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  1. So I was just typing a response to you and realized I was probably pretty wrong. I was gonna say: Doesn't Petyr need Harry? His current hold on the Eyrie rests on his being Sweetrobin's de facto guardian, and SR is sickly and unreliable. So wouldn't Petyr want his hooks in the next Lord of the Eyrie? But then I thought about it, and it seems very much unlike Littlefinger to rely on the kindness of strangers. I mean, assuming Harry inherits and marries Sansa, what's to stop them from just throwing Littlefinger out of the Vale? Granted, he's Lord Paramount of the Trident. But the Eyrie isn't his seat. Assuming he doesn't want to retire to Harrenhal, how does Littlefinger stay on top at the Eyrie?
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