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    How did the Starks aquire the sword ICE?

    That could be a part of it, but really it was always about the sword. Even legitimized Daemon Blackfyre didn't take the Targaryen name. He was starting his own house, and naming it after the sword.
  2. gregg22

    How did the Starks aquire the sword ICE?

    I love when this is pointed out, because it goes to my theory that Longclaw is actually Blackfyre. You're right to think that there is no reason at all for the Mormonts to have a Valyrian steel sword. It also would not make sense for a person joining the Nights Watch to take the family's ancestral sword, it would stay with the heir to Bear Island. Here are the highlights: Longclaw and Blackfyre are the only two Valyrian steel Hand-and-a half (bastard) swords ever mentioned in any of the texts. Longclaw appears with a "story" about the pommel being remade because of a fire. Jorah never mentions it, even when Dany brings up getting him a Valryian steel sword some day. Blackfyre was last seen when Bittersteel was dueling with Bloodraven, then Bittersteel retreated to the Free Cities. It has been assumed that he took it with him, however it was conspicuously absent during the Second Blackfyre Rebellion, which caused people to question why Bittersteel didnt give it to Daemon II Blackfyre, and hurt his chances of getting support. If Bloodraven did recover it during the duel, THE smartest thing he could do is make it disappear. Remember it was basically the Blackfyre's entire claim to the Iron Throne. He couldn't leave it out there to be taken again, it had to be gone. Bloodraven ends up at the Wall as LC of the Nights Watch, then north of the Wall yada yada yada... He traveled to the Wall with Maester Aemon in 233 AC. Aemon is obviously still at the Wall as Maester when Jon Receives Longclaw from Mormont some 70 years later. Im just not buying this story that a guy from a small house (Mormont) has a Valyrian steel sword, the only one that looks like Blackfyre, and gives it away, to oh by the way, a secret Targaryan heir, with a fresh pommel. Oh by the way...remember when Jon drove Longclaw through Qhorin Halfhand killing him? The first named character to be killed by Aegon the Conqueror with Blackfyre was...you guessed it Qhorin Volmark. They are the only two characters named Qhorin in all of the texts. I'd say GRRM was just drawing parallels, if Blackfyre weren't missing and there wasn't a direct trail to Jon Snows hands.
  3. It just feels like these characters got butchered by complete laziness. I mean the foundation of the narrative, the event that this entire story is predicated is, and always has been, the parentage of Jon Snow. That story started Robert's rebellion, and the complexities of it effected every main character to their core. Ned's move, was the greatest play in the "Game of Thrones" and nobody new it. Jon's story is the most incredible and complex. I don't care where anyone ended up, that's not the point. I NEVER GOT TO UNDERSTAND HOW JON FELT ABOUT ANY OF IT!!! The guy spends his life wondering who his mother is, then he finds out it the most mind blowing answer possible, and we get NOTHING. It was D&D's to make us feel it, and its like it didn't matter. Who did this guy feel like he was? How did it make him feel? Was he mad? Sad? Happy? Does he think about his real father? I have no fucking idea. After the things Dany has seen, and been through, for Missandei's beheading to drive her mad is not believable at all. Jon said he loved Dany, but I did didn't feel that either. Forget about their romantic relationship, THEY NEVER TALKED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THEIR DAMN HOUSE!. They never even touched on the fact that they were the last two Targaryans alive, like it didn't matter. Dany's decent into madness was SO RUSHED for no good reason. She never even acknowledged the fact that she thought she has no family left, and now she does. Think back, family meant something to her character, it doesn't make sense. Maybe it hurt that there was no real chemistry there between Jon and Dany, which is why I dont understand why having to kill Dany seemed to break to him. This is the guy that killed Qhorin Halfhand, a mentor and brother, just to infiltrate the wildings. He watched his men fill his lover (Ygritte) with arrows. He put an arrow in mance rayder's heart to stop him from burning. He beheaded Janos Slynt for being insubordinate. He looked Olly ( a boy) in the eyes and hung him. The guy has been killing people because it was the right thing to do for a while now. He supposedly "killed the boy" a long time ago, so it doesn't make sense. I mean come on, Grey Worm is cutting throats left and right, but Jon he takes prisoner for killing their queen? Nobody at this "great council" mentions that Jon is Aegon? ITS CENTRAL TO THE PLOT!!! Sam spoke for Jon the whole damn series, and now all he's got to say is some crap about democracy? Why didn't they just use that opportunity to wade into the debate on the merits of the electoral college for fucks sake? [sarcasm people]. Then there was so much that wasn't earned. I mean come on, Highgarden is really going to accept Bronn? It just feels like they could have done so much more for these characters with the 4 more episodes that they were offered.
  4. gregg22


