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  1. Steelborn

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I've been disliking the show story-wise in its entirety since season 7, but I'd still find entertainment out of the spectacle. But goddamn was this bad. It felt boring and the editing was a mess. 1/10 for the effort.
  2. Steelborn

    Bittersweet Ending

    It's pretty obvious now that the mad queen will die by the hands of the holy Jon. The other mad queen will also bite the dust, but this one has been a certainty for years.
  3. That was so WTF. They never bothered to show he had any ties to the Riverlands, and that is because he doesn't have any. If anything he should be Waters, but if they really cared and followed what they established in season 1, he would be nothing cause Robert never acknowledged him. That's a nitpick when the episode had far more serious problems, but it just shows how they don't care AT. ALL.
  4. Steelborn

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Since they've been twisting the story for her to suddenly be, S08xE01.
  5. 5. I was entertained I guess but hate the direction they're going.
  6. Cersei AND Daenerys. Let us not forget they've been trying to have Dany a mad queen in the making since EP1 in favor of Jon, isolating her and now also killing off almost all of her original army. There it goes the 'twist'.
  7. There is no logical reason for Cersei to still hold that much power.
  8. They show this in the opening credits. The land getting frozen as the WW pass, east side of the wall > last hearth > winterfell. And doesn't Tormund say smth like this? It didn't seem like they wiped out all of the North just to get to Winterfell lastly.
  9. Steelborn

    The books are not going to end like this

    Yes. But he might not side with her because there are other Greyjoys antagonizing him who might get to her before him. In the show it was Yara and Theon and in the books we still have Victarion with Moqorro and Asha and Theon.
  10. Steelborn

    The books are not going to end like this

    Yep. Too much foreshadowing by Patchface or by herself when she dreamt she was eaten alive by a stone dragon. Either she will cause a greyscale endemic or be sacrificed by fire (or both hence 'stone dragon'). The fact that Stannis does the deed remains to be seen considering the last time we saw him he said his soldiers should protect her cause she's his only heir...
  11. The fuck did Bran do when he warged? I couldn't see it. He didn't even report back whatever he saw to help the living neither did he warg a dragon or anything to do some harm to the NK when they were fighting Jon and Dany out in the open. Which brings me to Theon's death cause it was so useless. Can't the 3-eyed raven see evrything, couldn't he just say wait "3 minutes behind the tree pal" or something.
  12. 5 for the production effort. Nothing redeeming narrative-wise.
  13. Steelborn

    George hates hero worship

    What is so grey about Jon? He's the closest to a Mary Sue we've ever had in the whole series, even "bad" things he has done like having sex as a Night Watcher were in the name of love or something.
  14. Much better than previous episode, I was entertained for the most part. Gave it a 6 because too much Brienne.
  15. Steelborn

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Two episodes of anticipation and bad writing. Next episode should be Blackwater level at the very least..