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  1. Hi, Ring3r! I'm Jace, and I'm an alco- Wait, wait... wrong thread.
  2. You know, now that I think back on it... I'm pretty sure that Yeeze was telling me all Jews have Rabies Shit, that's my bad dawg
  3. Also, not to get racial or nothin' but what the fuck is up with this ham eating Jew? Does your rabbi know that you partake of the flesh of a cloven hooved amimal? All Jews have rabbi(s?). And aren't allowed to eat meat after the sun goes to sleep. Kanye told me.
  4. This is true. People cook the fuck out of EVERYTHING Including yummy spiral ham But turkey + injected cajun seasoning=happy Bonus points if you deep fry that shit. You will know true bliss when you eat cajun deep fried ham I know you are all intimidated by my sophisticatory and put-agetheredness, but I come from farm people.
  5. Nah it was aight. Even though my sister's mother-in-law(my something-in-law?) Brought the ham 2 hours late, there was no turkey, and the only other dish I could stomach were some cooked-through-hell au gratin potatoes (you should alllmost be able to eat these without chewing, people. C'mon now, learn to cook. And for the love of Jewish Jesus please stop putting miracle whip, mayonnaise, and any white cummish looking condiment on your food. JUST STOP) because my sister dumped a stick of butter and some kind of green into the mashed potatoes. And I do not do mushrooms, which infests most dishes of the season. So it was pretty good.
  6. If I had to shop at WalMart I'd start shooting too. If I had to work there... I think I'd rather be a prisoner of the Vietcong. However long it takes, I'll return from two decades of their custody much healthier than two hours of subjugation to that Superstore monument for the displacement of human ambitions.
  7. you people help make hollidays with sisters worth surviving. I'm thankful for twitter and the demise of its dependants this ChristmasGiving.
  8. At least 'lil Zackey knows(thinks) it'snot because of anything he did. Starting isn't important. Self-esteem is critical
  9. Nahz nah tazzteh! Tazz dizza drozz pah tah! Pahz dizz tah tazz tahs tazza tuh tuzz!
  10. Yeah sometimes I'm glad to be an internet illiterate. Yeah. People are mean ugly creatures. I just don't speak DarkWeb No red pills for Jace.
  11. He checked it down! He checked it down on 4th and 21!!!! I am a dumb motherfucker. Spite for Reich could only ever be worth so much. My error in overvaluing. Go back to the shadow Colts. Give me Flores! This defense could be something with coaching.
  12. Beliefs are for children and enablers you dumb bitch.
  13. Well any congregate has the power to systemically injure an identified mass. For example, the POOR could DEAL WITH the powerful very very swiftly in most places. This one, for example.
  14. Is there a reason they didn't do this during PRIME TYME? Does this kinda shit fill anyone else with a sadistic rage? The time for releasing evidence is long fucking passed. Only Democrats could take a political coup (LITERALLY) and turn it into a donor commercial as part of the broader spectator-ization of the death of democracy. Fucking loser. I hope whatever evidence she drops gives her a goddamn brain hemorrhage.
  15. Yeah. American money. What did you think I meant?
  16. I don't know if Musk is an American but I know his money is American. And America acknowledges no laws anywhere of anyone. Including those of America.
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