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  1. I know a lot of you were worried that Trump's re-election effort was running out of cash, but fear not, Sheldon Adelson is here to put any of those fears to rest.
  2. Man, if Giuliani is intending to hurt Biden with these Hunter leaks, I think he is failing spectacularly. He should really leave the ratfucking to Roger Stone. https://nypost.com/2020/10/16/texts-show-raw-intimate-exchange-between-joe-and-hunter-biden/ This doesn't make Biden look bad at all, he just comes across as a loving father who wants his son to know he cares about him no matter what. What a monster.
  3. I'm so torn about whether or not Pelosi should accept a stimulus bill. On one had, people need help, and they need held really badly. On the other hand it is ridiculous that Trump and the Republicans spent month just goofing around doing fuck all to help the American people, and now suddenly when it hits home that they've been hurting their reelection chances, they come back with a wholly inadequate bill. It's really weird for me to be agreeing with Pelosi, and yet here we are. There is a difference of something in the ball park of 600 billion dollar between the offer on the table, and the already compromised number that the Democrats put forward last month, and frankly I think it is significantly worse for the Republicans electorally for this not to pass than for the Democrats. Also I am very suspicious of the Republicans coming back if Biden wins and deficit hawking the shit out of any relief package that the Democrats want to push. Spending a further trillion gives them more ammo to claim that we have already spent too much. The only reason the Republicans are suddenly coming to the table is because they know that they fucked up, and Trump wants to slap his name on some checks. Unless the Democrats fuck this up, the facts are on their side and only an idiot would fuck this up... I look forward to seeing how they do that.
  4. So I'm watching Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing, and am baffled by why the Democrats are even bothering to show up. It is inevitable that she is going to be confirmed, and by actually participating, the Democrats are giving this process legitimacy. They should be holding press conferences in front of the senate, and decrying the process as illegitimate. Absolutely nothing they say or ask changes the fact that ACB is a theocrat who intends to judge like a theocrat and everyone knows that.
  5. I was watching the Trump rally today and it kind of a wound from back during the primaries. If you listen to the attacks that Trump is using against the Democrats, you can pretty plainly see that the talking point that he is using is precisely the same as the ones that were leveled against the more progressive candidates on the Democratic side. Obvious rigorous debate is good, but it just keeps getting hammered home to me how much the Democrats use the exact same rhetoric to attack the left wing of the party as Republicans use to attack the Democratic party as a whole. I understand that right now there is a struggle going on within the Democratic party right now, but at the same time, how do you ever achieve any of the leftward structural change that you claim to support when you are using the same talking points as the folks trying to prevent those changes? You already have ~45% of the population that you are probably never going to win over, but then when you take half of the Democratic base, and constantly bombard them with Republican talking points when progressive proposals start to gain momentum, you're making it harder to achieve those incremental changes that you want. We saw this with M4A, where it had strong support withing the Democratic party, then the center left started attacking it too, and that is when we started to see it going down. The Republicans are going to attack literally anything the Democrats propose as evil communism hellbent on destroying America, which I think has desensitized a lot of folks to that attack.
  6. A Republican group in Orange Country CA is setting up rouge ballot boxes, which is illegal. Seems that in an attempt to prevent voter fraud, they have... committed election fraud. https://www.ocregister.com/2020/10/11/unofficial-ballot-drop-boxes-popping-up-throughout-the-state-worry-elections-officials/ Really the question comes down to is it just a bunch of dumb asses who don't know what they are doing, are they actually purposefully trying commit election fraud, or are they trying to start to build the narrative that illegal shit went down in CA?
  7. Well he can rest assured there is no gimmick infringement because I've seen maybe 10 episodes of South Park in my life.
  8. I'm a little on the drunk side, but the idea of Trump giving everybody coronavirus and Pence giving everybody pink eye is really killing me.
  9. We're going to hear all about Pence mansplaining, and yet literally no one who isn't already anti-Trump is going to care.
  10. To me the bigger issue with it is she is just pausing, smiling and laughing rather than ripping Pence's face off. He just keeps dancing around the questions except when he answers with a bald face lie. The Dems are not going to lose a single vote by going hard at Pence, so it's ridiculous that she is playing so safe.
  11. That fly is going to dominate the debate analysis, and that is a good thing for Harris, because while she's had some good point, Pence has just kind of done whatever the fuck he wants and goes unchallenged while Kamala just laughs like Hilary. Yo, that was a hard BLACK.
  12. Did you ever think he was? Joe has always supported fracking. Kamala is honestly kind of shitting it up. Maybe it is just my expectations but Pence just keep barreling forward on his lies and Kamala just keeps doing that stupid laugh and smile. Also, it's pretty fucking stupid to say you believe in science when fracking is setting people's water on fire and poisoning groundwater.
  13. Literally 4 hours later. Did one of his staffers take his phone away, or is he just delirious
  14. If I haven't made it clear, I'm talking about in the grand scheme of things and looking past this election. This is a larger disagreement within the Democratic party. As I know you know, there are a lot of folks, especially on the left who think that Democrats hamstring themselves by caring too much about civility as if that is going to be what wins them the day. I happen to agree to an extent, I think that we have moved into a position where the primary course of action is to call the Republicans rude and hypocrits, and if we want to start to reverse the damage that Trump has done, we need to rethink how we interact with the voters and how we interact with the Republican party because we need make sure that they never come to power again (obviously not realistic, but that should be our goal).
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