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  1. The Lord of Cinder

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Bittersweet ending: Bitter because it is absolute shite on almost every level. Sweet because I finally feel justified in hating this show since season 5. For years we were the prophets of the endtimes, yet the fools refused to listen! So yeah they nailed it. Also the episode title being "The Bells" made me laugh out loud. They really think they did something clever, but those goddamn bells are nothing but prime meme material. Why? Why did the bells do that? What? WHAT? Edit: I guess this explains why Tuco Salamanca was so crazy. Dude had to constantly listen to Hector's ding ding dings. Bells can drive you crazy, guys. We need a bell awareness month.
  2. But he was only able to buy the equipment because time-traveling Bran helped him! If anyone is to blame, it's Bran. I mean there has to be some regulations for bringing modern military technology to the past.
  3. Here's my episode summary: Cersei: We have a ballista! Daenerys: A barista, ey? Well so do we! *throws empty starbucks cup at the walls of King's Landing. Effects are negligible*
  4. Well, you see, there's been a major ongoing development since season 1. In season 1 real armor was effective and plot armor not so much. Now, as dragons and WWs made a return, so did magical plot armor, while real armor's effectiveness crumbled to dust. This is never explicitly mentioned, but if you pay close attention you will notice the careful attention to detail and how sneakily this change took place. Excellent writing, I must say. Qyburn, who obviously knows a thing or two about weird magical stuff, has the ability to detect plot armor. He noticed that Missandei was wearing some degree of plot armor and therefore understood that she must be important. Now, the scary thing is that Qyburn must also have some device that removes plot armor, or else Missandei would never have died. This means that every character should be afraid, as we don't know the extent of Qyburn's ability to remove plot armor. He might be powerful enough to strip Dany! My theory is that Qyburn will play a pivotal role in Cersei's death, as she is clearly wearing some heavy as fuck plot armor. I for one am very interested in finding out why Qyburn decides to remove Cersei's plot armor.
  5. Okay remember what was probably the most effective part of the previous episode? The beginning, the feeling of anticipation and dread, that churning feeling in the pit of your stomach when something bad is about to happen. The Red Wedding chapter is so good at making you feel this. In the show we lost this unease and growing dread to make the scene more shocking. And ever since this has been a pattern. Shock the viewer at all costs instead of successfully building up to a pay-off. The show is essentially a jumpscare-fest. Why have any tension about Euron finding Dany's fleet when we can have big surprises that defy logic? Why have the viewer clench their buttocks wondering if Arya'll get to the NK in time when she can just jump out of nowhere and instakill him? Why have any buildup to Jaime stabbing Cersei when we'll most likely get a last moment 180 for maximum shocks? Now, Breaking Bad on the other hand ... And let me gush over Better Call Saul a bit, because in that show we know what happens to the two main characters, yet their stories are told so well that it doesn't matter. You know, because a good story is a good story even if you know the big spooky spoilers, and a good story can even use this to its advantage. A lot of tension in BCS stems from the very fact that we KNOW the future, and we dread getting there. Oh my, I started thinking about GoT's lost potential again. Silly me.
  6. Kudos for actually watching the thing. My brain can only handle a couple of D&D quotes at a time without imploding due to the vacuum created by all the brain cells that mysteriously disappear while listening to them. That thing about Jaime is just ... it can't be true, can it? Will they have a final twist where Jaime finally turns on Cersei and kills her? Of course they will. It HAS to be a last minute shocking twist. Everything has to be a twist! Twists for everyone! It is Game of Twists, after all. Since season 1 the twists are obviously the one thing that matter in Twist of Twists. Who cares about anything else? When you twist the Twist of Twists, you either twist or twist.
  7. Now I've been thinking more about Daenerys' latte cup and come to the conclusion that everyone who thinks it was a set error are small-brained fools. It's obviously a really clever and subtle way to foreshadow time-traveling Bran. In the final episode, when Bran is drawing his final breath after a duel with Euron where Bran warged into Euron and made him suffocate on his own big cock(tm), he will tell Arya: "remember Daenerys' coffee". And then we will not see Arya for the next 30 minutes until she comes jumping out of a Weirwood tree wielding an assault rifle in one hand and an avocado toast topped with a pumpkin spice latte in the other. Cersei will stare at her in disbelief before she delivers her final line: "Yippee ki-yay, brotherfucker!" and fills Cersei with some sweet lead of justice.
  8. D&D: "Daenerys kind of forgot that Starbucks doesn't exist in Westeros"
  9. The Lord of Cinder

