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  1. Shredder must be back and up to no good again! McTurtle obviously had that on his mind as well as the burden of running a football club. Perfectly understandable.
  2. Not really because Jones is a non factor. He doesn't even play any more than a handful of games anyway. Besides, he's so horribly injury prone that he's become unsellable. Nobody even wants to take a chance on him on loan. United can only wait until his contract runs out.
  3. Yeah, and this comes back to the point I made about a much more serious issue at United that goes beyond just making a signing or two. The current crop of players should be performing much better but the attitude and commitment of this squad stinks. They can't be arsed to even do the bare minimum i.e. matching the work rate of the opponent.
  4. I can only guess who Rangnick might have been referring to. Maybe some have left already, but I'd also include Ronaldo, Martial, Van de Beek, Dalot, Wan Bissaka and De Gea. Obviously Fred and McTominay would need replacing down the line too as they are incredibly unsuited to the type of football Ten Hag wants to implement.
  5. I didn't watch the game yesterday as I went to watch the rugby match (that was also fucking disappointing but at least the team put up a proper fight). I expect that most United supporters are moaning about signings and while we could use some midfield reinforcements, the problems are much worse than not making one or two more signings. United's current squad should be good enough to beat Brighton and Brentford yet both of them made us look like a lower division side. Rangnick was correct in his assessment. A major clear out is needed – he was talking about moving out 8-10 players. These are almost all the same players who downed tools last season and it looks like they've just picked up where they left off last season. This squad of players have a rotten attitude and aren't even arsed about making the slightest attempt to match the work rate of opponents. In terms of attitude and commitment, this is the worst United squad in my lifetime.
  6. I read that article – ESPN are generally shit and 120 million seems to be a made up figure by the author who's personal opinion is that United's valuation is likely to be at least double PSG's. Last season was terrible for Rashford but in each of the two seasons prior he scored 20+ goals and got into double figures for assists as well. 60 million seems to be about the going rate for a 24 year old who puts up the numbers Rashford does.
  7. Yeah, it's unfair to say that Chelsea are the PL equivalent of Sevilla. Sevilla don't have close to the budget that Chelsea does. I'd say it's also a bit unfair to be comparing West Ham to Sevilla. West Ham does have the equivalent (or greater) spending power but it's also worth noting that West Ham face a much tougher task getting into the top 6 than Sevilla do getting into the top 4 as West Ham are going up against 6 out of the top 10 or 11 wealthiest clubs in the world whereas Sevilla have a clear financial advantage over the likes of Betis, Sociedad and Villarreal. They used to get a good challenge from Valencia before Peter Lim decided to asset strip the club but now Sevilla have no real competition for a top 4 spot. None of Betis, Sociedad or Villarreal have the squad depth to seriously challenge them for 4th place.
  8. It doesn't need to be rectified. PSG has a world class front 3. It's not easy to get world class players who would accept riding the bench behind Mbappe, Messi and Neymar. So decent backups are the alternative and Rashford is that – he's certainly no worse than what PSG currently have in Sarabia and Ekitike. Comparisons to Welbeck are foolish – Rashford is a much better player than Welbeck ever was.
  9. Yes. No chance he gets into the starting XI with Neymar, Messi and Mbappe but after them PSG are not exactly flush with world class players up front. Di Maria has left and they want to get rid of Icardi too. Rashford would be a backup along with Sarabia and Ekitike. I doubt he leaves in this window though. United's transfer dealings have been a disaster and we are not capable of signing replacements. But he has one year left on his contract with the club having the option to extend for a further year so he has leverage and could leave next year or demand a nice pay rise to extend. The latter is more likely although if United were a well run club, we'd sell him.
  10. We're going to get Rabiot and no-one else. We're probably going to give him stupid wages too. It's just another set of clowns running United. This transfer window has been a disaster. Nothing has changed.
  11. All these aggregators have misquoted or mistranslated what Romero actually said. He said that Barca are hoping to get a deal done for Silva for €50-60 million (that seems wildly optimistic on Barca's part) but there is currently no agreement with City. There are some reports claiming that Atleti have offered Morata.
  12. Reports that United have opted against signing Arnautovic.
  13. That is a terrible source. They just tacked on @gerardromero to give themselves legitimacy when Romero has not actually said anything about Barca and City agreeing a fee for Silva.
  14. United aren't going to pay his deferred wages because that's not the only thing stopping him from joining United. As I (and others) suspected from the start, De Jong doesn't really want to join United but was stringing the club along as a safety net hoping that a better option presents itself. Chelsea are now interested, can offer CL football and per Ornstein, the club are also willing to pay his deferred wages should they decide to make a formal offer but they are currently still working on a deal to sign Fofana and reportedly it may take a fee in excess of £80m to convince Leicester to sell.
  15. Sorry for the triple post. Here's a nice thread by Swiss Ramble explaining why Newcastle are not spending as much as was anticipated under their new ownership. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1556525412339138560.html
  16. Looks like Arnautovic really is our big plan for a CF. Reports are we will improve our offer to Bologna. The racist and the rapist up top. Agresti reporting that United are in talks with Juve for Rabiot. Yet another sign of desperation. Decent player, rotten attitude.
  17. Barcelona are such a scummy club. Majority of their fans are busy kissing Laporta's arse though. It's like a cult. https://theathletic.com/3484447/2022/08/08/barcelona-de-jong-contract-legal-action/ Paywalled but here's the gist: ETA. more Laporta fuckery.
  18. In more depressing (or amusing) news, United's grand plan for a forward is 33 year old Arnautovic. Can the season end already? Nothing has changed at this fucking club. As much as I'd like to be proven wrong, all signs point to us just replacing one set of clowns with another. We are still chasing De Jong who doesn't want to come here while starting two donkeys in midfield who aren't good enough to start for more than half the teams in the league.
  19. This was eminently foreseeable. You can't play the style of football that Ten Hag would like to implement with two donkeys in midfield. No other club in the top 10 in the PL would start McTominay and Fred.
  20. The Athletic did a poll and majority of Chelsea fans appear to be pessimistic about the season. Much more pessimistic than United fans for instance which was surprising to me considering Chelsea have a vastly better squad and much better prospects of actually winning something while United's squad is weaker than last season and we are all forlornly hoping that Ten Hag can get a tune out of dogshit players.
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