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  1. Call me a romantic, I like the idea that Robb actually formed a semi on camera relationship with a female, then had a moment of realization that he would rather not marry an as to yet, un-named, anywhere from 12 to 70 year old Frey that he can't name, never met, hasn't spied through the grape vine doesn't care about. You seriously would rather he go with the florence nightengale/porn scenario where he accidentaly throws his caring nurse in the weeds in a fit of remorse over his 2 dead brothers in a milk of the poppy enduced haze? compared to him forming an actual relationship where he talks to a girl with a clear head and finds that she has a brain, has compassion for others and might actually like him too? How many thousands of stories are out there of people going against their "normal" behavior for "love" you like the book version where 2 dead brothers + drug haze = sex I like the TV version where long walks on the beach + conversations + like interests = sex. either way, sex and the following actions will cause trouble.
  2. I am not sure which book, or which show you watched but Robb never made a "solemn vow", he was told he would marry a Frey, if you rewatch the episode from season 1 it looks like he just sucked a lemon when he is told what the price of crossing the bridge is. He didn't like it then, he doesn't like the idea of some nameless faceless Frey as a wife and he is more than aware that the Late lord Frey is simply working to upjump his station by marrying off one of his eleventy bazzillion grand kids to a great lord. The entire north and the riverlands are aware that Walder Frey is a self centered old coot with more progeny than he can hope to marry off. Robb the lord of WInterfell didn't want to marry into that, nor does Robb the king. Talasia works just as well for me as does Jeyne, she is a noble, she is compassionate, she to Robb's mind is not just out to get a position in court or a pawn for her dodgey old lecherous grandfathers way to increase his standing. In fact I like the way they are playing it out. I hated that in the books GRRM just pops a bride on everyone, I thought it was a crappy way to reveal it, totally off camera and basically unexplained, at least in the series you see a woman that shows up, cares for the wounded, has a back story that shows why she would care for the wounded, and is hot enough to make the blood of a male boil if he was presented with some alone time and an untennable marriage situation.
  3. I don't think people are giving the Joff/Ros scene enough thought, I thought it was a good scene to show non-book readers/listeners that Joff isn't just a douche to Sansa. When given a gift from Tyrion, someone who has repeatedly humiliated him publicly, Joff takes out his petulent behaviors on people that are in no way to blame for his shamings. Throw into the mix the slap in the face tyrion actually sends to Joff by sending a whore he has already used WAY BACK in s1e1, is it any wonder she is hand picked by Tyrion? he has had her, what better slight to Joff really than to send off his leavings to the king. I rather enjoyed most of the episode, as I have most of them, I divorce my book knowledge from my show knowledge as much as I can when watching. I still get excited when things like the Brienne reveal and dejected when Renly doesn't fast draw a peach on his Brother. But I let the show stand on its own merits also.
  4. As an audible listener I thank any and all that had a hand in this, I was having a hard time remembering how many Tyrion's I had listened to, so stayed away from most of the threads for fear I would get a spoiler. Now I can look at the list and mentally check mark them. Finding out I am 400 pages in makes me wonder how fast I could have read it but i can still listen at work so I think it would be about the same.