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    Ask D&D

    When Dany and Jon had there two minute convo after the "celebration" dinner once the WW's were defeated and she walked off where did she spend the night, did they have separate bed chambers?
  2. Zuzu Bolin

    NHL: 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    The Bengals are a sore subject with me. Last year I had a nice little treble - Bengals o6.5 wins, Red Sox for the World Series at 11/4 and a horse I liked for the Cheltenham Festival in March. I had the first bet as won when they started the season so well. At least they have been to the playoffs on a semi regular basis plus playing in the same division as Baltimore and Pittsburgh is brutal. Put them in a softer division and there must be a chance the likes of Green and Eifort are healthier. I think they've been a tad unlucky,
  3. Zuzu Bolin

    NHL: 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Well, 32 franchises in the NFL and the two worst run are the Redskins and the Jets so you couldn't have them in the same division - that would be perverse
  4. Zuzu Bolin

    NHL: 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Retroactively swap Dallas and Philly with Buffalo and the Dolphins.
  5. Zuzu Bolin

    NHL: 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Is this not karma for the Patriots getting a bye to the playoffs every year. Different sport I know but same fans.
  6. Zuzu Bolin

    NBA Finals 2019: Can the Raptors Claw Out a Win?

    I got 33/1 about Toronto last summer. In a great position and have hedged with 3s about GS winning 4-3.
  7. Zuzu Bolin

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    European Cup - Liverpool 6 United 3 League Titles - Liverpool 18 United 20 FA Cup - Liverpool 8 United 12 Others Euros - Liverpool 3 United 2 League Cup - Liverpool 8 United 6 I'd still give the edge to United to be honest.
  8. Playing devil's advocate, more characters in the show would have confused a lot of people. Like, lets rank watchers of the show from 1 to 10 in terms of their immersion. So a very casual watcher who may even miss the odd episode but likes the general gist of it but GOT is just one of a number of shows they spend the same time on is a 1 and the members on here with 10000+ posts or the sort of people who go balls deep on Youtube with all the theory vids (anyone seen In Deep Geek on that platform, hilarious) as a 10 then anyone in the 1-4 range - more characters would have confused them too much. I got my parents into the show around season 6 and my mother refused to read the books because there were too many characters and she wouldn't remember all their names.
  9. Zuzu Bolin

    Horses in Training

    There's a few GOT themed horses in training at the moment in the UK. I'll try and get a full list together. 1450 at Haydock today we have Barristan the Bold and Drogon in the line-up
  10. Zuzu Bolin

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    He loved her though. And we all know what love is the death of.
  11. Best: Breaking Bad and The Shield (although the penultimate season of the latter was all filler) and The Wire Worst: Charmed, Dexter and Scrubs GOT somewhere in the middle. My second fav overall but the last season too rushed.
  12. Zuzu Bolin

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    If Dany had fallen off Drogan with a soft, non fatal landing and Cersei had The Mountain torture her in public that population would have cheered like they did at Ned's beheading.
  13. Zuzu Bolin

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    Surely protecting Sansa and the North was the only reason Jon killed Dany.
  14. The bit where Drogan unfurls his wings with Dany in the foreground - chills. Surely a print of that will be available at some stage?