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  1. GrimTuesday

    MLB 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Mets

    Mariners are 3 innings away from being no hit for the third time this season and twice within the last week. Let's get that record boys. Nevermind, the Mariners have once again disappointed me.
  2. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: Culture Club

    Don't get me wrong here, I'm not dismissing him. In fact, his lurch to the left has definitely raised him in my esteem. He has acceptable politics if I had to rank candidates, he is probably number 4 for me (Sanders, Warren, Inslee, then Booker) it's not like he is John Delaney or the Master of Darkness Hickenlooper. His greatest failing is that he isn't Obama, and honestly, I think that that is a major flaw. Obviously I personally don't consider it to be an issue, but people have such a high expectation that he is never going to meet and I think that it has become all but impossible to reset that expectation to the public at large. ETA, I was just making a joke that they made a spare since he and his brother often look eerily similar in pictures.
  3. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: Culture Club

    Man, he seems like a human who was grown in a vat by aliens and programed to to act how they think humans act. I mean, they even made a spare. On a more serious note, I have big problems with his connections with wall street and in a field that has Warren and Sanders, why would I settle for Booker at this point. As for Hillary, a lot of folks were yelling from the rooftops that she was a incredibly flawed candidate. I mean, I voted for her, thought she would win, but I had an awful lot of conversations about how focus tested she came across as well as the fact that a massive segment of the population thinks she is the devil or just didn't trust her.
  4. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: Culture Club

    I think that the only person I wouldn't support is John Delaney, and that is just because I think he is an uninspiring shitbag, I would just stay home. I am really happy Inslee is getting some good coverage, he had a great showing, and is probably my number 3 at this point after Bernie and Warren. Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, the Buttigieg team swooped in and picked up the website Biden botched.
  5. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: Culture Club

    Gonna pay the Ayatolla $1000 to protect his job from being automated.
  6. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: Culture Club

