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  1. Hey, sorry to bother- has anybody seen Ghost lately? A very large wolf, white, fluffy, quiet?
  2. Ha- he reminded me of Dune as well! I also got the impression that Dany was angry with Jorah, and wondered if it might be the betrayal, but it can't be so soon, right? Maybe she's just mad at him in more of a "WHERE WERE YOU?!" way. Jon and Ygritte: *sigh* I just hated almost all of their time together in the books. And now he looks even worse. That's what I was thinking as well.
  3. Whoa. If this is true... mind=blown. I noticed that Theon is presented with two paths in the same frame- Dagmer's advice vs. Maester Luwen's advice. Alfie Allen's acting this week (this season!) has been incredible. Ser Rodrick's last words were badass. Some questions: - I see a few people think Littlefinger recognized Arya. My husband (only about 1/3 through GoT) and I (read them all) both got the impression that it was TYWIN who suspected something (not that she's Arya Stark, but just that he knows she's more than she says). I love the whole Arya/Tywin thing, but perhaps it's because I already loved Tywin, and now they're just making him more likable. When I saw Arya's smile when he complimented her, I anticipated a ragefest over it amongst purists. Oh well. Some of us are enjoying it. (Loved Jaqen's expression when she insists he kill Lorch NOW!) -San/San fans are feasting on his rescue scene, and it was good. But. It seems to me that, in this season, that the writers are making an effort to lay the foundation for Sansa/Tyrion. Sorry San/San fans?