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  1. Margery put the cup on the table in front of the QOT
  2. sharkhawk

    How would you rate episode 310?

    8 because of Arya
  3. sharkhawk

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I should add me among them
  4. sharkhawk

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    It's amazing how such a large contingent of book readers hate Uncat but still can't wait to see it
  5. sharkhawk

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Bad Ass Arya. Hell yeah
  6. sharkhawk

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I don't think it's common knowledge. Sam picked it up reading
  7. I gave it a seven. I don't know how else they could have had Theon go from a prince to a disgusting creature like Reek, without showing us the torture. Television is a visual medium, Theon can't just give us an aside in future seasons explaining what happened to him, they would have had to use flashbacks, and that wouldn't work either. I am hoping it is over, now that he has lost some fingers and that ... other thing.
  8. So did Rickon really just run off?
  9. Definate 10. The Dracarys scene was as badass as the books
  10. Gave it a 9 would have done a 10 except for the Cat scene.
  11. And the whole cousin/kinslayer thing is being way overplayed. He is just a lannister of Lannisport, not of the rock. If Jamie is a Kinslayer for killing him, then Robb Stark was a kinslayer in the books for killing Karstark. I think the kinslayer riff is for more immediate family.
  12. Does anyone have a theory as to what the gate was for. We know from the books that the shadow could not get through to storms end because of socery built into the walls, so Davos had to get Mel under the castle. Here Renley was in a tent, that didn't seem that close to the sea. Did they film it anticipating a storms end scene later, or just do it because it looks and sounds so cool.
  13. Good point, but they needed to mention it for the non readers
  14. Tyrion would have picked up on that, but most non readers wouldn't