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  1. Igottapocketgottapocketfulofsunshine ♫

  2. Posting pictures of your cat and tag them as "your sister". #NoOneUnderstaaands

  3. What would JonConnington do??

  4. Sometimes living is so hard that you have to put that aside for a while and sing or write or anything to make the pain go away.

    1. Jon Weirgaryen

      Jon Weirgaryen

      No hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval y las penas se van cantando.

      There's no need to cry, for life is a carnival and your pains can be alleviated through song.

      - Célia Cruz

    2. JonCon's Red Beard

      JonCon's Red Beard

      Amo esa canción!/I love that song!

  5. I thought you all had realised, around my 5000th post, that I am a bitch :dunno:

  6. Fact: In my country, calling people "people of colour" is in fact insulting. Not everybody has your same sensibilities, my darling.

  7. Why all musical inclined neighbours play drums or guitar? Why can we have a neighbour who is a concert pianist, or a violin lover?

    1. Lady of the Trees

      Lady of the Trees

      So true! A pianist would be as well.

  8. Everybody wants to rule the world ♫

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    2. JonCon's Red Beard

      JonCon's Red Beard

      I'm taking "benefactor", a more broad synonym. Means someone who helps. "Un benefactor no tiene enemigos más seguros que aquellos quienes, tras recibir ayuda, no le agradecen".

    3. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      Yes understanding what the greek quote say I think that benefactor is better than patron. http://s1197.photobucket.com/user/jekkala1/media/tumblr_lnktpxxhNc1qj9xu0.jpg.html http://media.giphy.com/media/3HrXEYmdrmF68/giphy.gif THANK YOU! You have helped me very much!

    4. JonCon's Red Beard

      JonCon's Red Beard

      No problemo! any time :D

  9. Landslides, the sea destroying coast villages and beaches, hot, rain... we only need one earthquake to finally get the country destroyed for good.

    1. Viserys - The last dragon

      Viserys - The last dragon

      #GlobalWarming. JonCon has found his softer side after he got greyscale. :/ However Westeros really needs to think more alternative energy. I agree. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  10. It's 34ºC/93F degrees here. I'm dying...

  11. Glee has told me to listen to my heart.... should I?

    1. LordStoneheart


      Only when he's calling for you

  12. No equal rights for homosexuals in my country. "The Family has been saved", said congressmen who voted against. Shameful. Shameful. Shameful.

  13. Two congressmen of mine are TT today. What they pretty much said was that gays should be grateful is not illegal being gay and please, don't expect the government to say that being gay is being like everybody else...

  14. My neighbours are having the NOISIEST MESSIEST sex ever... while they're listening to DSB. They ruined Glee and sex for me FOREVER!

  15. Small earthquake in Peru and Chile. The Llamas were a warning...!

  16. I have nothing to do with the running llamas.

  17. Glee wrapped out. I'm a sobbing mess, byes :(

  18. They are filming the last episode of Glee today. I'll be crying on a corner, k?

  19. Gloria Estefan and Stiffler's mom singing in Glee. Because, why not?! :D

  20. A Song of Ice and Rhaegar's Penis.

    1. Ser Cold Fingers

      Ser Cold Fingers

      Is Rhaegar's penis' name 'Fire'? It would now explain the series title.

      And I thought it would Robert's penis that 'burned'.

  21. Sometimes it's better to let the bullies think they got you. To make peace, gift them a puppy. And when they loved that puppy, you steal it and punch them on the face.

  22. Kudos for Chile, they are one step away from approving law to civil unions for gay marriages :)

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