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  1. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    MIA - but not Killed on Page

    Howland Reed? Would he count? He's been MIA since page 1. I guess he is probably alive, maybe. Hopefully. He's who I want to see the most, even before Rickon and his magical army of unicorns.
  2. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Yeah, but will UnJon become Dany's heir? Personally, I think that either Jon or UnJon will be an enemy of Dany and everything she is. Hopefully he ends up killing her - and not Nissa Nissa style. That does not mean I don't think he could be Azor Ahai (haven't made up my mind yet), it's the fact that any romantic/sexual relationship between him and her is too awful to contemplate. And I don't even mean the incest factor. Dany can rot in Merreen with her lovely little knot fucking Daario and never sail to Westeros. Ok, yes. I'm not a Dany fan. I respect those of you who are so don't want to get into a cat fight about it, but I just can't stand the little twit.
  3. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    About as likely as Jon actually being Daario and Euron, while also being Jaqen and maybe the High Sparrow as well. So, No.
  4. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    Niet. No. Nein. Why does everyone always have to be someone else?
  5. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Question Regarding Taboos in Westeros

    Also in the minority that I don't find it too be that big of a deal when cousins marry, so long as it is not done for several generations. Not my personal bag of tea, but I was brought up with my cousins as siblings so somewhat in a different position. But I'm not going to judge someone who does. As has been pointed out, this is a practice that has been going on for centuries all over the world. Nowhere near on the same level as the Twincest, which I believe is pretty much frowned upon everywhere (except maybe ancient Egypt, I'm not too educated on the sister-brother marriages there or if any of them were twins). I think the same can be said for Westeros - it's one thing to marry your cousin, it's another thing to have mad crazy sex with your twin.
  6. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    King Tommen

    I agree with this. I think that when Cersei finally goes full on bat-shit crazy (which she is damn close to already), she will do something to further alienate Tommen to the point where he could kill himself, whether on accident or on purpose. It would also be interesting too see what type of effect on his psyche knowledge of the twincest would have, should he ever learn. I think the combination of Cersei's violent, homicidal insanity coupled with knowing he is Jaime's son could break Tommen. And nothing against the kid, he seems sweet enough, but losing him in such a manner because of her own deeds would be fitting for Cersei. Of course she would be incapable of understanding the role she played.
  7. I've never thought it was his heart that was the organ dictating his actions at that time. It's a bit lower. But then, I'm in camp that thinks Lady Sybell drugged him. Not sure if Jayne was also involved or not, but I don't trust anyone in that family. But back to the OP question - tell Theon to kill Ramsay Snow on first sight or tell Bran that it's not nice to play voyeur and stay on the god damn ground while the Lannisters are visiting.
  8. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Walder Frey's End: Craster of the South

    I'm hoping that I am misunderstanding this and that there is not some weird off-shoot of Frey-Other porn out there. But I digress.. Personally I think LSH and the BWB will continue to pick off Freys as best they can, hopefully with the help of Nymeria's wolf army. Jon has better things to do than worry about orchestrating a RW.v2. Walder will probably make it to the end, married to some nubile 13 year old and still creating more Freys.
  9. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Jon x Ghost

    Just watched a theory on this that I liked - time traveling future Bran whispered him. It's all about the trees and the wind - "Bran could hear the wind in the trees" Maybe crackpot and tin hat, but made sense to me.
  10. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Just an observation...

    You could say the same to the R+L=J detractors. I think it is very hard to disbelieve, but I respect what someone thinks. However, some of them can be down right rude about those of us who believe that is what happened. However, that doesn't compare to some of the tin foil hattery that I've seen. Rheagar being somehow Coldhands, Daario and Mance at the same time? Except when he is moonlighting as Euron? There being a hidden and secret Targaryen behind every single bush? Hotpie as another secret Baratheon bastard? Jaime and Cersei are identical twins? I fully support remaining civil to each other. An other thread going on about if Arthur Dayne is alive, which I think is crazy, but I'll read what people have to think. That said, if someone is being outright crazy (i.e., Jaime and Cersei being identical), then they should be called out. Just be polite when doing so.
  11. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    What villains would you have wanted to see a POV from?

    Leaf and/or the 3EC. But obviously there is much debate as to if either of them are villains. I know it would give to much away, but still it would be interesting.
  12. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Sweet Robin and Sansa will be LF doom!!

    Pretty sure that Yahn Royce, as well as a number of others in the Vale, are well aware of who Sansa actually is. Right now, they are biding their time and waiting to make their play. They will approach her when the time is right. As for SR, he's disposable. I'd be very surprised if he survives the next book.
  13. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    What if Joffrey carried out the threat he gave Sansa at her wedding?

    I'm confused by what you are saying here. How could Tyrion think it was his kid? Unless you are saying he would have had sex with Sansa after said rape. The threat of the rape is very much in line with Joff's character. Actually going through with it? Ehh...I think not so much. He'd rather watch her beaten and humiliated.
  14. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    most tragic character

    I think most characters have suffered tragedy to a certain degree. While I also dislike Cat, it's obvious she has suffered a lot and I do have sympathy for her. However, for me the most tragic is Jeyne Poole. She had such a wonderful life prior to heading off to KL, only to be torn away from Sansa and thrown into a brothel by LF to be "trained", then forced to pretend to be Arya and married to Ramsey. Only to be subjected to things I'd rather not get too far into other than they involve both human waste and vicious dogs (and perhaps dog waste, that I'm not clear on). I get that her only real contribution/significance to the story is her becoming the false Arya, so she is by no means a main character, but her story is absolutely horrific.
  15. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Will Brienne give Oathkeeper back to jaime

    Which Stark though? Robb is dead, Jon isn't a Stark (and even if he is one, he already has a sword), Sansa wouldn't know which end was which, Bran would have no use for it. That leaves only Arya and Rickkon. I have a hard time imagining either of them wielding a sword that size to any effect. Not that I don't think it's the right thing to do, I just don't know who she'd actually return it to.