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  1. OmnomnomPomelo

    How do you think Tommen and Myrcella will die?

    It's sad, but I'd be ok with this: Myrcella: Nymeria joins the small council, she wants to fack over Cersei and Margaery, but some poison ends up killing Mycella. Tommen: Aegon with the Golden Company breaks into King's Landing, someone takes Tommen and breaks his head on the castle wall.
  2. OmnomnomPomelo

    Why didn’t the living use pikes?

    Well, there is no logic in the TV show. They couldn't see anything, so sent the Dothraki into the darkness. The ones on the wall didn't use enough fire and obsidian arrows. They shot the catapults only once. With the dragons they could kill more wights thus save more people. Etc...
  3. OmnomnomPomelo

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    Maybe Bran saw the future through the weirwood of Winterfell and saw he has to stay there, coz the Night's King will be dead this way. And to secure this possible future he may warged some people or even wights to do what he wants them to do? Dunno, can not find logic in GoT HBO show.
  4. OmnomnomPomelo

    Jon Connington

    If I remember well from the the few chapters of The Winds of Winter what we already got from Martin the Golden Company takes over Storm's End and Arianne in on her way there. Since Jon probably prefers men, not women, also he didn't like Elia and maybe doesn't like Dornish people at all due to past conflicts, I think it would be a funny end for him to be charmed by Arianne who kills him. Or option 2: Dany arrives to Westeros, hears about Aegon, so goes to Storm's End, but they get in a conflict and instead of a battle between Dany and Aegon's side, they decide about the fate of Storm's End by 1 vs 1 fight: Barristan Selmy vs Jon Connington. This battle could be a good end for either of them in my opinion.
  5. I just notied your name. Are you Hungarian or only a fan of Puskás? :D

    1. OmnomnomPomelo
    2. Ran


      I am an ardent supporter of Hungary in this year's Euro! Although, admittedly, that's only because I randomly drew Hungary as my team to support as is tradition on the forum whenever the Euro or World Cup is happening. :)http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/forum/120-euro-2016/

    3. OmnomnomPomelo


      Haha, I see :D Well, Hungary will probably make it to the next stage. Tho I didn't know that there is a football a section :D 

  6. OmnomnomPomelo

    Errors in the WOIAF

    The error/mistake what I found is at the end of the book where is a picture about the Targaryen's reign and hown they followed themselves: the creator of the picture put Baelor before Daeron I.