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  1. such a great episode. I can see lots of nit-pickers being complainy and whining about brienne not being ugly enough. I thought she was great. Her height and her voice and emotion was awesome. Plus she was ugly......not really ugly, but "swedish ugly"
  2. gramblor

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    The initial post wasn't written to be sarcastic or angry, it seemed as though when you said 2nd read through of the book you were referring to ACoK which is why I made my comment, my apologies.
  3. gramblor

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    you must not have read the books very carefully because Theon and the captains daughter is definitely in there
  4. gramblor

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I really never figured that people who read ASOIAF are actually such prudes when it comes to seeing nudity on screen when they read about rape/murder/etc..... The sex scenes are used tactfully: 1. Scene with Ros in Episode 1 explains that she has a form of management position in the brothel. Most likely to combine her in with the role that Alayaya plays for Tyrion. Also acts as a segway for purging Roberts bastards. People would be like "WTF why are they all of a sudden killing babies and shit?" if they didn't have that segway to it. 2. The sex scene with the captains daughter is in the books and serves to portray Theon thinking that when he returns home he will be received as a hero and the rightful heir to Pyke. 3. The Asha/Yara scene, while I admit they got it a little wrong, still serves its purpose. Lets not get too disturbed by the fact that Theon touches her Vag, shes squeezing his dick like its going outta style in the books. 4. Stannis and Mel doin' it serves the purpose of explaining the shadow babies that are to come. The general population will not have read the books and have the insight and knowledge to know what is going on. Without this being explicitly shown, you would end up having a huge WTF feeling from the general population. Also, its heavily implied/drilled into our heads that this happens in the books (although off screen). 5. The LF/Ros scene in episode 2 is the only scene that really didn't need to be there. In total, the sex scenes in the show represent MAYBE 6-7 minutes of screen time COMBINED. This isn't very much time, its not like they would be able to tell an in depth story or make some character arc more spectacular. So many people have their too far in the clouds to understand this.
  5. gramblor

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 201 Discussion Part 2

    I think they did a phenomenal jobs with the direwolves. I saw the Grey Wind scene and the Ghost scene from Episode 2, although you can tell that they aren't actually there, they did an incredible job and I couldn't have hoped for anything better.
  6. If you prefer your visions of the books to the screen adaptation, why do you even bother watching the TV show? As a fan of the books (before seeing the TV show) it is really a dream come true to see these things being adapted to a visual format. They have done a very good job of finding actors who envision the qualities of the characters from the books. The locations are well suited to the writing. It's a TV show BASED on the books, if you think the adaptation is so horrible, you should probably just stop watching it.