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  1. Casterly Rock and Highgarden being generic castles from medieval Spain was literally criminal. Makes me wish HotD would jut retcon both locations, if we ever get to see them on the show.
  2. Loved the Daenerysation of Rhaenys. Killing the smallfolk and instilling fear upon them, so later the faction you're fighting for can expect their unconditional support. It was heroic and girlboss.
  3. I thought it was a pretty great episode of TV. Of course what caught my attention the most was the song of ice and fire reveal, I never thought it would happen outside the books, let alone in this spin off, but I guess we had to know it someway since the books are never ending. I'm not complaining though, it felt pretty epic.
  4. I've been disliking the show story-wise in its entirety since season 7, but I'd still find entertainment out of the spectacle. But goddamn was this bad. It felt boring and the editing was a mess. 1/10 for the effort.
  5. 5. I was entertained I guess but hate the direction they're going.
  6. 5 for the production effort. Nothing redeeming narrative-wise.
  7. Much better than previous episode, I was entertained for the most part. Gave it a 6 because too much Brienne.
  8. 5. Nothing held my interest except for Cersei+Euron. Writing wasn't the best as well.
  9. 3/10 Can't think of a worse episode. At least the ones in which nothing happened in earlier seasons were well written.
  10. 6/10 Damn, the Westerosi civil war is just not so interesting as it was in the beginning.
  11. I had the same doubt, but that makes sense. I dig it.
  12. 7. Much better than last week's but Reek resurfacing is bullshit!
  13. 6/10 I never expect much from the first episodes anyway, they're usually only set up.
  14. 7. Not bad like others in this season, not so great either.
  15. 4. Arya was my favorite part, other than that, nothing else was remarkable to me. The preview to the next episode was great though.
  16. If those were hands of "green" fire I'd definitely bet money on Cersei. But I guess that's the first reference to "white fire" we had, no?
  17. I came here to say that. No, he hasn't read this before.
  18. Kingsmoot. Children of the forest creating the White Walkers. Hodor. Goddamn, what a night!
  19. I have no words to describe this whole episode. There is so much to digest... I'm giving it a 10 for now.
  20. One happened at the end of season 1 and the other happened 5 episodes ago.
  21. She's been immune to fire since day one in show-canon, they needed to show that off again. And Drogon saving her all of a sudden again would have been repetitive in my opinion.
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