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  1. wow Dany was way worse than Cersie ever could have dreamed of being.
  2. still watching, but yep they should have offed dany while they had the chance. also Jon will probably do the deed.
  3. 3rd best episode of the season for me after last week, and the door.
  4. anyway Lady Mormont is just amazing , and I hope Dany's army somehow gets decimated.I kinda want John on the throne and not her. don't know if that's possible or not though.
  5. I felt shame and edited it. before you posted. I saw Onion knights post and didn't want him to feel it was directed at him.
  6. lol, the people voting 1 are obviously butthurt the rest of us are loving the show.
  7. could she have not actually have known they were coming, and wanted to wait for confirmation before potentially letting Jon know?
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