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  1. Thank you very much Thanks
  2. Black Arya

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I feel Jon is a bit like Frodo in Lord of the Rings. All companions do their best but it is him who wears the big burden and saves the world from evil. And just like Frodo, he saves the world for everyone but not for him (in the books it is expressed even more clear than in the film). But Frodo has the will to leave and with Jon, we will never know.
  3. Hello. I have no access to the previous seasons chapters (my TV operator broke relationship with HBO and the only season available for me is the last one, until I buy the full series pack when released). Please, could you help me to get the right quote? What does Jon say when he is leaving NW. My watch is ended or my watch has ended? I see both versions and can not know which one is correct Thank you very much.
  4. Black Arya

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Talking to friens before the chapter, it seemed clear to me that wether it was him or not the one to kill Daeneris, he would end in the north with Ghost and Tormund but I thought it would be his choice, not an imposed decission. It makes me feel sad. And it makes me think of plot in The Lord of the Rings. Frodo is the central guy in a group that saves the world from darkness but he gets nothing out of it but sadness, illness and he finally travels into the west -read he dies. I do not think Jon is leaving the NW. I think he is helping wildlings to settle a new better world, now the others are gone.
  5. Black Arya

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    It is a great statement. I wonder if showrunners or GRRM did it on purpose or it has been serendipity for them
  6. Black Arya

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    The child in me has enjoyed the episode. The Arya supporter in me has enjoyed the episode THe Star Wars fan in me has ejoyed the tribute to Rey vs the vilain in the decisive moment I find the first third part of the episode visually brilliant. The first scene of Arya and the dead inside Winterfell was really terryfying in an unexpected way. And, yep, some ridiculous moments, specially at the end but my personal decision, as valid as any different one, is to enjoy the good things and walk over most of the deceiving ones. Life becomes better.
  7. Black Arya

    Giants’ bane and other fun predictions

    Seems I am not the first to think of it
  8. Black Arya

    Giants’ bane and other fun predictions

    In fact, I find that the song was not the only tribute to Peter Jackson`s Lord of the Rings. Tormund has become a sort of Gimly. I recall a scene with the dwarf drinking and getting his beard full with beer, so it is consistent that he will try to make a competition with Legolas/Jaime, with the added value of Brienne's presence around
  9. Black Arya


    Thanks. ASAP, LOL... One more for my list
  10. Black Arya


    Excuse me, please. What does AFAIK mean? Thanks
  11. Black Arya

    Javier Botet

    He is a very very tall person with long arms and (I imagine) legs so I guess he will be a stunt to some actor o character
  12. Black Arya

    Best lines of E02

    Honestly, I do not think it will happen (I find more likely that Arya gets his face after death and uses it to approach to Cersei and kill her,) but I appreciate the humour in the sentece.
  13. Black Arya

    What’s going to go down in the crypts?

    I was about to say the same. It is like the wall. There is magic inside but against the dead
  14. Black Arya

    Best lines of E02

    Tyrion: "Maybe after I’m dead, I’ll go on down to King’s landing and tear Cersei apart"