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  1. It was a 10 for me. For them to dedicate the whole show to the wall and the first battle, epic. I will say though I don't get how they continuously have left almost 10 minutes remaining to spare in almost all of the shows this season. What is up with that? It hasn't even been hour long show. It boggles my mind. There is so much more that could be added in that 8-10 minutes that is getting left out. Wonder if it is due to budget constraints? Other than that I think they tried to match the book as much as possible with that battle and they did a great job.
  2. I don't know why everyone thinks stannis comes now. He doesn't. Stannis in the books does not come to the wall until after Jon meets with Mance.
  3. not for nothing but why are some people assuming poison wasnt used on the spear?
  4. Does anyone find any relation with how the hound and arya are portrayed to that of dunk and egg? I dont know, to me it just seems very similar. Obviously the story is not evem close but the whole concept of a big knight with a small kid traveling along with him. Just a thought.
  5. I have noticed a few people say the same thing that oberyn should have declared champion for tyrion. To me that would have been too quick as I believe oberyn is a on few more council meetings and he meets tyrion in his cell to speak with him. I think they did it just right.
  6. you as a reader get to get inside her head to know what she would or would not do. Show viewers dont have that perspective. Therefore, they have to do things like this to inform the viewer of what she is really trying to accomplish. In the books there were some actions that she took that were out of character but her POVs let the reader know why she did them. You dont have that luxury with a show.
  7. ya like there was no personal agenda involving her convo with oberyn. Like seriously if people dont get that she is just scheming the hell out of everyone including her father then I dont know what else people would want d&d to do? She is doing it all for her cause. She is getting people to sympathize.
  8. mierra asked him how do they know when it will end and he saw fire in his hand. Probably meaning it will end in fire.
  9. im still shocked that people are bringing this whole rape thing up still. I think the way they showed it was how it happened. Secondly, I think the book and the show has shown that both are cold to eachother even though up to this point they havent been in a ton of scenes together. Cersei isnt exactly a calm kitten. She is also pissed that he got captured and easnt around. That is really the down fall to their relationship. Also, it wasnt rape!
  10. I think they needed to do this to put him on screen.
  11. are you kdding me? Have you not watched the last three seasons? how about when the baby got slaughtered? I mean come people are so overeacting its not even funny. It was consensual in end anyways.
  12. I think bron will be the one that goes with jaime on his travels up north to settle with the houses. I think they will do bron like they did pod. Both will understand and there wont be hard feelings. Just makes no sense to make bron screw tyrion on the show.
  13. why do people keep saying it was a rape scene anyways? It never crossed my mind that it was. It seemed like jaime was forceful and cersie was for and against all the same. Little overreaction I think.
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