    Grey Worm is the most disappointing survival of the series. His character sucked and need to be killed off.
  5. If Danerys was smart she would offer her A place on some sort of "queensguard" simply to.keep her sworn to Dany and not Sansa But Arya would never accept that anyway.
  6. gregg22

    Night's King - Night King

    As far as I know, the only reference in the books to the Others having a leader at all is Mel's vision of the "The Great Other" I think the show needed to give the Others a personality that we haven't seen in the books, and the Nights King is a cool name
  7. Giving them too much credit eh? Could be..
  8. Of all the throwbacks to lines from previous seasons, the scene with Dany and Jon on the dragons with the moon can only be alluding to this one. You'll recall that in Season 1 Dany's handmaiden tells her that the moon is an egg, and there were originally two, and when it cracked open it spawned a thousand dragons. Throughout the series the moon has always been associated with the womb, with terms like "moons blood" and "moon tea". It was only a few episodes ago in the Dragonpit when tried to offer her hope that she could have children again. Im sure there are more layer to this and more hints. This one from D&D was glaringly obvious to me. Dany has something cookin in there...it is known.
  9. gregg22

    Death scene: Melisandre

    She didn't commit suicide. She finally died of natural causes. She was kept alive by the lord of light for a purpose and she knew that. Her purpose was done. She should have been dead long ago.
  10. I entire time I was reading the "Maiden's Ball" part I was saying in my head, "cue House Harte, cue House Harte"
  11. She clearly differentiates Stannis from Renly..one is a burning heart, the other a golden stag. Further, your suggesting Arya does a glamour, Faceless Man type killing regarding the "slaying the giant", and yet when The Ghost of High Heart sees a FM killing she even sees exactly who put the Faceless Man up to it. There's no mistake, its Euron that hired the FM, not Victarion or Aeron. Why wouldn't she see behind Arya' doing a glamour? I'm glad you brought this theory up because the vision needs unraveling!
  12. Her other visions show a very clear ability to differentiate siblings: "The old gods stir and will not let me sleep. I dreamt I saw a shadow with a burning heart butchering a golden stag , aye. I dreamt of a man without a face , waiting on a bridge that swayed and swung. On his shoulder perched a drowned crow with seaweed hanging from his wings."
  13. She didn't miss on any any of the things she saw, she was right on point with the rest
  14. There is plenty of time to waste with no WoW in sight.
  15. I thought the same. The only thing i can think of is that it would be way too risky for the QoT to attempt to acquire poison in Kings Landing. Remember Littlefinger has a role in orchestrating this . Besides, there is definitely an attempt by the show to imply that this scheme happened in this way. The first Dontos scene of season has the sole purpose of giving Sansa the necklace (no mention of him helping her escape as in the books). Olenna clearly handles the necklace, and appears to be palming something. She is the closest to the cup right before Joff gets the fatal sip, and they make point to show her face right as Tyrion grabs the cup to hand it to Joff. Joff drops dead, and Dontos suddenly appears to wisk Sansa away as if it was a moment he knew was coming. The casual watcher (non-reader) likely won't catch it, some one who pays close attention should, and most readers should as well. Its too subtle to be a red herring, yet the connections are there. I think it is what it is.