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  1. Hello World

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    The Shield of Sil and Esmenet's whore tatoo are the only things that came to my mind...
  2. Hello World

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Ahh... good luck I guess.
  3. Hello World

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    I don't think this is the right approach here. Bakker said that the third series is going to be ''3 or 4 books or more''... in other words, it won't be completed for at least a decade if we're being charitable. And it doesn't seem like a traditional continuation of the story either, he said that it's going to be similar to his Atrocity Tales. The Unholy Consult was the end of the story as he originally perceived it and he has stuck to that as far as we know.
  4. Hello World

    May - Reading 2018 - Have another?

    I'm starting Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. The early chapters reminded me so much of the First Law.
  5. Yeah, I'm holding off on getting excited until there is some confirmation that a deal has been reached. Fingers crossed.
  6. According to a tweet linked to a few days ago on the expanse subreddit, when Bezos first showed a new kindle device to the public, the book that was shown open on the device was Leviathan Wakes.
  7. Speaking of that, the battles early on in the show reminded me so much of Eve Online.
  8. This doesn't bode well for Altered Carbon's chances of being renewed either. Sad times.
  9. According to the subreddit, James Murray (Property Master, whatever that is) has said that "Netflix is out" and that their only hope is Amazon. He also said "The sets are coming down starting Monday with some assets being sold off to Star Trek Discovery or just scrapped." I don't know anything about the TV business but it seems to me that this is over.
  10. Did something like that ever happen before? (Not saying it would be a good idea.)
  11. Too bad. I got into the Expanse a few weeks ago actually after the disappointment of Altered Carbon. I watched seasons one and two in 3 or 4 days. I might get back to reading the books now since I only read the first one a couple of years ago.
  12. Her plot line is very boring now, though. What was the video that you're referring to? I think I missed it.
  13. Only thing I don't like about this season is the whole Anna character. It seems to be a pointless addition so far.