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  1. Decent enough performance. We're usually better when we can primarily play on the counter though. It's when we have 60% possession that we've looked totally clueless and shambolic defensively too. At least the players put some effort in tonight. We need to get rid of both our RBs eventually. Wan Bissaka is a worse fit for the system Ten Hag wants to play because he can't pass for shit and actually looks terrified when in possession. Now that Martial is fit again, Elanga will be a sub and will be further down the pecking order if we sign another winger. I'd rather have Elanga working hard on the pitch though than Ronaldo moping around acting as though his mere presence is doing everyone a favour.
  2. Wijnaldum suffers bad injury in training - fractured tibia.
  3. It was a poor challenge no doubt but it was not serious foul play. "Excessive force" is what's considered when determining serious foul play and I don't think Trippier's challenge meets that criteria. The VAR was right to step in and the ref was right to change his decision.
  4. Not a straight red card, no. Game's fucking gone.
  5. Correct decision eventually. Not a great challenge but not worthy of a straight red either.
  6. Moving Joelinton into midfield was also a stroke of genius.
  7. United perform better when the team is not actually playing.
  8. Newcastle are winning the league! And the Saudis haven't even started with the fake sponsorships yet.
  9. James playing at RCB makes no sense when Azpi or Chalobah can fill that position. Wasting a top class RWB who has contributed so much to Chelsea's attacking play from the wing back position is a really poor tactical choice by Tuchel.
  10. He's not played for Ajax or in the Eredivisie though so Ten Hag probably thinks he's Arsenal's accountant or something.
  11. Casemiro and Antony are not comparable. One fills a big gap in the squad and is a proven player. The other is currently not even as good as Nicolas Pepe. United fans appear to be generally pissed that the club is even considering paying that much for Antony.
  12. Running a football club based on the mood of football twitter morons. Great strategy.
  13. Can't believe United are actually considering paying €100m for Antony. This is complete and utter madness. Antony is a worse player than Pepe was when Arsenal signed him and most Arsenal fans would agree that €80m for Pepe was massively overpaying. Antony has put up much worse numbers than Pepe and he's playing for by far the best side in the 7th ranked league in Europe whereas Pepe put up much better numbers playing for Lille in a stronger league. Murtough is a fucking moron if he sanctions this – starting to look like yet another incompetent hire by the Glazers. A guy promoted to DoF with no prior experience in such a role and is learning on the job. What could go wrong?
  14. Liverpool fans should understand the impact of shitty owners more than most in the PL. Gillett and Hicks were not heavily involved in the day-to-day, picking new signings or interfering in match tactics but that didn't stop their shitty ownership from almost running Liverpool into the ground.
  15. The people doing the picking and choosing did not hire themselves. The Glazers hired an investment banker and hedge fund manager to do a job they were not qualified to do.
  16. PL experience is overrated. The majority of the top players in the league had no previous PL experience.
  17. Fred and McTominay only look decent in a compact, low block counterattacking system – the less possession the team has, the better they look. In a possession oriented system both struggle because neither possesses the technical ability to effectively transition play and break lines with either passing or dribbling. This impacts Maguire too since he's had to do too much i.e. pushing into midfield far too often to do the job that midfielders are supposed to do. Maguire is not a top class player but he's a better player than the memes will have you believe. Casemiro fills a big hole but we are still missing a midfielder with the ability to effectively transition play and with good passing range – maybe Eriksen can fill that role (if we don't make another midfield signing) and it might work with a specialist DM next to him.
  18. Wait…there's a rumour Chelsea want to swap Pulisic for Maguire? Do you guys get your transfer news from The Sun or the Daily Mail?
  19. In more baffling news, Chelsea are apparently prepared to send Chalobah out on loan. For a club that's in need of another CB, that doesn't make much sense unless they are really confident of signing Fofana.
  20. The issue is that Ten Hag has been de Jong or bust and Antony or bust so we wasted 2+ months and made no signings to replace Matic, Pogba, Cavani and Greenwood. Even Casemiro was not his target – reports are that he did not want a specialist DM but it looks like he has eventually agreed to recommendations after it's become clear that de Jong is not leaving Barca and if he does, it will not be to United (that was obvious to most a month ago). It's really a symptom of the weak structure above the manager at United. At a well run club (like Ajax) Ten Hag was not given this much power over transfers - Overmars built that squad, not Ten Hag.
  21. Looks like Ten Hag is still obsessed with Antony. We're going to pay €80-100m for a player who is currently worth no more than half that. Giving Ten Hag this much control over transfers has contributed to this shambolic transfer window. Ajax fans will tell you that Ten Hag's judgement on transfers is not that good.
  22. Vince Gilligan stuck the landing….again. Low-key finale but a logical ending that stayed true to what came before without needing to resort to some shitty left-field twist. I was sceptical when this show was first announced but BCS definitely exceeded all my expectations.
  23. That's not what the Real Madrid journos like Jose Felix Diaz and Arancha Rodriguez have reported. €9m/year gross lines up with €5m/year net as has been reported by the Spanish media.
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