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  1. Has anyone heard from him at all in the last year and a half? He used to be active on his blog but he's nowhere to be seen now. I agree with you that this is probably it for the SA books. If he was working on the next series there would be no reason for him to cut all online communication for this long.
  2. I hope I'm not the only one getting problems since yesterday... I assume it has something to do with the show back on? The site is extremely slow to load, and most of the time it gives me a message that it's down and I can retry for live version or something.
  3. I like to listen to podcasts of short stories, mostly horror or similar stories with some crime and political podcasts thrown in. Nosleep, the Bright Sessions, Darkest Night, Lore, Limetown, Criminal, Sword and Scale, Intercepted, Unauthorized Disclosure are all good. I use player.fm to organize and keep track of episodes/shows. The Adnroid app syncs with the web player version quite well.
  4. I'll take that as a no...
  5. Is this forum on tapatalk, yet?
  6. Anyone else having problems with tapatalk? I've been getting network error (get_config) when trying to reach this forum for a few days now.
  7. Same as above on Ubuntu/Chrome.
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