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  1. I agree that it doesn't make sense. If she did kill herself, why is Ned Dayne called Ned, and why did Ned get to stay there with Jon long enough for Jon to become Ned's "milk brother"? Shouldn't the Daynes be pissed off that Ned/Brandon caused their daughter to kill herself?
  2. Isn't it obvious? He made money from copying other people's code, so he did that. And now he wants to make money from preventing other people from copying "his" vaccine (which the government paid for, btw). If this was about humanitarianism, the patent fee would have been zero all along.
  3. Sorry for not being an American and therefore not entirely grasping the legal system, but why would there be an acquittal? If it is determined that this juror did lie and/or was biased etc to the extent that this leads to a mistral, doesn't that just mean that the trial has to be done again? And given the fact that 11 out of 11 the non-biased jurors convicted him, isn't the likely outcome of a new trial that he'll be convicted again?
  4. Does everyone in the story have to be a psychopath who would murder, or imprison, their own niece? I'd like to think that there was at least one guy who would rather lose his crown than do something like that.
  5. Apparently, all Tyrion cares about is having a wife who loves him. So the fact that his father had had the girl he loved raped by 50 guards, didn't matter to Tyrion, because he didn't think she loved him back. It was only the realization that Tywin had messed up his marriage that caused him to decide to murder Tywin. That's how psycopathically unsympathetic Tyrion is.
  6. If she truly has a slave mentality, she would only do what Dany told her, and not take initiatives like that. Slaves do not benefit in serving their masters beyond what their masters demand. Also, what if Dany had gotten pissed off of Irri's action? From a hypothetical slave-minded Irri's perspective, helping Dany is just a risk with no reward.
  7. Yes, but she did that on her own initiative. If I was sleeping next to some guy and he woke me up by masturbating, I wouldn't give him a hand.
  8. If I remember correctly, the chain of events was this: 1. Dany accidentally woke Irri up, and Irri had sex with her by her own initiative. 2. At a later date, Irri suggested they should do it again, but Dany said no. 3. At yet another later date, Dany "summoned" Irri, but Irri's kisses "tasted like duty", so Dany stopped their sexual activities. So the issue seems to be that Dany doesn't get that Irri is sometimes in a sexual mood, and other times not.
  9. Bowen Marsh may not have acted alone: he is indirectly allied with the Boltons (in that he has expressed support for the Lannisters on multiple occasions, and the Boltons are allied with the Lannisters). Of course, that would mean that Ramsay is part of the pink letter writing conspiracy, and the whole theory has come about because people aren't buying that Ramsay wrote it.
  10. You missed my point. My point was that even with such an AI system, you still have prices; it's just that those prices are used by the AI and the humans don't have to see them. And thus money still exists even in Tywin's stated utopia.
  11. But you accepted that people will have jobs, right? So it would be preferable that GRRM would have a mountain cabin so he can write in peace, whereas a stage actor lives in an apartment in a big city, than vice versa. (Even if the housing itself is abundant, the locations are still scarce). Let's say that you have an AI that calculates the optimal distribution of these things using some utility function. Then running this algorithm is a form of trade (it's just that it's done by the AI on behalf of the humans), and the utility of each possible arrangement is money.
  12. So people like high taxes but low government spending? Why then is the US so incredibly in debt? Sounds like people aren't getting their wish.
  13. Can you explain how this works for us-non Americans? Because it makes no sense to me. So in state elections, people vote for conservatives, but the same people vote for more left-wing politicians in federal elections? Why?
  14. Sansa didn't marry Tyrion by her own choice. It may well be that the northmen would normally not care about this, but when that person is Tyrion, whom they don't like, I'm pretty sure they would discover basic morality quite quickly. Roose is a violent thug whom nobody would rationally want to be the subject of. I.e. their preferred choice would be Tyrion and Sansa and then have that marriage annulled.
  15. But then you still end up with the situation where a few companies/rich people own all the capital/means of production, which was the outcome I was asked to explain how to avoid.
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