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  1. Pikachu101

    What is the Martells' opinion on the Starks?

    Regardless of how they felt about Lyanna it's hard to completely hate a family who suffered just as much loss, also Eddard played no part in the sack and was adamant about seeking proper justice. With the Lannisters and Baratheons in the picture I guess there's no time to seek revenge on a family whose living members didn't actually do anything wrong.
  2. Tywin would use his daughter to strengthen Lannister hold, he did just that with Robert and I think Aerys knew that. If the wife's family is ambitious then they'll pose just as big a threat
  3. It was why Aerys refused a marriage to Cersei
  4. Pikachu101

    Rhaegar's strategic gaffe

    It's a joke but I think he genuinely believed the gods had fashioned him just that. It would also explain why Lyanna was left to bleed to death and why his other kids had very little protection, in Rhaegar's mind the three heads can't die because they have divine protection.
  5. Pikachu101

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Fingers crossed
  6. Pikachu101

    Who will Sansa marry?

    I'm sure she will but I just don't think it will be for "true love" or whatever, strong alliances are 100x more important than romance
  7. Pikachu101

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Minus a few here and there all the men seem to be jerks (or worse) in asoiaf That being said even though I'm a Sansa stan I have to accept that she won't be marrying someone for their personality or how compatible they are it will all be about who can secure Winterfell and right now Harry's the number 1 choice.
  8. Pikachu101

    Rhaegar's strategic gaffe

    I think the whole disaster that was Robert's Rebellion is proof Rhaegar is incredibly incompetent. To answer the question Rhaegar probably thought it didn't matter who crossed because he genuinely believed fate was on his side so there's no way he could lose.
  9. Pikachu101

    Who will Sansa marry?

    I think that's why Harry's the best match for her
  10. Pikachu101

    Were the Tyrells necessary to defeat Stannis?

    Having the Tyrells was very necessary, not only did they help the Lannisters defeat Stannis but their support gave Joffrey much needed legitimacy after 4/7 of Westeros rebelled against him.
  11. You can tell Ned tried his best to make her happy, I don't see Brandon doing that simply because it's not expected for a husband to be accommodating of his wife's culture and religion, she simply has to adopt his beliefs. Thank you! I would love to know if anyone here can name a character who would love their spouse's bastard like their own, double points if you can name a man.
  12. Are you serious? Tywin sexually, physically, and emotionally abused his own son there isn't a comparison at all. Same could be said about Ned, also sometimes siblings don't get along and can be bratty that's just normal
  13. It would be ambition if she actively sought out a Baratheon betrothal, accepting an offer for your daughter (who was more than happy with the arrangement) to be future queen is common sense. Also how does she not understand her children?
  14. Why is everyone attacking Brandon? I’m starting to think everyone’s negativity is based on the fact that George wrote terrible marriages with Ned/Cat being the exception. I doubt Brandon would love Cat the way Ned did but that doesn’t mean he’ll be abusive like Robert. We know young!Cat was crazy for the dashing Brandon so she would have made this marriage work and I see no reason why he wouldn’t try either. Also remember that it wasn’t Ned cheating on her that bothered Cat it was the fact that he brought Jon home with him, because she was raised to turn a blind eye to her husband’s indiscretions as long as he doesn’t parade his mistresses/bastards around. Would Brandon/Cat be a beautiful love story like Ned/Cat? No but that doesn’t mean it would be another Robert/Cersei marriage. Also I’ve seen a lot of fanfics with this trope but who here thinks even if she did marry Brandon Ned/Cat would still be a thing?
  15. Pikachu101

    Who will Sansa marry?

    People forget this despite the fact that it’s yhe most important factor when deciding who Sansa will marry