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  1. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    Unless I'm completely off my rocker (which would not be surprising), I'm around 98% sure it was mentioned in the show. It was not prominent, but it was mentioned both in the Maggy the Frog scene and Cersei said something about being killed by her little brother. I do not think I'm making this up, but I certainly could be wrong. That happens. If I am wrong, then yes I'd agree he certainly is in danger of being killed. If it was though, I still think he's going to be safe until he kills her.
  2. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    Until Jaime kills Cersei, I think he's safe. Now, of course that could happen in the next episode with the magic teleportation devices they have between King's Landing and Winterfell, but I find it unlikely. Yeah, I know there is debate as to who the younger brother actually is but Tyrion would be a boring option. Jaime would be awesome.
  3. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Jon&Dany - Easy to solve

    You are assuming there will be a seven kingdoms when all is done. I don't think that will be the case. The IT will hopefully be gone, the kingdoms disbanded. Dany, dead. Jon? Probably dead as well. We are not going to have a happy ending of the prince marrying the pretty little lost princess.
  4. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    I was being sarcastic. Of course they are not identical twins. The entire theory made no sense.
  5. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    In furtherance of these secret identities, the theory that since Cersei and Jaime were identical twins any of their offspring would also have an identical twin (all identical twins have twins when they give birth). Therefore, Joff had an identical twin. Cersei knew ahead of time at the purple wedding that a murder attempt would be made on him, so switched the real Joff with his younger hidden twin brother. The younger brother is who really died and Joff is off page somewhere and will come back to claim the IT. The science was strong in that one. No mention was made of Myrcella's or Tomman's identical twins. Or if said twins were also secret Targs since apparently there is one of those hidden behind every tree and bush in Westeros.
  6. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    Nope. Pretty sure he's going to end up a tree. The back door might be used to Meera and Jojen to escape from the Children and perhaps from Bran himself. He's one of my favorite characters, but I think he's on a very dark path with no coming back.
  7. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Last One Standing

    Another vote for Samwell.
  8. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Jaime and Cersei are identical twins Rickkon is the secret love child of Cat and Theon
  9. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    MIA - but not Killed on Page

    Howland Reed? Would he count? He's been MIA since page 1. I guess he is probably alive, maybe. Hopefully. He's who I want to see the most, even before Rickon and his magical army of unicorns.
  10. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Yeah, but will UnJon become Dany's heir? Personally, I think that either Jon or UnJon will be an enemy of Dany and everything she is. Hopefully he ends up killing her - and not Nissa Nissa style. That does not mean I don't think he could be Azor Ahai (haven't made up my mind yet), it's the fact that any romantic/sexual relationship between him and her is too awful to contemplate. And I don't even mean the incest factor. Dany can rot in Merreen with her lovely little knot fucking Daario and never sail to Westeros. Ok, yes. I'm not a Dany fan. I respect those of you who are so don't want to get into a cat fight about it, but I just can't stand the little twit.
  11. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    About as likely as Jon actually being Daario and Euron, while also being Jaqen and maybe the High Sparrow as well. So, No.
  12. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    Niet. No. Nein. Why does everyone always have to be someone else?
  13. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    Question Regarding Taboos in Westeros

    Also in the minority that I don't find it too be that big of a deal when cousins marry, so long as it is not done for several generations. Not my personal bag of tea, but I was brought up with my cousins as siblings so somewhat in a different position. But I'm not going to judge someone who does. As has been pointed out, this is a practice that has been going on for centuries all over the world. Nowhere near on the same level as the Twincest, which I believe is pretty much frowned upon everywhere (except maybe ancient Egypt, I'm not too educated on the sister-brother marriages there or if any of them were twins). I think the same can be said for Westeros - it's one thing to marry your cousin, it's another thing to have mad crazy sex with your twin.
  14. LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger

    King Tommen

    I agree with this. I think that when Cersei finally goes full on bat-shit crazy (which she is damn close to already), she will do something to further alienate Tommen to the point where he could kill himself, whether on accident or on purpose. It would also be interesting too see what type of effect on his psyche knowledge of the twincest would have, should he ever learn. I think the combination of Cersei's violent, homicidal insanity coupled with knowing he is Jaime's son could break Tommen. And nothing against the kid, he seems sweet enough, but losing him in such a manner because of her own deeds would be fitting for Cersei. Of course she would be incapable of understanding the role she played.
  15. I've never thought it was his heart that was the organ dictating his actions at that time. It's a bit lower. But then, I'm in camp that thinks Lady Sybell drugged him. Not sure if Jayne was also involved or not, but I don't trust anyone in that family. But back to the OP question - tell Theon to kill Ramsay Snow on first sight or tell Bran that it's not nice to play voyeur and stay on the god damn ground while the Lannisters are visiting.