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    The foundation of PISSED:

    Eyron-san、最初の, on 15 Oct 2014 - 7:41 PM, said:
    "Let me tell you a story of bravery, young'un. A tale of heroism and sacrifice. *cough* A tale of a day when the world shook in it's very foundation... It's the story of a young woman, a woman who missed the bus. Impossible you say? It may seem so to your innocent mind, but this was a dark age. It was an age of great unfortune and millions of lost minutes all over the world. But, let us start at the beginning... *cough cough* It was a day of fairly good weather, but it could easily have been a rainy day, see, it rained a lot when I was young..."

    DreamSongs, on 15 Oct 2014 - 7:36 PM, said:
    We, the Pedestrians and Commuters of the World, do hereby declare ourselves free from tyranny. For centuries, we have been harassed and ill-treated by stagecoaches, porters and drivers. We have been forced to run by fast-moving vehicles, forced to endure people reeking of salami asking for our tickets and evil men that look us straight in the eye as they drive away and leave us choking in dust and enhaust. We are PEDESTRIAN'S INTERNATIONAL: STOP the STUPID and ERADICATE the DUMBASSES, herefore to be known as PISSED.

    We are PISSED and the madness must stop! Our ethics and principles demand that we take necessary measures to assure that the milk of human kindness is returned to the commuters that have supported these types of services for so long.

    The demands of PISSED are guided by our ethics and are required immediately:

    1. All travel schedules must have 'compassion time' built into them. Compassion time means that if you see the little old man or the young mother with a stroller and 2 other kids that you will wait for them. People visibly running to the bus and waving their hands get 30 seconds. Half-hearted efforts get an additional 10 seconds. Those showing no urgency should be left behind so they can improve their human experience by meditating on the streets where they travel until the next bus.

    2. Commuters are not sardines. All the stupid dumbasses that attempt to cram more people than permitted into car must be immediately reeducated to know the anatomical differences between sardines and humans. https://www.youtube....h?v=b0A9-oUoMug

    3. Bicyclists must have constantly ringing bells and neon flags for the safety of pedestrians and mass transit vehicles. They may only pass in bike lanes. https://www.youtube....h?v=18Wsqx3UPyg

    4. Bus stops, subways and trains must sell cold water, hot coffee and reasonably priced meals for commuters that may have forgotten something. Buses stuck in traffic must take delivery of food delivered by bicycle couriers.

    5. Large dolls in private vehicles in the commuter lane to make it look like there are multiple adults in the vehicle is just plain creepy and remains illegal. Large stuffed teddy bears, unicorns and cartoon characters are now legal. If a commuter is pulled over with a giant unicorn, the police will provide escort to the drivers destination as a courtesy.
  1. Adara

    Youtube Videos.

    Bran Starkwalker and Obi Wan Bloodraven watching Ned Vader and ... oh shoot, go watch it yourself Beware of Season 6 GoT spoilers. Or don't. People gettling more and more nuts about spoilers these days.
  2. Adara

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    True. The voice sounds like a man in his mid twenties. Saw him last week as Archbishop of Canterbury in Ironclad.
  3. Adara


    Blackfish :commie: Same here, started to read the books after I saw the show, but it was S3 I guess. I hope we'll see Stoneheart in the show. It's not too late to introduce her. And here is our expert on House Lannister: :D
  4. Adara


    Welcome Reuben :cheers: Sounds like a good plan :lol: Who are your favourite characters and do you watch the show as well?
  5. Adara


    Jon is here for quite a while now ;) My best friend and me have a history of a backgammon addiction. Not the kind of board game everyone's talking about, but anyway ^^
  6. Adara


    just don't tell them we take over :leaving: Hello Zhalia, welcome to the board :cheers:
  7. Adara


    I know a guy from India that does the same thing :D welcome back :cheers:
  8. Adara


    Nice! Welcome to the board :cheers: That's interesting... although I find LF an well written character, I also hope for a downfall. In a spectecular way that includes the line "only Cat".somehow :D
  9. Adara

    Youtube Videos.

    Bohemian rhapsody meets Star Wars. Please pay attention at wild eyebrow 3:05. My favourite (sadly very short) moment is aroung 4:10.
  10. Adara


    Welcome to the forums olojkross :cheers: If you're interested in Sansas development (so far), you might find these threads interesting. Tons of essays and interesting discussions :)
  11. Adara


    Excellent! Marvellous! :D and welcome to the boards :cheers:
  12. Adara


    welcome faceless dude :cheers: I'm with you on Arya and Tyrion. You say Stannis is the second most rightful king, who's your Number one? Just curious, fighting over theories and favourite characters doesn't start in the welcome thread ;) (but it might start in the very next thread you're participating :lol: )
  13. Adara


    Welcome Javiera :cheers: At least you don't have to fear spoilers :lol:
  14. Adara


    Welcome Tony :cheers: your post reminded me of my old avatar :D
  15. Why is there a "g" in knight?

    1. Jon Weirgaryen

      Jon Weirgaryen

      The "gh" is pronounced "ff", did you know not? As in rough, cough, tough (ruff, koff, taff), for more information look up "ghoti" (fish) ;-)