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  1. Pikachu101

    Aegon is Faegon

    Please no
  2. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Explains why Stannis is the Mannis then!
  3. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Well it is peculiar how all three of their names are linked with God; Elia is literally “my God”, Lyanna is God’s answer, and Jon is God’s gift. I hope I’m not looking too much into this because this connection between the three names is really interesting. You might be right there, Aelia means sun and the symbol of Dorne is a sun. But I really like the God connection with Elia’s name, who knows maybe it’s both.
  4. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Elia means "my god is Jehova" does this mean anything? If we link it to Lyanna and Jon's names, is George trying to say something...
  5. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Good observation, Aerys also sounds like Eris the goddess of discord and strife
  6. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Jon's surname is Snow because George based him on Snow White; dark hair, pale skin, father's wife hates them, animal companion, secret royal, friends with a group of misfits etc. Makes perfect sense!
  7. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Why do you guys think George spelt names so unusually? Also I don't think Targ names can be dissected because it looks like he made them up
  8. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Lyanna means "god has answered" wonder if this links to Jon's name meaning "gift from god" and him being Azor Ahai ...
  9. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Does anyone know what Tyrion means?
  10. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Surnames can be symbolic or linked to the region of the family: Arryn: high mountain in Hebrew, just like the Vale Stark: to describe something bare or desolate, like the North Frey: Freya is the Norse Goddess of fertility, Walder is clearly very fertile Lannister: from the name Lancaster Martell: warlike, Dorne was the only region Aegon I couldn't conquer Tully: flood, the Riverlands has a lot of water Names are also symbolic: Cersei: in Roman mythos the witch Circe murdered her husband Lysa: Lyssa was the Greek Goddess of madness Sansa: holy, most likely named after Sancia Borgia Jon: "gift from god", a hint towards him being Azor Ahai Dany: no idea what Daenerys means but Dany is Hebrew for judge, and she passed judgement on the slave cities Bran: raven, he's the three eyed raven Joffrey: peaceful, irony because he insitgated a civil war Tommen: twin, a nod to his true parentage Arianne: holy woman, named after Ariadne who defied her father only to be betrayed by the man she loved Nymeria: nimer means tiger in Arabic, idk if that means anything Steffon: crown, all three of of his sons crowned themselves king Rhae sounds like Roy/Rania which means king/queen Here's a rundown of other name meanings: Margaery: pearl Arya: noble Catelyn: pure Sarella: serene Elia: light Jaime: supplanter Robb: red haired Theon: untamed Eddard/Edmure: guardian Rickon: ruler Stannis: stone Brienne: strong, honourable
  11. Always love yer feminist readings of ASoIaF!! And yer Digimon pic! :)