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  1. If Aegon I ever did make any comments about danger or magics beyond the Wall would any maester even record it? They seem dead set on countering anything supernatural with some scientific reasoning or dismiss it all together when it's possible.
  2. Ralphis Baratheon

    Question: Do we know Val and Dalla's family tree?

    It makes a bit more sense in the context in which he called her a "warrior princess." He thinks everyone already considers her a princess, so if she has to be a princess she'd be a "warrior princess" as opposed to others typical princesses he knows from songs and stories. Why not? thought, Jon, They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. That's debatable as Jon did capture Ygritte first at knife point, while she was the one who pursued Jon sexually after he was captured by the other wildlings. We don't know how Val stole Jarl so it would be hard to compare it to how things went down with Jon and Ygritte. All we know is Ygritte considered herself stolen by Jon under the rules of wildling stealing, while Val maintains she stole Jarl. When I said she speaks more like a noble than any other Wildlings I meant in terms of diction and not accent. Comparing her dialog to someone like Ygritte for example. No other Wildlings born north of the wall seem to speak as well as her. Yet Ghost didn't follow Ygritte around and Jon even tried to use Ghost as a barrier to keep Ygritte away from him at night so he wouldn't break his vows, right up until they have sex. Melisandre is' an interesting case as we know for certain she's capable of using magics and tricks to fool humans, if may be the same for beasts. Well Val has only really appeared in two books so far, and didn't have much on page dialog until the last book, so there is definitely time . And as it's been mentioned, wildlings don't seem to keep much records of family. All characters are different so I don't know what other character you could compare her to that is is both mysterious and developed who has a similar amount of page time as Val. I also don't see her as perfect either and neither does Jon, as we see with his reaction to how Val reacts to Princess Shireen.
  3. Ralphis Baratheon

    Question: Do we know Val and Dalla's family tree?

    Val is a bit of an outlier compared to all the other Free Folk women who'v we seen, and not by being a "Princess Warrior" either, as she's not known as some great fighter. She steals men instead of the other around. She speaks more like a noble born south of the Wall than any other Wildling. She's able to find other wildlings and they follow her when Jon Snow asks her to find them. She's uncommonly beautiful for someone born north of the Wall. She's able to get Ghost to follow her around more than any else that is not Jon Snow. She has an air of mystery about her which is probably why we don't know about too much of her past. I think her character will get more fleshed out in the next book.
  4. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if?: Political Marriages if there was no Ribert’s Rebellion?

    If Kingsguard can marry then Barristan can finally put his heart on the line and propose to Ashara Dayne so she can refuse him in favor of being Brandon Stark's paramour. Then that poor old bold fool can stop pretending he ever had a chance with the great beauty of Dorne while bad boy Brandon is still breathing.
  5. Ralphis Baratheon

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    Hope that the Iron Bank will still honor the loan they agreed to give the Watch that Jon Snow negotiated. Send out wondering crows to buy food with that money. Hope Stannis loses against the Boltons and pray Roose will do a lot to support the Watch. If Bowen hasn't exchanged any letters with the new Warden of the North Roose Bolton then he may find little help or support from Roose. It would'v been smarter of Bowen to get Roose's backing and guaranteed support before making his move against Jon, the wildlings and essentially Stannis. The same way Roose and Walder had the backing of Tywin and the Crown before they killed Robb and his loyalists. Roose could very well be held up in skirmishes and small battles with other enemies even after Stannis, so Bowen and the Watch could be very low on his list of winter and war time priorities. I think it would have been wiser for Bowen Marsh and his supporters to detain Jon Snow and use him as a hostage to trade to Roose if the Boltons won, which is what Bowen Marsh most likely believes at this point. The Watch can't survive on their own and need the support of the North.
  6. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if Tywin joined Robert's Rebellion (properly)

    Agreed. If Jaime went the way of Rickard Stark Tywin would have called his banners and immediately joined the rebels. Killing Jaime would take away the only leverage Aerys had over Tywin and motivate Tywin to join the rebellion to avenge his son. Something that Aerys failed to realize at the start of the war when he killed Jon Arryn's nephew and heir instead of keeping him as a hostage.
  7. Ralphis Baratheon

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    Loras in regards to his future after Renly's death "When the sun has set, no candle can replace it." Hugo Wull's "Last Winter" speech, knowing his death is near and searching for a purpose in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjgQPY7Ywls A bunch of other good ones this channel as well.
  8. Ralphis Baratheon

