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  1. Jesus and Sterling were surplus – they've got enough forwards. Foden/Grealish for the left, Mahrez for the right (Both Foden and B.Silva can play on the right too) and Haaland/Alvarez up front. They are trying to sign a specialist LB so Zinchenko was offloaded too.
  2. Silva has mostly played as a #8 during his time at City aside from his first season at the club. Once Mahrez joined, Silva primarily played as a CM but he's class on either flank too. That versatility will be hard to replace. If he does leave, that weakens City a fair bit.
  3. B.Silva can play in midfield too – he's class as a number 8. I find it hard to believe that City would even consider selling him as that would definitely weaken them and there's no obvious replacement (maybe Paqueta but he's not nearly as good as Silva right now and not as versatile either).
  4. Re: Haaland. It is going to take some time for him to become accustomed to City's system. He has the skill-set to do it. Didn't help that City only played two pre-season games before yesterday.
  5. Chong is unbelievably shit. Don't get why Ten Hag is wasting minutes on him. Hopefully Diallo comes on for him in the 2nd half.
  6. Yeah, by the letter of the law it was the correct decision. The rules are bullshit though.
  7. Only if it is deemed that the goalkeeper had the ball under control. You'd be hard pressed to make a case that Adrian had the ball under control there.
  8. City players do look a bit less match fit than their Liverpool counterparts. Had a look a saw that City only played two games before this one (Club America and Bayern) whereas Liverpool have played four games before this.
  9. Unless St Pauli qualified for the CL, you don't have anything to worry about.
  10. Leicester aren't going to sell Maddison for £40m. It would take a lot more than that assuming Leicester are even prepared to negotiate - they haven't even signed anyone yet so I doubt they are prepared to negotiate for an important first teamer.
  11. Don't know. I've only followed the statements from the police and not anything else.
  12. Yes. Two women came forward. The footballer was initially arrested after allegations of a rape that took place in June this year. While in custody he was arrested on suspicion of raping a second woman in April and June last year. The Metropolitan Police released a statement yesterday saying that no further action will be taken in relation to the alleged offence that occurred in June 2021. The other two incidents are still being investigated.
  13. Looks like Atleti are the latest to reject Ronaldo. The club president said that it is practically impossible for Atleti to sign him. A fan organisation sent out a letter urging the club hierarchy not to sign him. Atleti are currently playing a pre-season game against Numancia and their supporters have a big banner out reading "CR7 NOT WELCOME". I hope we walk away if that's the case. There's backing the manager and then there's downright stupidity. Paying De Jong's deferred wages for Barca (while they are throwing money around) just to make Ten Hag happy would fall under the latter.
  14. Just saw that Haller has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He's already undergone the operation to remove the tumour. And Pogba has done his meniscus and is expected to be out for at least 2 months. Also reports that Ajax have raised their asking price for Antony to €100m. I really hope that this convinces Ten Hag to consider alternatives. Even €80m for Antony would be utter madness. Ten Hag needs to work better with the club's scouts instead of sticking his finger in his ear and refusing to consider alternatives – this is how we ended up paying 20m more than Lisandro Martinez is actually worth. We are going to end up with McFred starting in midfield again because of his stubbornness.
  15. Reports that Barca have reached an agreement in principle with Sevilla for Kounde - €50m + €10m in add-ons.
  16. A small minority, perhaps. The overwhelming majority of United fans were glad to have him back.
  17. Ronaldo only cares about the glory of Ronaldo. If Atleti make him an offer, I expect he will force a move and not give a shit about his Real Madrid legacy. One of the Atleti journos (Matteo Moretto) has reported that Atleti's board has not ruled out a move for Ronaldo but the club would need to offload players first and Ronaldo would have to take a significant pay cut because Atleti, like every other LaLiga club except Real Madrid, are struggling with the salary cap.
  18. Atleti is his (and our) last hope. Someone was just speculating without any actual info. May or may not be accurate. There was a board meeting today – both Ferguson and former CEO David Gill regularly attend board meetings as they are still non-executive directors.
  19. Dortmund did not actually receive that much money for Haaland. His release clause turned out to be lower than what was previously being reported (€60m rather than €75m). RB Salzburg also had a sell-on clause and got around €20m of the transfer fee. eta. that report of Salzburg's sell on clause was from a dodgy source so might be nonsense. Dortmund have already spent the Haaland money on Haller and Adeyemi.
  20. Di Marzio reporting that West Ham have reached an agreement with Sassuolo for Scamacca - €42m including add-ons. Medical scheduled for tomorrow.
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