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  1. Ralphis Baratheon

    Why did Robert bring Cersei and Tyrion to Winterfell?

    Cersei wasn't going to let Robert take her Joff and other children anywhere without her coming along.
  2. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if Lysa had a child other than Sweetrobin?

    That would mean less milk for Strong Robin so he would not be pleased.
  3. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if the Others didn't wake up?

    I'm starting to think all these "what if" threads that would completely change the story are simply being made in an attempt to drive @Dorian Martell's son insane.
  4. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if Rhaegar fell in love with Robert and kidnapped him?

    Jon Con would join Ashara Dayne and jump off a very tall tower if Rhaegar chose another male Stormlander over him.
  5. Ralphis Baratheon

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    Slynt thought he brought his rank of LC of the GC and Lord of Harrenhal with him to the Wall. He seemed to think his accomplishments and titles in KL should transfer over to the Night's Watch. I don't think he was playing with a full deck.
  6. Ralphis Baratheon

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    Then perhaps he should have never disobeyed the order(twice) in the first place if he wasn't sure of the punishment. But Slynt does not only refuse the order, he outright threatens his Lord Commander after refusing the order. No. I will not go meekly off to freeze and die. No traitor's bastard gives commands to Janos Slynt! I am not without friends, I warn you. Here, and in King's Landing too. I was the Lord of Harrenhal! Give your ruin to one of the blind fools who cast a stone for you, I will not have it. Do you hear me, boy? I will not have it! Or perhaps since they all have been at the Wall much longer than Slynt they realized the LC was their ultimate superior and respected his position as LC. Unlike Slynt who believes that his old rank in KL and his former appointment as Lord of Harrenhal somehow makes him special. Your own quotes from earlier show how Jon wanted Thorne to draw his sword and give him a reason to do the same. Yet unlike Slynt, Thorne knows better and gives his new LC no reason to settle old grievances. I'm sure Jon Snow fantasizes about doing lots of things, yet it does not mean he is ever going to do them. He may fantasize about creeping into Val's tower and bedding her, doesn't mean he is ever going to do it. Yet had Slynt not disobeyed his order we have no reason to expect Jon would have done anything other then sent him to the castle he ordered him to go too. He didn't fantasize about killing the steward from Shadow Tower he eventually sends in place of Slynt. He may have hated Slynt for personal reasons, the same as Thorne. However he executed him for not following his order and threatening him. Had Jon planned on killing Slynt from the beginning then why did he order him away from Castle Black? Again though, Janos Slynt sealed his own fate by disobeying and threatening his LC, no one forced him to do that. It was a very stupid thing to do, no matter who the LC was at that point. The only order he was ever given by the new LC. Slynt disobeyed it, twice. The last time in front of everyone while he threatened his LC by warning him about his friends in KL and the Wall and his former lordship of Harrenhal. Then Slynt was stupid and was a victim of his own arrogance and ignorance. He shouldn't have refused an order of his LC while threatening him doing so if he wasn't prepared for the consequences. He honestly thought his former short lordship of Harrenhal should be a factor in whether he should have to follow an order or not. Even though he never he set foot in Harrenhal after he was granted it. The man talked in third person and was suffering from delusions of grandeur.
  7. Ralphis Baratheon

    The Ironborn

    The Iron Born still use the practice of "thralls" who are basically slaves who are paid for with the "iron price" instead of the "gold price" like Eossi slaves.
  8. Ralphis Baratheon

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    True. Imagine if Janos Slynt disobeyed Tywin's order privately, then did so again publicly in front of all of his men.
  9. Ralphis Baratheon

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    Your getting away my comment and point, which is Janos Slynt and his decision to publicly disobey an order from his LC. If Slynt had followed the order of his superior he would not have been executed. Slynt gave his LC cause to punish him. None of Slynt's supporters even spoke up against the execution. Jon hates Thorne as well yet didn't and couldn't punish him if he wanted to as Thorne had given him no cause. Slynt was only sentenced to death when he decided to refuse a direct order of his Lord Commander. Again, no one forced Slynt to go rogue and start refusing orders. Whatever gave Slynt the idea that he could pick and choose which orders to follow is beyond me. Maybe he thought Thorne and the rest would follow his lead and refuse the new LC orders as well. In the end no one did though and they sat back and watched Slynt get executed. Slynt always overestimated his position and importance which was his downfall for the last time.
  10. Ralphis Baratheon

    Was Poor, Sweet Joff a good king?

    Joff was pretty passionate in regards to advancing crossbow technology. Had he lived this might have been a pretty important issue when dealing with Daenerys and her dragons. As silly as that might sound.
  11. Ralphis Baratheon

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    No one forced Slynt to refuse a direct order from his Lord Commander and superior, twice. He practically forced Jon to act against him or Jon Snow would have come off as weak. What would Tywin, Stannis or any other Lord do if one their men publicly refused to follow their orders? The fact that Slynt had been trying to get Jon killed ever since he came to the Wall was besides the point, Once Jon became LC Slynt could have fallen in line like Thorne instead of acting out. If anything a better argument could be made that Slynt was sent to the Wall for an unjust reason, IMHO.
  12. Pretty sure they are around the same age, with Bob being a little older by a year or two.
  13. True. I just thought they came off extremely arrogant with those type of replies. I guess I figured they'd be better off not responding at all. I dunno. If anything you'd think Brandon Stark might have some bastards out there. Don't really see Ned having any. I mean if all those years in the Vale with Bobby B didn't get Ned interested in sleeping around I doubt he started doing it later in life.
  14. Ralphis Baratheon

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    Or everyone can just be happy the series was finished. That will be a win for GRRM no matter how you look at it, IMO.
  15. I noticed when someone disagrees with them in their comment sections the OotGH tells them "they don't understand good writing," "R+L=J is bad writing," Granted none of those comments I saw thoroughly dismantled their theory as well as @Faera , @Ygrain and the others have here. Though when a good point is brought up against their theory in their comments they get upset instead of countering it with insightful dialog.