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    Vote on the Reputation System

    I've always wanted a nemesis of my own - but once again Santa let me down. I'd take it for walks and have it neutered and even carry a little plastic bag just in case there are any embarrassing public lapses. It's just not fair. :P
  4. Usotsuki

    Vote on the Reputation System

    I'd be in favour of retaining the system if, and only if, the anonymity was removed. This would I hope militate against some of the more absurd uses of the system, I can't imagine that the people down-rating Min's posts in the UK politics thread are really upset about a six month old post on the LibDem's poor editorial control.
  5. Thanks Bronn, very chilling. :) [i]The Bastard sits in his father's chair drinking from his father's cup[/i] Since we're in the dubious speculation zone, this is conclusive (and by conclusive I mean fairly weak) support for the hypothesis that Theon will be used to assassinate Lord Bolton as part of Ramsay's attempt to usurp all his father's properties and claims.