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    Other than keeping Jon safe with his secret I don't think Ned was planning very far ahead. Ned hadn't even found Robb a bride yet, I doubt he was putting much thought into Jon's long term future until Bobby B showed up and named him his Hand to take him to KL and Jon knew it was time to leave for the Watch and Ned supported it. Had Jon ever fathered a bastard with Targ looks Ned always had the build in excuse that Ashara Dayne was his mother, something he never denied or confirmed. Had Jon's hair been silver or eyes purple he would have used the Ashara Dayne card to keep Lyanna's promise.
  9. Ralphis Baratheon

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    The good thing is we'll see how much stock the high lords, Faith and nobles put into Aerys decision of skipping Aegon in the line of succession if and when (f)Aegon takes the Iron Throne. Will anyone cry foul and say but Aerys II disinherited baby Aegon so he cannot be king. I think it will come down to what it has always come down to, might is right and the more Houses and armies that back you the stronger your claim becomes.
  10. Ralphis Baratheon

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    I doubt very much Dany cares about what "people" would expect or want of her. Had Rhaego lived he'd be her heir even if he looked exactly like Drogo. If she births Daario's child and the babe has dark hair she'd name that child her heir as well. If she decides to marry for politics in Westeros as she did in Meereen I doubt hair color will come into the equation as much as other things, such as food and and how strong and noble her husband and consort's family name is. Meaning she'd marry a dark haired Willas Tyrell over a silver haired Aurane Waters. If all she wants in a husband is purple eyes and silver hair she'd have her pick of men living within the Black Walls of Volantis, but most of those men are likely slavers, so I doubt she'd want to marry one of them.
  11. Ralphis Baratheon

    Question: Do we know Val and Dalla's family tree?

    Nope, I'm not even sure we know Val or Dalla's exact ages. A lack of a family tree for them is probably why there are so many wild theories out there about who's Val's parents/grandparents may be.
  12. Ralphis Baratheon

    If Danny truly wants a Targaryan dynasty!

    Oberyn was there when the Viserys and Arianne Martell betrothal was made, my theory was that perhaps Oberyn told his friend Willas and Willas planned on wedding Dany IF Viserys ever came to Westeros with an army to take down the Baratheon regime. Obviously things changed for the Tyrells some time after the rebellion and they became closer to the Baratheons than they might have thought possible in the immediate years following Robert's Rebellion. For a while things didn't look good for the Tyrells when Stannis married a Florent, most likely a move to weaken the Tyrells control of the Reach. However things changed mainly with the Renly/Loras relationship that turned into a Renly/Margaery marriage then a Joff/Marge marriage. Right around the time of the Marge/Joff betrothal is made and Marge is to become Queen, Willas is finally looking for a bride in Sansa. I guess it could all be a coincidence I'm not sure. However if (f)Aegon and his supporters take KL and take Margaery for a hostage and/or accuse the Tyrells of being traitors then I could see the Tyrells supporting Dany and an alliance could be made with a Willas/Dany marriage. Sorry for the late reply.
  13. Ralphis Baratheon

    If Danny truly wants a Targaryan dynasty!

    That doesn't sound like the Daenerys Targaryen I'v read about in the books so far. I doubt she'd sit by eating olives and planting lemon trees while hundreds of thousands of innocent small folk from the country she was born in starve and freeze to death. I think she'll want to hjelp them. The (f)Aegon situation is tricky, as he is in another continent fighting a war with no way of communicating with her. He's really not in a position to wait for her if he finds out she's missing somewhere in the Dothraki sea, especially if Arianne won't agree to pledge the full might of Dorne to his cause unless he marries her. I'v always found it curious that Willas Tyrell has remained unmarried for as long as he has been while being heir to one of the richest Kingdoms in the realm. Plus him and Oberyn are said to have been close friends, perhaps he knew something Oberyn knew as well? Maybe the plan all along was Viserys/Arianne and Daenerys/Willas for the Targaryen loyalists. Of course things changed when tWotFK started but plans can change again and Willas remains to be one of the most attractive marriages in Westeros.
  14. Ralphis Baratheon

    How could Steffon Baratheon not find a Valyrian bride for Rhaegar?

    How was Steffon's conversation with Aerys going to go if the storm never killed him? Sorry old friend but I couldn't find a single noble family living within the Black Walls of Volantis that want one of their many daughters to become the next Queen of Westeros, I'v failed you and the realm...However I did bring back a fool that might make my sullen second son crack a smile! So there's that!
  15. Ralphis Baratheon

    “All men must die” just a maxim,a mission statement, or both?

    Interesting. IIRC there are some popular youtubers that believe the FM and the tCotF are in league with each other. That All men must die originated from the TCotF when they were fighting the First Men.