an inclusive and welcoming society, if we show tolerance of speech that encourages exclusion or that one group hasdomination and is allowed dominion over others, then are we really an inclusive society. Saying that someone deserves eternal hellfire and condemnation isn't said from love, it is said from a position that on has a right to tell others how to live. no one is saying IF cannot say those things, just that he not keep his employment and say those things. I feel he had not been made famous by his rugby playing, no one would even be taking any notice of waht he said. this isn't about freedom of speech, it's about IF wanting his cake and eating it too.
  3. I as in Whitehorse on early spring, it was the hottest place in Canada, 40C. and the coastal areas are also more temperate in climate. Avoid the plains.
  4. Safe journeys, Pax. It is a lovely warm and welcoming country in my experience. M
  5. I had a sudden idea last night.. sadly don't have the books nearby to confirm this.. but seeing how Ramsay has molded Theon into Reek... I wonder if the first reek was the original... or if he is another of Ramsay's pet projects, and what his original identity was
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