    I think the big takeaway I took from that interview was the idea that we do it to avoid a worker uprising against the ruling class. Obviously I'd rather it never get to that point, but the idea of a UBI as a means to keep workers docile and undermining the class struggle is wretched.
  7. Obviously, I'm gonna disagree with you, but I do think that the concerns are well founded. I can certainly see the objection to killing the private insurance industry and kicking everyone off their current plans, but honestly, as someone who has literally only known one insurance system my entire life, and don't relish the idea of having to learn a new one, I'd rather never have to think about what plan I have, I don't want to worry about losing my job and not having insurance, or having my employer pull the rug out from under me when they decide that they're going to downgrade or stop offering the plan I have to save them money. Insurance is stressful, taking the choice out of it, with single payer having better outcomes both healthwise and access across socioeconomic lines is gonna change a lot of minds once they understand what the benefits are. As for his funding models, I've done some research on them, and they aren't that ludicrous. Most of the funding comes from raising taxes on the highest earners, and businesses, though obviously we're all going to shoulder some of the burden. I think that if it is framed correctly, along class lines and national solidarity, we have a fighting chance provided the Dem's ever win back the senate, because I think that everyone knows that there is no chance that McConnel lets anything that would ever do anything except immiserate the American people on the floor.
  8. To my memory, Bernie never whined about being treated like an outsider. His supporters certainly did, but honestly their complaints were not without merit. The party leadership was absolutely filled with people strongly loyal to the Clintons and bullshit third way ghouls. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some raving Bernie or bust maniac, but what about his policies are divorced from reality?
  9. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    So your argument is Bernie is bad because he never ran with a D next to his name? What a trash take, I hope you enjoy watching all your precious D's sprinting as quickly as they can to align themselves with Bernie. As for his agenda, do you really think anyone has any chance of passing anything through a Republican held Senate? It's all about moving the Overton Window to the left so we can actually start having these debates in the future, because most other places in the western world, Bernie's policies are the norm.
  10. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    Normally I just lurk in these threads, only pipping up occasionally, but where the heck did you get that Bernie hurt Hilary? He busted his ass campaigning for Hilary, and a higher percentage of Bernie voters voted for Clinton than Clinton voters voted for Obama. Bernie not conceding did not dissuade anyone from Hilary, Hilary lost because she was a deeply flawed candidate, and that is coming from someone who thought that she was easily one of the best qualified candidates ever to run for president. That is such a bullshit answer. Bernie ran in 2016 because he wanted to force a conversation, and why the fuck would you run as a third party in this system. Sanders has virtually always voted with the Dems, he caucuses with the Dems, and he embodies a left wing policy position better than trash like Joe Biden, who is a bought and paid for by the credit card industry, opposed busing, and has generally been a vile person. You're going to put more stock in party loyalty than actual policies? Literally anyone who is ideologically aligned should be able to run in either party's primary and receive the exact same support form the national party, Bernie wasn't robbed, Hilary was always going to be the nominee, but the party leadership should not be putting their thumbs on the scales for one candidate.
  11. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    The fact that pretty much anyone accepts anyone except Bernie or Warren, and claims to be progressive is ridiculous. If you want to see any substantive change, we need actual leftist candidates. That is how we won in 2018, you can say that it was just anti-Trump backlash, but lets face it, a lot of people were driven to the polls on the basis of medicare for all, free college tuition, debt relief. These are the issues that drive engagement and motivate voters, especially young ones and you may say that it is not time to be radical, but the iron is hot, let's strike. Joe Biden is going to collapse in the debates, he is going to be exposed as the out of touch old coot he is when he is standing on the stage with Bernie and Warren, when he can't just run an incumbent campaign, that he he is even doing his damnedest to fuck up. Harris is fine, she wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but let's face it she isn't anything special in terms of setting herself apart outside of being a woman, which is in and of itself a fine reason to vote for her, but Warren's policies are better. She has a bad record on criminal justice reform Pete Buttigieg is a mayor of a medium sized city in Indiana, not to mention the fact that he is weak on actual policy, oh, and his craven answer on the Israeli embassy crap (some crap about what is done is done). And don't even get me started on Yang. His whole UBI proposal is a libertarian dream in terms of killing any semblance of a social safety net. Go watch is interview with noted libertarian dunce Dave Ruben, he specifically says that the idea is to offer it as alternative to social programs, so that eventually so many people are on the "Freedom Dividend" that Republican's can finally follow through with their wet dream of drowning the welfare state in the bathtub. The less said about the rest the better, from Beto's newly announced idiotic war tax, to a man who literally drank fracking fluid to cozy up to the national gas lobby, we honestly would be better served having Mike Gravel on the debate stage so he can savage Biden for being a warmongering prick.
  12. Man, what tripe. If you didn't know that was coming the second they had Varys repeat the shit about Targaryens being a flip of the coin you're a fucking dullard. It was the most hamfisted heel turn I've seen outside of professional wrestling. To say that the way D&D write their characters is inconsistent is the understatement of the century. It's not like Varys was brought down by some flaw, the plot just needed him to be a moron in order to carry along the plot. Just like how Littlefinger suddenly became a moron, we see characters act outside of their nature to drag this brutalized plot along. Man, what was even the point of bringing in the Golden Company if you're just gonna barbecue them in 2 seconds. Oh well, at least they're dead now, and the bad men can't hurt them. Arya magically finds a white horse, gee, I wonder what the fuck that could mean. Why not just beat us over the head with your obvious trash. Having Dany just start burning the city didn't really make much sense. There is nothing about her entier arch that suggests that she is just gonna start lighting up some nerds because she has the sadz. Should have had something like she snaps, goes on a bit of a rampage, comes back to her senses as Drogon's flames hit a cache of Wildfire hidden by Aryes himself. The fire spreads, as wildfire does, unabated by any attempts to put it out, more and more caches ignite, a chain of explosions rock Kings Landing, and causing all that sweet sweet destruction. That way, you preserve Dany's character integrity, tie it into some of the foreshadowing that you've done while at the same time subverting it and the other characters can still blame Dany. Also why does the Wildfire just explode and burn off immediately? that is quite clearly not how it works, even in the show. Just gonna wrap this up with one thing. The fact that anyone is surprised of how this is ending needs to check themselves. David Benioff is the same chud who wrote Troy and Wolverine Origins. I game him the benifit of the doubt when the show started, but as you started to see how things were diverging and they stopped being able to lift the story and dialogue directly from the books, you had to see this coming.
  13. Man, throughout the entire episode last night, I kept going "wait, is that (insert famous actor)?". Tilda Swinton came out of no where for me. I think Colin Robinson is by far the standout of this show, but my god do I love Nadjia. She is such a nice contrast to the swaggering braggart that is Laszlo, or the eternally relenting Nandor. I think that the best joke from the last episode, outside of all the guest stars, was the baby joke, and the follow up references, including the baby being on the council.
  14. GrimTuesday

    The Tick (on Amazon Prime)

    Yeah, season two was way better than season 1. I enjoyed both, but The Terror honestly started grating on me. The way this season was set up was great, the twists fun and actually somewhat unexpected at time. That said, I find myself impatiently waiting forfor everyone's favorite, The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight
  15. GrimTuesday

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    See, that is why I don't post here. Everything was smooth but unsustainable sailing, and then that game happened.