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  1. Wow no SH, I'm pretty bummed about that. The Stannis stuff was done well, except for the goddamn villan music once again. Pretty decent overall, strong 8.
  2. 8, no Stannis!Stannis!Stannis! Sucked. Good episode, but no Blackwater.
  3. Linda, I have to agree. What did you think about the Theon story line? I though that was pretty decent.
  4. I'm still up in the air about the episode as a whole. The duel was amazing tho. Gregor did a very good job. Better then what I expected. Sounded like they had someone fill in for his voice though.
  5. 7. Decent build up for what should be an epic episode.
  6. Jojens burning hand vision made wonder about Coldhands. Will there be an epic battle between Hothands and Coldhands?
  7. Show only people have to be confounded as fuck.
  8. Locke dying surprised me a lot. Agree with it being weakest episode so far.
  9. Someone a while back called Locke joining the NW. I actually don't mind how they made it play out.
  10. To the farmer the Hound robs- LF is Lord Paramount of the RL now so you can't blame raiders on Walder Frey.
  11. The way an episode ends always plays a big role in how I view the episode overall. Obviously episode 2 was epic.
  12. The Thenns in book were not said to be cannibal. Only the clans from Skagos IIRC.
  13. Didn't really like the Brienne and Jamie exchange about Sansa. Hard to do anything else due to the PW having taken place in the books before Jamie gets to KL. Wanted him to be like, I will keep this vow and save her. Still a 9/10
  14. I know this has no bearing whatsoever, but Selmy sounds exactly like Sell me, and Barristan has given his oath to 3 different rulers, and also served Belwas, although I'm pretty sure no oaths are taken in order to squire for someone.
  15. I felt Cersei came on a little strong with her threats against Margarey. I liked the story she told about Tywin, but I woulda preferred her threats to be more veiled.
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