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  1. Pikachu101

    Rickon lives - Jon as regent

    Let's hope so! But it will be interesting to see three different factions fight over Rickon, all of them with their heart in the right place.
  2. Pikachu101

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    It's awful and I hate how the fandom (and actors) romanticise it. I said demisexual because I feel for Jon emotional attraction is more important than sexual
  3. Pikachu101

    Rickon lives - Jon as regent

    Well Brynden escaped Riverrun before Jaime seized it, if he hears about Catelyn's son the North is the first place he'd go
  4. Pikachu101

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    Finally someone gets it! Jon/Ygritte was not consensual nor should it be seen as romantic. I can see Jon as demisexual, he's clearly attracted to Val but he's also fond of Satin so it's anyone's guess.
  5. Pikachu101

    Rickon lives - Jon as regent

    Rickon is a goldmine, he's 4 which means whoever's regent gets unlimited power over the North, Riverlands and possibly Vale. I highly doubt Northern lords would make way for his bastard brother, especially since Cat's family is alive and kicking. I do believe Manderly's hoping to be regent as he's the one who found their king, but I can see Sansa intervening because she knows what it's like to be a pawn for adults. Also there's Brynden and Edmure who will want to be the regent of Catelyn's only living son. Sorry OP, I just can't see a scenario where Jon will be allowed to be regent.
  6. Pikachu101

    Politics stark robb

    He was 14 years old, considering his age he's a lot more savvy than most grown men
  7. Pikachu101

    Aegon is Faegon

    Please no
  8. Ok here we go: Robert overthrew the Targaryens Robert is now king Robert has no legitimate sons Stannis is Robert's brother Stannis inherits the throne It's not that hard.
  9. Pikachu101

    If Jon Snow becomes king, who is TPtwP?

    There’s no legal precedent for Jon to be king, even if Robb did legitimise he’ll still choose to stay Lord Commander and give the throne to Sansa or Rickon because honour comes first. Even if he somehow does somehow become king (which is highly unlikely unless George turns this into a fairytale)I don’t see how that would stop him from being TPTWP. Rhaegar, Aegon, and Dany have all been assumed to be the prince even though they’d be ruling monarchs rather than an actual prince/princess.
  10. No good will come from it simply because unless she recognises Aegon the line dies with her and then Westeros will fall into chaos because there's no king.
  11. Pikachu101

    Why is Jon so Attractive...

    Well he won't be on Robb's level but I'm sure he'll be hot, Rhaegar Taragryen's his father after all!
  12. That's a different topic but I agree
  13. Pikachu101

    Dissecting Names

    Explains why Stannis is the Mannis then!
  14. Catelyn Tyrion Arya Sansa Cersei