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  1. paulh_85

    Jon is Azor Ahai

    Azor Ahai is Azor Ahai and he died thousands of years ago
  2. paulh_85

    Qyburn's Death

    that it was rather apt, got rekt like the nothing he is!
  3. paulh_85

    New Night King

    Dont think thats true, the WW were already around. Melisandre was still around, and im sure there was still some magic in the lesser known areas such as asshai
  4. paulh_85

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    not really sure whats wrong with this though. are these scorpians unrealistic in a real world battle sense? probably. i cant imagine theyd have the force to pierce a dragons neck from that distance (but im no expert on the subject, having said that they now have serated edges dont they? making them more potent)
  5. paulh_85

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    All i'd like to add to this heated discussion is there exists no proof of a R'hllor as for fire wights.... i mean if the guy who created this world says it i think ill take his word over someone on a forum.
  6. paulh_85

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    could have been there to double down on the skepticism Davos has always had for the Red God. It wouldnt shock me if nothing significant came from the Gods in the books either, but i do like the idea of Rhaegal coming back
  7. paulh_85

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    interesting theory. I think the "wake dragons from stone" line could hit the nail on the head there, but for some reason i just dont see it happening.
  8. Did she not feed someone to her dragon in season. 5?
  9. thats also the last two books!
  10. paulh_85

    "There is only One Thing We Say to Death"

    Not sure why people are taking the PtwP prophecy literally. could well mean anything, could well come to nothing in the books too. as far as im aware AA isnt mentioned in the show at all is he? People are determind that someone in the show MUST be AA/PtwP and its an obsession that i dont really get.
  11. paulh_85

    The scenes of Arya in E3

    dont really understand the whole foreshadowing about the "brown eyes green eyes blue eyes" thing. the writers hadnt at that time decided she would kill the NK so any "foreshadowing" is purely a coincidence
  12. paulh_85

    Shameless bragging

    well there is no AA in the show, so no LB back story. we will never see how it pans out in the books
  13. paulh_85

    Outcome of the Great War

    i'd be less inclined to agree with your first option, only on the basis that "game of thrones" is only the name of book one, The fact the series is named ASOIAF which is a direct link to the PtwP prophecy means i think (hope) its about more than the iron throne.
  14. paulh_85


    it doesnt mean anything as far as i know
  15. paulh_85

    Javier Botet

    Apologies if that has been covered elsewhere. I notice on IMDB that he is listed for this episode, but with no character name, was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this? looking at his previous work, he consistently plays what could be described as "the scare factor" in a lot of films, including the new Slender man film and REC (good film if you havent watched it by the way!) makes me think hes likely to play an antagonist in this, but what? seems strange to cast someone like this as a WW unless there is a particular lengthy detailed scene. Anyway, if anyone has any info let me know