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  1. Hey, I'm just trying to find some logic behind what was happening. I mean hell there are times I try to start a fire in my backyard with fuel on it and the wind blows on the flame before it can catch.
  2. My feeling is that he was sticking to plan and waiting. Not sure if he knew they were having problems from that distance.
  3. If you noticed before Melisandre did her spell, they were attempting to light it with fire arrows and they simply weren't hot enough. My guess is that those torches that Davos had weren't going to be good enough either.
  4. Yes, he knows where Bran is at all times if he is warging or connected to the network as that is what the three eyed raven is always doing. However, if he isn't warging I don't believe he knows exactly where he is. He may have an idea but not know where.
  5. I disagree with the Bran part. The Bran thing was known since last episode. He was to lure the NK into the godswood. That was the plan ALL along. I don't know why so many missed this. Yes, the episode is very disappointing from almost every aspect when it comes to the lore, however, the plan for the battle from the get go was to get the NK to come into the godswood. They achieved that. He warged into the crows and went up to the NK so that the NK could find his position. Hence, why he was reaching when the ravens got close to him. Bran was marked, so when he wargs or is the weirwood network the NK can find him.
  6. I think what he did was simply give his position away to the NK. He is marked, so it seems when he is warging or in the wierwood network the NK can see where he is because he touched him. After all, that was the plan all along to get the NK into the godswood.
  7. W1NT3RF3LL

    When Did You Start Re-Reading?

    I actually just started re-reading about a week ago, its been about 3 years since I finished them. After I finished the series I went on to the stories of dunk and egg (which in reply to the commenter above, yes the books set about think 80-90 years before the events of game of thrones). Those were fun books and a short read.
  8. W1NT3RF3LL

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Lol, you are definitely right on it not being small. I figured it would fit in here more than in R+L=J, because it was more about if others new of the situation rather than it being about R+L=J exclusively.
  9. W1NT3RF3LL

    Small Questions v. 10105

    This may be a silly question, or it may have been asked before. However, I was thinking. No one has truly come forward with whether Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna or if was a mutual arrangement. With what has been presented thus far we can agree it was most likely a kidnapping as that is what we get from Robert's perspective and no one seems to challenge him on it. With that being said a quote from Barristen Selmy kind of hit me, " Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna and thousands died for it " How does Barristen know that Raegar loved Lady Lyanna? How much of the situation was he aware of? Is it possible that he knew more? If Selmy knew there was love there, then surely Vary's of all people would know more from his spies, no? Which would then lead to more knowing of the Tower of Joy than just Reed? Thoughts
  10. It was a 10 for me. For them to dedicate the whole show to the wall and the first battle, epic. I will say though I don't get how they continuously have left almost 10 minutes remaining to spare in almost all of the shows this season. What is up with that? It hasn't even been hour long show. It boggles my mind. There is so much more that could be added in that 8-10 minutes that is getting left out. Wonder if it is due to budget constraints? Other than that I think they tried to match the book as much as possible with that battle and they did a great job.
  11. I don't know why everyone thinks stannis comes now. He doesn't. Stannis in the books does not come to the wall until after Jon meets with Mance.
  12. not for nothing but why are some people assuming poison wasnt used on the spear?
  13. W1NT3RF3LL

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Yes, as that is his sigil.
  14. Does anyone find any relation with how the hound and arya are portrayed to that of dunk and egg? I dont know, to me it just seems very similar. Obviously the story is not evem close but the whole concept of a big knight with a small kid traveling along with him. Just a thought.