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  1. I've wanted to use This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars on a Game of Thrones video ever since I saw an incredible Harry Potter tribute use it.  Been working on this for awhile, and it's finally done!  I hope you enjoy. :D   Game of Thrones || This is War
  2. Oh man, it's the bloody opening scene, too!  I don't know how I missed that.  Thank you so much!
  3. Does anyone know what episode this screenshot is from?  I want to use it in a video I'm making, but can't find it.  I thought it was Roose looking out at the aftermath of the Red Wedding, but it isn't in 309 or 310. 
  4. What the Flula - confused German dude summarizes GOT episodes. There is also animation for you.
  5. I've just started a re-read project that I plan to run throughout the year. My first post, starting my Ironborn re-read, is now up. A Year of Ice and Fire Warning: book spoilers abound!
  6. In AWOIAF, the history of the Riverlands mentions an Elmo Tully, Kermit Tully, and Grover Tully. George is such a troll. :rofl: Wait. Is this an allusion to the Tullys being puppets...?
  7. This isn't exactly a fan site, but I am writing a series of recap-parodies for Game of Thrones on a friend's website, NerdsView.com. The first episode is now up, here. Here is a handy sample! I'll also be writing other various ASOIAF articles; I'm working on a list of the five best and five worst changes from book to series at the moment, as well as ASOIAF-themed Magic: The Gathering cards. This is a brand new project for us and we're hoping to build some interest, so I'd love for you guys to check it out! :D
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