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    Cardinal Baseball, DA Bears, EPL Football, All the good TV Series now on Cable networks/The Bridge/SOA/Hell on Wheels/Last Ship/Graceland...ect. I'm dark and F'n sarcastic. I don't want to get another point form Elio, LOL.

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  1. Hello, it has been a long time since I posted my theory on Davos after being thrown from the Blackwater explosion. Thank you for at least having a story line opinion on the subject. These other people don't understand that GRRM's description is that Davos was knocked out, not knocked off the boat to swim away.

  2. Did they ever tell you why the F--- your thread wasn't approved, it's because the MODS are paid to be pious pruds..

  3. Did they ever tell you why the F--- your thread wasn't approved, it's because they MODS are paid to be pious pruds by Elio and Linda.

  4. In dialogue of MG: suggested edit-the Goddess (turned) use (abandoned) as a stronger verb.----In later Owen para-change (waters) to (tides)if wanting to use that description----Halfway through Owen speaks- Use New Para for MG's "fist smashed"---With brake of scene lead off w/ name not pronoun(him)-- It seemed well established to start a world and story, Kudos. ---Note these messages are backwards because every time I it enter it posts.---Please, it or when you get this could you r...

  5. I liked the potion concept of creating a new soul, although it looks like you aren't using it. My ? is how do they know the engeneering results w/out experimentation. Using that posion (storyline) you can go w/ the concept tha tit turns the users into just a soul-timeless but not existant to the world of flesh, or a soul to a seperate/parallel universe-perhaps the Undying sphere- my imaginative thought from the early text.

  6. I read the prologue you had a link to, and her are my suggestions/thoughts. My initial responce is noticing/editing redundacies. For Ex: Para1 combine sentence 2&3. The decaying rays cast sullen shadows of cruel, unforgiving silouettes through the arched windows, marrying...as is---Para 2 Delet "In his arms" -it's understood by carried. Owen carried a bound scroll, faded and stained with age from teh years men....as is.

  7. Hello, this is responce to your Borders pot from April, every time I try to use a quote from someone it doesn't come up/work.

  8. siknes

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    It could be Leda, she just had a baby and from her commentary on season 2 she has issues with herself, called herself horse-face. She could have read the books and knows about the Walk of Shame.
  9. siknes

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    It is because he is so ugly(book Tyrion) Same as Sandor, she can't look at them. She is too into her fairy-tales of handsome knights like Loras, good luck with getting that up honey.
  10. Could be, We as readers only know of Blackfish escaping RR, then we have Jamie's POV and he is unsure of what (Jayne/Tal) really looked like, so it could have been a dopplegagger at RR. So many possibilities with GRRM.
  11. siknes

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    The writer said he put it in for shock value, they try and one up each other.