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  1. The Halfthor(3rd mountain) was seen on the WWE Network NXT Takeover Unstoppable with Steph Mcmahon on the front row, he might be a WWE wrestler in the near future
  2. I think that Selyse didn't realizing that when she said "You have no idea what people will do.", , she was talking about how her daughter have no idea what she is capable off. It could be foreshadowing.
  3. Maisie is going to be on Doctor Who.
  4. The actress that played Selyse, plays The king's mom on the show. The actress that played Roslin Frey, plays the queen on the show too.
  5. Rickon Stark -missing for a ling time, might be in the care of a wildling and a rabies infected direwolf any infomation send a owl
  6. Selyse was in Exodos:God and Kings as Moses' sister
  7. Alfrie was in this movie called plastic- it not a bad film
  8. 3rd Gregor was in the front audiance of Jeff Dunham recent round the world stand up special on Comedy Central. He was in the Icelandic part of the special. Proof There is a picture of him with Dunham in Iceland on facebook.Dunham more than likely gave him a ticket to the show. that same Gregor was in a video on youtube visting kids at a hospital and he was painted and dress as The Hulk.
  9. Rory Mccann was in Soloman Kane and his charactor was a hero
  10. Stephen Dillane was in The Parole Officer as a bad guy
  11. LF was the villain in a 12 Rounds a wwe film
  12. Gethin Anthony is going to be Manson on a NBC Drama
  13. Sean Bean has one of the highest characters death in acting history Three mountain is dressed as the Hulk for a kid birthday it on io9
  14. Peter Dinklage was in a Nardia movie with Warwick Davis Lena and Peter were in pete smalls is dead Dinklage was on Family guy as Mr. stone(ep secondhand spoke) Broon was in soldier soldier Conan Steven was in a predator movie Conan was also in the Hobbit as Bolg Rory Mcann was in some scotish coffree commercials( the commercial are funny)
  15. Jaimie was in this comedy call the Baker Addy also was in The Knight Tale He join with Wash , Jarvis, and the Joker Addy was also on Still Standing(a sitcom)
  16. The actor that play Ramsey is a folk singer David Bradley also was in Hot Fuzz and The World End Saan was in The vampire in Venice Doctor Who episode
  17. Pedro Pascal was the main villain in The Fall of Sam Axe Burn Notice tv movie
  18. Sweet robin is in O Menino no Espelho and Naple in get him to the greek Lysa was in Prometheus
  19. Richard Madden was in that Gold mine mini series for discovery channel
  20. She also was Hermione's mom on the 7th Harry Potter film
  21. LF in dark night. Tywin in Aliens 3. Stannis a John Adam . Ned and Jon snow in Silent Hill 2 film. The actress that play Shireen was part of the Doctor Who prom. Selyse plays the king's estrange mom the the 3 musketeers BBC Show.
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