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    Song of ice and fire books, games of thrones, pro wrestling, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. and comic books.
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  1. Batbob45

    If you were the Showrunner of GoT........

    I would of turn Renly into the charismatic jerk that he is in the books I would leave out Ramsey's wedding(having it would cause people to wonder if it was for shock value) Shireen would actually meet Wun Weg Have Brienne save Shireen and Patchface before she get burn(Brienne motivation would be that she doing it because Shireen is Renly's niece). Have Dany less entitled
  2. Batbob45

    The Best Villains in Literature

    Wormtougue from LOTR-The charactor could out backstab LF.
  3. She makes Rita Skeeter look like a good person.
  4. Batbob45

    Terrorist Attack In Barcelona

    When I heard it on BBC World News, I was not surprise(this year have been the year that spineless terrorist attack europe).
  5. Batbob45

    If You Could Change History

    I would prevent the Democrats from creating the Confederacy(It would prevent a lot of things that happened this year) Stop Daredevil movie and Batman and Robin from getting made.
  6. I should of use the song Amish Paradise for my post about Batbob45.
  7. Batbob45

    Confederate: bad idea or the WORST idea?

    It is a stupid Idea. I very not that political (political differences are not known for bring people together) D&D would make it not accurate and might leave out the fact that the Confederate were created by the democrats(those Confederate solider, who statues were taken down in New Orleans, were democrats after the war). After what happen last week, It not a good idea to do the show.
  8. Batbob45

    Would you rather?

    Smoking Seas-Stonemen are not that bad as long as had Greyscale as a kid WYR Sandor Clegane or Patchface take care of your kids?
  9. Batbob45

    Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    Because they are busy waiting for GOTG Vol 2 to get release on Blu Ray and DVD. Who cleans the Night King teeth?
  10. Heavyweight is the only good movie that Paul Feig has done.
  11. Batbob45

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Devan Lannister Brendan Fraser
  12. Batbob45

    The Word Non Association Thread

  13. Here some of the character that could join Stannis' KG Balon Swann-He skilled and became KG on merit(Stannis would keep him him as KG because Balon earned it) Brienne of Tarth-Hear me out, if Brienne was sworn to Stannis instead of Renly, Stannis might let her be in KG if she proved herself to be deserving of it. Devan Seaworth-He would be in KG if he grows up to be a skilled knight Selmy can be LC of KG again Sandor Clegene-Both Sandor and Stannis were both in their brother shadow. Both men are not great with people and rarely spare people's feelings. Stannis might have Sandor in his KG for his fighting ability and honesty(Stannis respect a person who say what on their mind).
  14. Batbob45

    Which characters count as supervillains?

    Every Gregor's man who isn't Shitmouth-The majority of them are evil as humanly possible. The Bloody Mummers might even be more evil than Gregor's Men.