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    Song of ice and fire books, games of thrones, pro wrestling, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. and comic books.
    I also love Monty Python
    I also like making up interesting topics.

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  1. She makes Rita Skeeter look like a good person.
  2. Batbob45

    If You Could Change History

    I would prevent the Democrats from creating the Confederacy(It would prevent a lot of things that happened this year) Stop Daredevil movie and Batman and Robin from getting made.
  3. I should of use the song Amish Paradise for my post about Batbob45.
  4. Batbob45

    Would you rather?

    Smoking Seas-Stonemen are not that bad as long as had Greyscale as a kid WYR Sandor Clegane or Patchface take care of your kids?
  5. Batbob45

    Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    Because they are busy waiting for GOTG Vol 2 to get release on Blu Ray and DVD. Who cleans the Night King teeth?
  6. Heavyweight is the only good movie that Paul Feig has done.
  7. Batbob45

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Devan Lannister Brendan Fraser
  8. Batbob45

    The Word Non Association Thread

  9. Batbob45


    I always wonder why Patchface is keep around Shireen(the kid would be better off with a dog).I also wonder how Shireen stays sane with Patchface as her companion. I could see him killing Mel if Mel burn Shireen(Patchface seem to be as loyal to Shieen as Selyse is to Mel).
  10. Batbob45

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Maester Aemon Rob Beckett(british comedian)
  11. King of Ashes hate Vanilla Ice.
  12. Count Balerion is related to Count Von Count, the famous counting vampire.
  13. Batbob45

    Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    because he dislike the show Misfits Why does Tyrion have bad self esteem?
  14. Batbob45

    Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    They pay twenty coins to the Others to buy some Wildice(more powerful than Wildfire) How good of a uncle was Robert Baratheon?