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  1. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou

  2. Warg Arry

    Youtube Videos.

    Just for others looking for specifically GoT Youtube And there is a discussion going about the S4 trailer Here or trailer Book Spoiler discussion But here another GoT related YouTube vid (because I think it's funny and well done) "Game of Thrones" Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle
  3. Warg Arry


    That's good, You should feel at home then. Me, I hate spoilers. I'd rather not know what is coming. And experience the sweet pain to it's full extent. Also I really prefer to be afforded the opportunity to figure things out for myself. It's probably just as well I started reading the books 14 years ago. Or this place would feel like a minefield to me. :)
  4. Warg Arry


    Hello fellow Aussie. You should drop into the Aussie chat thread and get to know the awesome peeps there. A few in Sydney themselves. There have been meet ups there. I'm in Brisbane. One day I shall make it there for a meet up. Kick back and have some fun.
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    I loved the Pound Puppies. Thanks for that blast from the past. Also Welcome!! I've been here for about 4 years. It really has a great community here (It's why I keep coming back). Just be careful of spoilers. All aspects of the books and shows are extensively and thoroughly discussed. Though things are usually tagged as spoilers in the thread title. It can still be tricky. Hope you like it here.
  6. Warg Arry

    How would you rate episode 204?

    Joffery - I mean, did people get it. That Joffery is more than a mean spirited spoilt brat. that he is so much more. the scene from the first book put me there -That moment made me go - "holy shit he is a psychopath/serial killer type." And I was thinking this episode would get people there. Like that moment in the books did. I guess...not really?
  7. epic kindle love

  8. Thanks for the welcome back! It's good to be home...

  9. Warg Arry


    Hey Susan :) /\-This was sort of out of context for us. It came across as more contempt like for "having" to be in an intro thread. Which was kind of weird cause no one "has" to intro themselves here. It's nice to do though. But now we know it wasn't a message to the board in general. Welcome muchly to the forums Susan Fox. Hope you have read all the books because as much as we try. Spoilers can be stumbled across. It does for most of us as well ;) edit for a missing (K)
  10. Warg Arry


    YAY! "kinda" is still something. Welcome back. I was thinking about your creepy Av the other day. And it occurred to me I hadn't seen you around for a bit.
  11. Warg Arry


    Welcome Grier!! I really like your Av. After lurking for a year..Which thread(s) pushed you over the edge, and made you want to post? Or was it something else entirely?
  12. 2010.. Not my year..Yet

  13. Warg Arry


    Welcome. If you have read all the books I recommend this thread It was an eye opener for me and fun. Nah Fitz wouldn't have gone for another guy. Quite a few wanted the Fool to be female so they could have a future romantic sideline story. But I don't believe that would have ever worked. @The Fool. I know it's semantics. But I think Fitz would have expected the Fool to have junk. In that close intimate situation, if Fitz discover no junk or an otherwise (both or none) situation. I would have expected that to register big time with Fitz. *shrugs*