    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    I'm still naïvely holding out hope for this all being some kind of huge misunderstanding and Bran being the actual big threat. Maybe the NK knew that Bran would turn out to be some huge ticking timebomb, and therefore did all he could in order to kill him. Maybe Bran lied in the previous episode to not reveal the NKs true motivation. Maybe it all could have been avoided with some communication. But who am I kidding?
  10. The Lord of Cinder

    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    Just watching that first scene with all these familiar characters walking in the courtyard, preparing for a battle they doubt they'll win, would have been such a powerful scene had I just . . . cared at all at this point. I can't imagine how impactful this episode would have been had I been as invested as in the first 4 seasons, and that hurts. A lot. Now, more than ever, it feels like I've lost something I loved. And I don't know if there's anything I can say that hasn't been said about this amazing conclusion to 7+ seasons of build-up. Don't worry, guys! If we just stab global warming right where it hurts, we can go back to squabbling about who has the biggest button sitting on their desk! The Night King, the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead ended up being nothing more than a plot device that thinned out Dany's army so that Cersei can sip wine while smiling a bit more smugly. All of this had basically the same impact as Euron destroying Dorne's fleet, or Jaime attacking Highgarden. Think about that for a second. Seasons 7-8 so far have just been a series of unfortunate events that thin out Daenerys' OP army. How anyone can be satisfied with this I can't understand.
  11. The Lord of Cinder

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    4/10 I highly doubt I'll be watching season 6, even if I may be spoiled.
  12. The Lord of Cinder

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    True Detective season 2, please be amazing! Balance must be restored!
  13. The Lord of Cinder

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I always find it odd how some people think that you cannot compare different genres (genre as in fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, western etc.). As GRRM himself wrote in one of his shortstory collections (paraphrased and butchered beyond recognition. I don't have the book at hand right now): "Genres don't matter. Genres are no more than furniture and painting in a house. It's still a house. Every genre, every story has the human element, and that is what matters". One book I recently read, The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie, is a story about war in a fantasy world. It does have magic to a very minimalistic degree, it does have fantasy realms and fantasy names. Yet the focus of the book is on the characters, on the humans, their struggles through this pointless fight where men die for naught. The same story could have, with a few alterations, been told in an entirely different setting. Yet should it not be compared to other books that deal with war because it's fantasy? No? Ok, fine.
  14. The Lord of Cinder

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    From a purely "this is what the show is and what I've come to expect from it"-perspective, I'll give it a generous 7 because I'm in a good mood today (I surely wasn't yesterday after having watched this episode). It would be a 3/4 if I start to think too much about how much from the books is totally butchered. It was a decent GoT episode. But my god, it may also be the episode that finally made me decide to not watch the next season before TWoW. Definitely the most disappointing and head-scratchingly logicless episode 9 so far.
  15. The Lord of Cinder

    How would you rate episode 310?

    As far as I see it, most unsullied were pleased by this episode. I guess they needed a cheesy happy scene to end a season that pretty much gave everyone traumas about weddings and people with wolfheads. If they had included LS now, there would be THOUSANDS of complaints about not saving it for later, and probably THOUSANDS more about how horribly that scene was executed. Many book readers expected that to happen, but the unsullied did not, and having LS at the end of the episode would have made the most memorable scene of the season, the Red Wedding, seem worse. They could not have pleased most book readers, and they probably knew that LS would disappoint many unsullied if it happened this early, so they went for Daenerys happy moment. Sure they could have had a cliffhanger, but do we really need a cliffhanger in a show where the Red Wedding happened? They ended it with a cliffhanger last season, something that angered lots of people, especially because they couldn't make up for that cliffhanger this season. Maybe they could have had a cliffhanger with a wildling army, but that would have made a lot of people expect a huge battle (or black screen) at the beginning of the next season. As book readers we know it won't happen at the beginning, but it would be disappointing for the unsullied. I don't think ending it with Daenerys was a bad choice, it was just not that well executed IMO. I think we're believing too much in our own expectations, and when those expectations aren't met, we get angry and disappointed. Unsullied don't know what to expect, and in that sense I believe most of this episode seemed for them like a good episode to end the season with. Sure, nothing big happened, but a lot of people got where they had been travelling the entire season. Some set new goals, someone's storyarchs came to an end, and we got some big revelations about the only war that matters and Bran's destiny. Just think about books/movies like Harry Potter and LotR. The Fellowship of the Ring did not end with any big cliffhanger or wtf moment, but rather with characters setting new goals or getting closer to their goals, telling us: "the story hasn't ended yet". Most Harry Potter movies didn't end with any kind of big moments, but rather with people just having it cozy in the aftermath of the big event. To me this episode seemed like a normal ending, and next year we're back to see what new adventures and challenges await the characters we love and hate.