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  1. Nkunku is ungettable this window. Leipzig maintained before the window even opened that he was not for sale at any price and he's since renewed his contract with them. I agree though that Ten Hag needs to broaden his horizons a bit. The worst example is Antony. I don't really get the fascination with him - he's decent enough but grossly overpriced. Makes no sense even bothering with him when you could get the much better player in Moussa Diaby for a lower fee.
  2. The stream I was watching originally had Jesus as the scorer for the goal in the 57th minute but looks like that was changed to an OG.
  3. It's only preseason but Jesus has made a good start for Arsenal. Bagged himself a hattrick against Nürnberg.
  4. I'm sure Ten Hag is going to have some rules laid down as every manager does but I doubt those rules are going to be as draconian as The Express and Talkshite are making it out to be. Looks like the usual sensationalism from shitrags to me.
  5. I doubt Ten Hag is going to be as draconian as that. He's not some noob who just started managing recently. If he were that draconian and unreasonable, there would have been issues at his previous clubs and we'd have heard about it. The Express and Talksport are not that reliable either.
  6. Another 15% of their TV rights are up for sale and negotiations are currently taking place. Barca's socios voted in favour of selling up to 25% of the TV rights and up to 49.9% of Barcelona's licensing and merchandising but according to Laporta the latter will not be sold unless absolutely necessary. Selling 25% of their TV rights is estimated to bring in between €500m and €600m.
  7. Looks like this De Jong transfer is not going to be completed anytime soon. Ducker reporting in The Telegraph that the transfer is being held up by £17m in deferred wages that Barca owe to De Jong. Apparently he agreed to defer £9.4m in wages in 2020/2021 and £4.3m last season as well as an additional £3.4m in bonuses in order to help ease the club's financial difficulties.
  8. Stone and Ducker reporting that Sterling has agreed personal terms with Chelsea. Reports that Lamptey has switched international allegiance to Ghana. The Ghanaian FA have also convinced Inaki Williams to switch and were in talks with Hudson-Odoi to do the same but that seems to have broken down.
  9. Luke Edwards has reported that there is no truth to those rumours and Newcastle are not considering signing Gabigol.
  10. Mike Verweij reporting that Ajax have reached an agreement with Spurs for Bergwijn - fee €32.5m.
  11. That PL player has been arrested on suspicion of two additional rape attacks. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2022/07/05/premier-league-star-arrested-suspicion-two-new-rape-attacks/
  12. England of late have been really impressive at chasing down challenging totals.
  13. Lewandowski will be sold; it's only a matter of time. Pavard perhaps as well even if not for a big fee. I'm sure a club that is in the top 3 of the wealthiest football clubs in the world could afford €60-80m for De Ligt if they really wanted to.
  14. Atleti, Juve and Chelsea, apparently. Also, I doubt Bayern would absolutely have to sell first. Yeah, they've suffered covid losses as most clubs did but they are still among the wealthiest football clubs (this is a club that generates more revenue than United). If De Ligt is seen as a priority, I'm sure they'll find a way.
  15. There are reports that Bayern will listen to offers for Pavard.
  16. It would be more likely for Eriksen to play as a right midfielder in a 4-2-3-1. He played that position at Spurs with Alli at #10.
  17. No idea. I suppose it depends on how EtH plans to use de Jong (if we ever get that one over the line). If he plays de Jong as a 6, he might play two number 8s ahead of him. That would appear to leave us light defensively even though all of Bruno, Eriksen and VdB are hard working players who press well. So it's gonna be interesting to see how he plans on setting up the midfield. It's not debatable at all. Moving to United is a much better move for Eriksen than extending with Brentford. Playing in Europe (even if it's the EL) and challenging for European places is far better than battling relegation. United's squad is also good enough for a top 6 finish - it would take a major underperformance to finish below 6th and even that is not a given as last season proved where United still finished 6th despite having their worst season in the PL era.
  18. Much better move than extending with Brentford.
  19. No. Matt Law and Florian Plettenberg reported several weeks ago that Mendes held talks with Chelsea's and Bayern's bosses so Ronaldo has been looking for a way out for a while. He's also requested leave from training (players who took part in the Nations League were to report to training today). So I think it's pretty clear that Ronaldo has amped up his push to leave over the past few days in order to force a move. United have no choice but to take whatever offer we get imo or risk dealing with a disgruntled Ronaldo.
  20. Well, it's not a given that Ronaldo will even find another club willing to take on his wages. Apparently Mendes had already met with Chelsea and Bayern some weeks ago and both clubs declined. Maybe one of them will change their minds if Ronaldo is prepared to take a significant wage cut or PSG could come to the rescue for the hype of having Ronaldo and Messi on the same team.
  21. Like I said, if Ronaldo leaves we'd need to sign a couple of forwards which won't be easy. But Ronaldo has one year left on his contract so we would have had to replace him next season anyway so we might as well pull the band-aid now and get his wages off the books at least. Now that he's signalled his intent to leave, it would be a very bad idea to block a move imo - given Ronaldo's influence and ego, he could end up making things even more difficult for the new manager.
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