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  1. SevasTra82

    Casting for Robert's Rebellion

    Sadly, I don't think we'll ever see anything based on and around the time of Roberts Rebellion. GRRM himself said he has no intention on writing any side stories around that time (he said he considers it a waste of time since so much information is already given about it throughout the course of the books anyways). With that said, HBO only bought the rights to produce the Book Series, and not any side stories (Dunk'n'Egg) or stories not written yet (Rebellion). So unless GRRM changes his mind and/or gives HBO the rights to do it, sadly I don't see it happening.
  2. SevasTra82

    Whats the point of the dire wolves?

    The Wolves play a major role in the books....Ghost with Jon, and GRRM has even stated that Nymeria will play a major role in the upcoming books. Not to mention the Wolves have a lot of symbolism attached to them. In the show...they don't serve quite as big of a deal. But they couldn't just axe them out of the series all-together, so they are put in there, even though they don't really serve much of a purpose in the long run. I'm sure Ghost will still play some sort of role, though.
  3. SevasTra82

    (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion

    That may have just been a lazy mistake by the Writers.
  4. SevasTra82

    [Spoiler] EP604

    That's a very good catch! I cannot remember if this was in the show or not, but it would fit if it was. One was lit for Life (dragons), for Death (last night), and ....love is next.
  5. SevasTra82

    [Spoiler] EP604

    I agree. None of the letter sounded like it came from Ramsey. It sounds to me as if SmallJohn is trying to bait Jon into attacking Winterfell. If my theory is correct on the Manderly story being wrapped into the Umbers, then it would set up a perfect double-cross. If SmallJohn could get Jon to attack Winterfell, it would provide him (SmallJohn) the perfect opportunity to turn on Ramsey and help Jon from within Winterfell. Top that off with Litterfinger seemingly about to call the Vale to the north to help John....I think Ramsey is screwed by seasons end.
  6. SevasTra82

    Which Westerosi Gods are real?

    Yea I remember that quote from GRRM. I believe he also said something to the affect that; just like in real life; he wanted the religions to Westeros to all be ambiguous in nature, with little signs that they *could* be real, but never having any concrete proof of any of them being proven accurate.
  7. SevasTra82

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    Davos definitely saw something in the blood. The show went out of its way to not only show Jon in a wide-angle shot, but then spent a few seconds clearly showing Davos looking, turn away, and then looking down again. There was a hint there that we were clearly meant to see. I *do* think it was a dragon (only thing that makes sense, really), but I also think the show made the shape pretty poor and obtuse on purpose, that way it wouldn't be *too* obvious.
  8. SevasTra82

    You're Argos Sevenstar, invade The North

    After the first 2-3 attempts of getting my ass kicked, I would wave a white flag and try diplomacy. Maybe a marriage pact, or trading, or some sort of goods-for-land bartering. It was pretty clear early (and often) that Argos stood no chance of conquering the North. He should have stopped trying and focused on peace with the Hungry Wolf.
  9. SevasTra82

    Greywind alive?

    Yes, but Davos is an ordinary man....a Direwolf is entirely different. You can easily fake a smuggler's head, you cannot so easily fake a direwolf...and animal not seen south of the wall in hundreds of years.
  10. SevasTra82

    Greywind alive?

    This. They cut off his head and sewed it onto Robbs body. Hundreds of people saw it happen and saw the aftermath. I have no idea how anyone could possibly believe he is still alive.
  11. SevasTra82

    Euron's Plan and Why it has Failed

    I somewhat agree. This forum cracks me up sometimes. People will just assume what is put in front of them as face-value, and then go on to believe crack-pot theories on things. Who's to say that the stupid horn will even work? People are just assuming it will. For all we know, it was a fabrication made by Euron to get rid of his brother. Everybody fantasizes and wants so badly for people to ride Dany's dragons, but in reality...it will probably never happen. Vic will go to Mereen, blow the horn, it won't work and probably just piss off the Dragons. They'll go nuts and end up burning down half of Mereen (after all, they are already loose and Dany is nowhere to be found). Vic and his entire fleet will perish, Mereen will be destroyed, and Dany will probably have no choice but to take down her own dragons to save everyone. Dany will find out about Eurons plans, get pissed over it, and end up being the reason she *finally* makes it to Westeros to confront and take care of Euron.
  12. @Red_Gorilla_74 @BrianTMcClellan Book 2 is even better!

  13. RT @brianheadwelch: Scott Weiland lost his brother, & his guitarist last year, & now he died? Talk about 'when it rains it pours.' Jesus, t…

  14. Hopefully this will end up being a quiet day so I can work a little on my world building more.

  15. Sansa may be repulsed by Tyrion, but I don't think she holds any sort of ill-will towards him.  At least, I can't recall any.  Especially ill-will that would cause her to kill him.  Besides, Tyrion actually treated Sansa (for the most part) with class, refusing to bed her etc so I don't see any reason why Sansa would be rage-filled enough to kill him.