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  1. The first half was pretty much what I expected. The second half was ridiculous. And now our watch begins for novels that might make better sense of the ending.
  2. Also, I think it's hilarious that "the new prince of Dorne" still never got a name.
  3. I thought the first half was pretty good. I mean, I wasn't crazy about how we got there, but at least it didn't mess about. Tyrion gave Jon a hell of a pep talk, and then he went and whacked the mad queen. Everything after Drogon flew off, however, was pretty silly. Hack dialogue and some very odd choices.
  4. This wasn't war. The war was over. The people of King's Landing weren't collateral victims. They were just victims. Daenerys didn't kill them because she had to in order to accomplish her goal, or even because it was the easiest way to accomplish her goal. Burning them all was her goal, which is why she was enraged by the bells. She had already decided, and said as much beforehand, that they didn't deserve to survive. That's why her attrocity didn't shock me. What was shocking was only how sloppily we transitioned from where she was at the end of last season to where she was at the opening of episode 5.
  5. Poor Xharo. If D&D owe anyone an apology, it's him.
  6. That's why I gave it an 8. It's how we got here that's been the problem. If it had been developed better, I think more people would have appreciated it. But I thought the episode itself was much better than it's been reviewed here and elsewhere.
  7. Not many of them, but more than one. The big difference here was that she didn't burn the city to solve a problem. Once King's Landing surrendered and Daenerys decided to kill everyone in the city anyway, we moved into territory not even suggested before last night. I can certainly see how the show might have gotten her to that place, but they skipped all that work, and that's why both viewers and critics have expressed disappointment. It's not that no one could see this coming. But how it was done was rushed and sloppy.
  8. It was pretty obvious from before the credits rolled which direction this was going to go, huh? Tonight's episode was a compellingly horrifying spectacle that resolved the fates of several major characters and cemented the fates of others, and I would have really appreciated it more had Dany's decision to murder the entire city of King's Landing after they surrendered to her made a lick of sense, given her behavior during the first 70 episodes. I said that, barring some ridiculously out-of-character turn from Daenerys, calling her The Mad Queen would be terribly unfair. Well, mission accomplished. Was the Night King the big baddie? Nope. Cersei? Nope. It was Daenerys all along, I guess. So how do you rate an episode that is so well shot, so well directed, so well performed, and which intentionally assassinates a main character's character? I have no idea. Edit: What the hell, I'm giving it an 8.
  9. There's been a lot of that in this already shortened season. Maybe they should have just made a 3 hour movie.
  10. I was writing a list of all the things that made no sense, but I realized I was just annoying myself. This episode was a mess. Still, 6/10.
  11. So in the end the prince/princess who was promised didn't actually matter to the show.
  12. Oh come on. She has zero value on a battlefield. She'd just have been someone other people had to die to keep alive.
  13. I didn't say I was satisfied. I said: ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Yeah, well they didn't show him for a whole season last year. I refuse to believe it. Present the body!
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