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  1. I wish I could trade places with him, I could use the cash, and Im already a loser and a screw up. Joking aside, people get too hung up about the legacy or whatnot. Just write the book, the details / endless tinkering will not change the core/jist/essential message of the book. What seems funny about the Rothfuss situation is that it doesn't seem likely that he has the idea about the essential message of the book, unlike GRRM who presumably has the idea, but is too worried about all the little frilly details that he wants to come out just so. That's why I relish every news about Rothfuss getting into hot water, but want to encourage GRRM to just relax and send what he has to editing. (Then again, this could all be just GRRM having more experience and the ability to make people sympathise with him)
  2. I get the feeling Orso really hated himself a great deal and maybe that's why he wasn't at all scared of dying, be it at the battle or when he denounced himself. If we count the whole world then we have Foscar on the other hand who was an innocent kid who got killed because he was lumped in together with other very guilty people just because he was present, and half-remembering the scene, it seems Monza felt that as well but Shivers intervened.
  3. There isn't a chance of Leo surviving Book 2 in any realistic scenario, I agree. However, if we take a step back to consider what Leo represents - in my mind it's entitled aristocracy - then it makes more sense. 'Old power' always has the dexterity to somehow come out on top and I believe this is what Leo surviving was supposed to underline. I don't think Leo really ever changed or attempted to change over the course of the trilogy. He was equally hating on 'brown people' when he had all his arms and legs as after getting crippled. Getting crippled just made the tools he had for advancing in the world different. His speeches as a politician aren't really that much different than his posturing and grandstanding while he was a promising young pup in the North before the rebellion. That posturing too had zero substance, but it was great at playing at the emotions of the onlookers.
  4. Still reading but this little passage when Judge's Burners were doing their purges reminded me of a song "I've been a baker twenty years" "Hoarders!" "Take 'em to the Tower" "Take 'em all!" I mean, they literally say - Take 'em all, watch 'em fall
  5. I completely agree. I don't see it as a story about a rebellion but as a story about delusional schemes nobility (and people in general) would work themselves into in order to grab more power. All the military and training and logistics are of secondary importance. I think that is why Joe left Leo to live on, so he and the child can be used as martyrs for the Monarchist cause. I can see the third book establishing a revolutionary government in Midderland with Savine's and Leo's child emerging later on (in a future standalone perhaps) as a Duke of Chartres or perhaps a Napoleon III type of character. Also, I liked how carefree Orso felt when the battle was going bad, reminded me of Cosca.
  6. Yeah, then it's definitely that. I mean you could technically make some convoluted way in which it might be otherwise, but it's clearly Leo's child.
  7. How long did she stay in Valbeck? It wasnt all one day, I assumed it lasted a couple of weeks, potentially bringing the dates closer. I was certain she was carrying Orso's child as I was reading
  8. Are you certain? I imagined that maybe a month, at the very longest, passed between Savine having sex with Orso and her having sex with Leo.
  9. and well oberyn being called the viper and all that.
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