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  1. The Inquisitor

    Catalan thread continued

    And I hope that disgusting vermin get as much time possible locked in jail! Looking great so far! Olé! !Viva España!
  2. The Inquisitor

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Maybe because it was a normal sequence of the game in which both players were fighting for possession? It was a misfortune. That’s the end of it. If you want to make a jihad out of it, help yourself. I suspect no one gives a shit about the opinions of an angry internet guy on Ramos.
  3. The Inquisitor

    Football: Mo Please!

    My two cents. 1) It looks like a penalty to me. Lucas Vazquez gets shoved from behind as he it about to control the ball in the 6 yard box. Not blatant ot strenous though. Ref would’ve been better off not awarding it though. 2) Buffon sent himself off. No one to blame except himself. 3) If that penalty was awarded to my team, Real Madrid, in that same situation, I’d be fuming. 4) I can only hope this helps players anywhere not to round up and gang up on ref’s to protest things and pressure them. (I’m looking especially at you Barça)
  4. The Inquisitor

    Football - Stolen Taxi for Pardew

    That might have been one of the best goals I have ever seen in this game.
  5. The Inquisitor

    Catalan thread continued

    Oh, happy happy day! Most of the ring-leaders of this pantomime are all under arrest. That’s what you’re in for when you try to pull a coup d’etat. Yep, it seems that the repressive and naughty Spanish state got their way aided by -oh the gall if it!- the equally mean and repressive German state.
  6. The Inquisitor

    Official Testing Thread