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  1. Blaer Dayle

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    I'm probably pretty close to the same view as Runaway Penguin. I'm not excusing anything wrong that Robb did (because yes, of course he made mistakes, he was young, and new to war). And yes, he probably should have told Edmure what the plan was. But that doesn't fix the fact that Edmure didn't at least send a raven, to ask for clarification on Robb's plan, and instead, assumed he knew better, and took a mill with little to no strategic value. There's blame on both sides, to be sure, but I hold Edmure just a hair more responsible for what happened in the end
  2. Blaer Dayle

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    And what if Tywin had set a trap for Edmure. What if edmure had lost the battle, and been routed. What if he lost Riverrun as a stronghold, as a result, leaving Robb stranded behind enemy lines, ending the war, then and there. What if Robb had sent a raven, with explicit orders, that he could no longer fulfill, due to losing men at the mill. Would you still defend his actions then? No. Victory at the mill, does not justify acting, without express permission. Especially so, when doing so ruined a plan, that would have otherwise worked
  3. Blaer Dayle

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    No, my notion of direct order, is directly follow what I say, nothing more. Mind you, I'm not saying Edmure wouldn't make an okay king, or that Sansa was right for reprimanding him (that's another issue entirely). But he was absolutely wrong for acting of his own volition on that particular case, in order to seek glory for himself and his men.
  4. Blaer Dayle

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Hold riverrun, and don't risk your men, while the lannisters hold the greater strength on the field, is absolutely a direct order. You're being willfully ignorant, if you argue otherwise
  5. Blaer Dayle

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    If you think that it's okay to ignore a direct order to not engage in battle, simply because the ends (capturing a mill) justify the means (though even then, they don't, since they directly hurt the war effort) then you don't understand war strategy, at all. Let alone the supreme unquestionable rule of absolute monarchy in medieval society. If a general tells a platoon to hold a ridge, and they instead decide that the nearby village is a better goal; then they take it, but the enemy catches the special ops team, that was undercover, behind enemy lines, as a result, that platoon is reprimanded, and dressed down. They don't get commendations for their actions. Strategy is on a need to know basis. And Edmure didn't need to know. Period.
  6. For sure. The Targaryen's definitely have a checkered history, when it comes to moral sanctity, belief in personal superiority, winning praise, through conflict, narcissistic, and delusional outlooks, and an inability to admit fault. I get the feeling that GRRM, is playing on the idea of old magic/kinslaying curses, being responsible for the unceremonious decline of the Male lineage, and their deposition by the rightful female line retaking their rightful spot in the secession. Going any further on this is interesting discussion, but is however going more into book territory, and further from the show, and is probably too far O/T for this thread. I'd be happy to discuss it elsewhere though, if you wish to
  7. Because of the edicts following the dance of the dragons, in order to ensure the Targaryens would never war against themselves again, even an expressly declared female Targaryen heir (even in cases where they would be the legitimate direct heir) takes lower precedence to any living Male heir (even one that isn't a legitimate heir). Technically, one could argue, that even a Male Blackfyre has more legitimacy than a female Targaryen
  8. You know what's really sad. Around season 4 we all said, "wouldn't it be dumb, and off tone, if Sandor and Gregor had a final showdown, Hollywood style, and killed one another", now we say "please, at least let the Clegane's throw down so there's something mindless, to keep my mind off the plot" I've given up on the show. Please just put it out of its misery CLEGANEBOWL! GET HYPE!
  9. I can't even feel enough to be upset anymore... it all just feels worthless now. Everything feels like emotional manipulation (that fails to make me feel any in the first place), just to add "tension". It feels like a chore that I need to do every Sunday night, just to get through these episodes now. I had more fun doing my taxes this year. I can't believe how horrendously bad this show got. At least I'll always have 6 and a half decent seasons to remember. At this point, I almost wish they'd just play the final episode next week, so I can wash my hands of it, and go back to waiting for a real ending
  10. Blaer Dayle

