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  1. I very rarely ever see or encounter homophobia and I’m also in south west. Not saying it doesn’t exist - it most likely does - but I don’t think it’s an unsafe place. The uk doesn’t have the best history with lgbt rights but then again where does???? At present, despite the shitty government, I don’t think the majority are homophobic.
  2. Been really enjoying alba Salix a cute medieval fantasy podcast about a witch who is the local healer Andy her apprentices it’s really fun
  3. That makes a lot of sense to me and explains why I'm finding it as uncomfortable as I am. I just don't like talking about people like that. Even men I fancy I don't think I've ever gone to my friends that are women an gone "ooooh would you have a go at that lads!" lmfao
  4. It makes me so uncomfortable I don' like to assume anything of people and seem conceited but I have to ask myself why do they keep bringing it up!? Maybe this is just what men talk like I don't know LOL maybe my occasionally fancying some women now makes me "one of the lads" but if he does it again I'll just say it makes me uncomfortable and o just bloody well stop with it
  5. Actually...good to get that out because I'm going to tell him exactly that next time he bloody does it. This is the guy I was kind of half pining over and fancied and it's like the more I get to know him the less I fancy him so that's a good thing I guess
  6. The way men discuss women just...isn't the same way wlw discuss women. At least, I don't think so? Like..bloody hell if I get asked if I want to shag another mutual female friend I'm going to tell them off
  7. Yeah, internalised biphobia is a riot. ''Too queer to be straight and not queer enough to be gay". And lately am seeing a lot of biphobic stuff? Lots of nasty stuff. I made the mistake of telling a couple male friends and now they seem to bring it up evry bloody time I go drinking with them which has been often lately because we've been working on the same museum project. It's like...I'd really like to not have to discuss or justify my sexuality every single fucking time
  8. I already own approximately 400 jumpers at this point
  9. Much love to you @Lily Valley <3 I'm always confused as a bi woman - especially in a rural ish area because there is no scene of single people here - everyone is coupled up, dudes aren't attracted to me and there are no cool queer ladies around? Honestly if I don't get to the city soon I'm going to spontaneously combust
  10. OK...can I be awfully and plug my own podcast here LOL Its absolutely not professional quality but just for fun. It's all about Celtic myths and legends and I hope to record and upload one episode per month. Would really appreciate it if anyone could listen and let me know what you think or whether it's worth continuing wih it lol https://m.soundcloud.com/user-257315061/episode-1-introductions-cornish-pixie The first episode is about the Cornish Pixie
  11. Halfway through season 2 of My Dad Wrote a Porno and it really is hysterical
  12. Been listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno which is absolutely hysterical
  13. My parents visited the museum I volunteer at where there's currently a games exhibition and me and my dad played Senet, the ancient egyptian board game and it was hilarious lol. Loved it.
  14. Really enjoying The Guilty Feminist Podcast lately
  15. Been using spotify to listen to podcasts and now I've finished spirits and I'm back on to night vale - I do really love night vale because I find it kind of difficult to binge ...listen because it can kind of spook me out LOL which I do love I think the podcast is great I just haven't been able to binge it like I did with Spirits which Im gonna keep plugging here because it's amazing
  16. http://spiritspodcast.libsyn.com/ This is the Spirits Podcast link by the way...I can't imagine a podcast that would be more for me more than this unless they did a bonus episode on 80s british post punk and another on blade runner LOL which of course they wouldn't but this podcast is basically MY CUP OF TEA and hopefully others will enjoy
  17. It's basically the EXACT podcast I wanted to make !!! Lol!!! Shit now I hve tj come up with a new idea but yes this podcast is great fun!!!
  18. I was gonna make a podcasts topic so glad you had already made one Lily! I'm currently listening to Spirits; A Drunken Dive Into Myths and Legends which is AMAAAAÀAZING !!!! two cool funny girls get together a little bit boozed up to chat about mythology abd folklore!!! It's brilliant you can find it on Spotify or on its website spiritspodcast!
  19. my summary of Oedipus Rex

  20. sorry for being such an annoying mess all the time tbh 

  21. UNI IS OVER *phew*

  22. I despair if people think this is worthy of a 7. Even if you're not a book reader, the writing is subpar. End scene was great TV though.
  23. It was pure fantasy and I fucking loved it.
  24. I haven't liked this season at ALL to be honest with you but HOLY SHIT this episode was a 10/10 all the damn way. I actually screamed and cackled at my tv I was so excited about what I was watching, holy hell; bravo Game of THrones, this episode might have just about saved the season, if the last two episodes are even close to that good then the season will have been worth it.
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