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  1. Thoughts for this week... Dany: Relatively fun week with Dean Pelton's magic trickery. Jon: Funny. Ygritte is just about right on the hot/dangerous scale. Theon: Eww. About time we saw some charred corpses in this War of Five Kings though. Jaime/Cat: Frustrating week for my favourite character. As has been said, the Alton murder was unnecessary. Cat ever so slightly starting to come across as arrogant/naive. I expect that to intensify next week, Tyrion/Cersei: Still hate bubbling below the surface but I thought they had a nice scene. Sansa: Captured the moonblood scene perfectly. N.B. The music at the end was fucking awesome.
  2. Yeah but now she's gonna flea back to Robb's camp with that idea freshly implanted in her mind. I think she's gonna release him straight away.
  3. So do you guys reckon the Jaime/Brienne thing is going to be brought forward? The way LF proposed it to Cat, it seems to be not that far off. The plan is going through Cat's mind now... Perhaps the "man of no honor" of episode 7 refers to Jaime (AND Theon)? Brienne likes drawing attention to his kingslaying past so this title sounds like something she'd say to him.
  4. Yeah but what more will he do now as commander of the city watch? Wear gold armour instead of black? It was his gradual rise from mercenary to Tyrion's captain of guards (recruiting other mercenaries within the city, including the Kettleblacks) to knight post-Blackwater (being made a knight after serving as commander of the gold cloaks and being replaced my Addam Marbrand is a bit silly, unless Tywin keeps Bronn on as commander in the tv show) to minor lord was what made Bronn unique. Thinking about it, I guess it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine Tywin keeping Bronn on as commander when he comes to town at the end of the season. I guess this means no Addam Marbrand either.
  5. Made a thread about this but it seems it wasn't approved... what did people make of Bronn being made City Watch commander? I always thought it was good that Tyrion removed Slynt and replaced him with a veteran in Ironhand. I suppose Bywater wasn't exactly a major character but it showed that Tyrion saw the importance of raising those that deserve it. Would the goldcloaks accept Bronn as their leader? Also, Tyrion was pretty just and professional in his decisions during his time as Hand (even if the people didn't see that). It seems weird that he'd relieve one of Cersei's lickspittles of his duty then raise a questionable mercenary to such an important rank. Promoting Ironhand was a great move because he gained a key follower and he was also a veteran goldcloak and would command the respect of his men. Just a minor thing but it bugged me.
  6. I think the ambush scene on the way to the Eyrie was my favourite combat scene in the entire first season. Established Bronn as a bad mother hubbard.
  7. Nah, Bill Bailey is a lovely bloke. Couldn't take him seriously as Damphair.
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