    The books are not going to end like this

    It's quite common in Japanese manga, and their anime counterparts. Full Metal Alchemist, Berserk, Dragon Ball, etc. The list is endless for shows that overtook the source material, and either took a long hiatus, or adapted the ending into something wholly original
  11. I'll start by saying I'm typing this on mobile, so apologies for any typos. I was recently thinking about the Azor Ahai story, and the three swords he forged, along with the death of Viseryon in the show, and Linda's musings on how that might tie in to Euron in the books, when I saw a YouTube video (can't remember the title unfortunately) that made it all click. It's a little off the wall, and might amount to nothing, but I'll present it anyway, for discussion. We know Azor Ahai made 3 swords, one he quenched in water, another he tempered longer, and quenched in the heart of a lion, a third, in the heart of Nyssa Nyssa. The last of which was of course Lightbringer that brought the dawn. What if, this story is in fact a prophecy about the dragons? The first was tempered for a short time, and quenched in water. Much like Viseryon's death in the lake. The plan to get the wight was a poorly forged one, like the sword. Furthermore, Linda mused on her YouTube channel, that she believes Euron may take Viseryon with the dragon binder. This would still be a loss of a dragon to water, due to poor planning/foresight. The second sword was lost, in the heart of the lion. With the end of season 7, we see that Cersei intends to betray the alliance, an alliance that was carefully orchestrated, or forged, but not without fault, mind you. Perhaps this means Rhaegal will die, either in the battle up north, due to the actions of the lion (Cersei not having their backs), or in a battle at King's Landing, in revenge for the betrayal, thus killed, while being plunged into the heart of the lion. The final sword was Lightbringer, that brought the dawn, at the cost of the true love of Azor Ahai, Nyssa Nyssa. Perhaps Dany, and Drogon will sacrifice themselves to destroy the White Walkers, thus fulfilling the final part of the prophecy. A weapon that would bring the dawn, after careful forging of a plan, at the cost of Dany's life. This could also tie into the final betrayal of Dany, as Jon loves her, but she betrays that love to save the world. This would also go in line with George mentioning the bittersweet ending. The future is saved, and Jon lives on as king, without the one he came to love. Thus becoming the prince who was promised, and finishing the Song of Ice and Fire. It's a theory that is both crackpot, and yet the more I think about it, the more I think it's the way things will end up playing out. But I'd love to hear some outside thoughts on the whole thing. What do you think, plausible? Absolutely certain? Completely insane? What do you think about my theory, leave your feedback, and feel free to expand on it, or shoot it down if you don't think it's likely
  12. Blaer Dayle

    How would you rate episode 310?

    10/10 It wasn't the best episode of the show, but it was a season finale. It finished the plot of the season adequately, and set up for next year, which is all I asked for. The deviations from the book were excusable (Book!Stannis was dead long before now) and there are still some that can appear (Coldhands/Stoneheart). I didn't expect anything groundbreaking and I wasn't disappointed with what I got. I think people went in with too high expectations after "Rains". An episode doesn't need loud confrontations, and deaths to be compelling. The quiet moments made this episode, and Arya's murder is a great foreshadowing of where her character is going.
  13. Blaer Dayle

    How would you rate episode 309?

    9.5 only because Cat didn't claw her face, which would have made it so much more powerful.
  14. Blaer Dayle

    How would you rate episode 308?

    9.5/10, so I ranked it a 9. I liked pretty much the whole episode, especially QoT commenting on the future of the family tree and Tyrion's drunken tirades, "I am the God of Tits and Wine! I shall build a shrine to myself" is my new favourite Tyrion line. Joffrey was awful, even as a religious reader of the series this show makes me hate him in all new ways. The walker's death was great, especially after seeing Ross Mullen (who plays the Walker) at Comic Con last week and getting an early tease about it. I only take off a .5 becaue Sansa kneeled, but it didn't ruin the scene by any means since they held it long enough to get the point either way.
  15. Blaer Dayle

    How would you rate episode 305?

    Sandor/Beric was great, loved Rory acting based on the fire, Arya's realisation that she will be alone without Gendry was quite sad, Beric was charismatic as he should be, Olenna was great as usual, The bathhouse was good, but Jaime's speech wasn't as powerful as I imagined it would be, however his asking to be called Jaime is great, and an indication that his character is evolving into less of a villain, glad to see they are showing that Robb is slowly letting his army fall apart while holding hope that they'll support him regardless, nice touch with the music during Karstark's execution to parallell with Theon's greatest mistake when he beheaded Cassel, Jon and Ygritte was good, but it had no buildup, and felt tacked in for the sake of consistency with the books, Nice to see Grey Worm for the first time, Barristan and Jorah was great, I love when the characters discuss the past, and their mistakes, Shireen was great, I love the makeup, Selyse was okay as well, So Shireen will now take on the role of Davos teacher then that's fine with me, it was interesting to finally see a more human side of Stannis, I guess Patchface has been cut, that's too bad, could have done without the sex scene with Loras, but Littlefinger again being the master manipulator, love it, poor Sansa just a pawn in everyone else's game, the closing credits were nice and creepy, but the gem of the episode was Tywin's scene with his kids. Tywin is the true leader of the realm and he knows it. 9/10 for me pretty good, but not flawless.