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  1. Ralphis Baratheon

    Who Should Have Married Who?

    Robert Arryn and Arianne Martell. Both the Vale and Dorne have stayed out of the wars and have fresh armies and food sources. Plus Arianne has magical teats that Strong Robin would very much appreciate as we see with him trying to nuzzle at Sansa because he's not fully weaned off mother's milk
  2. It was probably too dangerous to send Aerys to the Wall. Maekar tried that with Bittersteel and it didn't work out well. Plus I don't see Aerys excepting the option of taking the black, he would probably request to be burned alive so he could turn into a dragon. If he did take the black and the rebels were foolish enough to crown Viserys he would probably free Aerys from his oath once he became of age, as Viserys would consider the rebellion illegal voiding Aerys vows he was forced to take upon penalty of death.
  3. Ralphis Baratheon

    How do you handle two highborns fighting over a highborn lady?

    As already stated the father of the highborn women will ultimately decide who she will marry. If two nobles are going to fight over a women she is likely to be low born or bastard.
  4. Ralphis Baratheon

    Sansa really is Alayne

    For arguments sake Val seems somewhat able to control Ghost, although she didn't raise him. This could be because Jon is fond of Val, although Robb was fond of his Westerling wife but his wolf didn't like her.
  5. Rhaegar is Mance Arthur Dayne is Mance Rhaegar was his own best friend.
  6. Ralphis Baratheon

    Valyrian activity in the North

    I always thought Val could be a descendant of Bloodraven and or Shaeria Seastar, possibly their grandchild. Val speaks almost like a noble despite being a wildling and is incredibly beautiful like most Valyrians, her very name could be a clue and an ode to her ancestry, Valyrian . I'd be surprised if there isn't a thread on this site or another that explores the possibilities of Val being of Valyrian decent. If Dalla is Val full sister and not a half one that could be a reason Mance married her.
  7. @Dorian Martell's son is always good with answering these type of questions.
  8. Ralphis Baratheon

    Does anyone find the existence Mountain Clans of the Vale odd?

    I suspect some of the Vale lords don't mind having them around. They can be used to take blame for the death of a rival.
  9. Ralphis Baratheon

    Cersei meeting Dany

    Cersei thinks Tyrion is hiding in the walls of Maegor's Holdfast watching her as she pretends to be Robert while bedding Taena of Myr. That was before the Faith got a hold of her and drove her further into insanity and paranoia. If she is still alive by the time Dany comes knocking she'll probably think Dany is Rhaegar coming to rescue her and propose marriage.
  10. Ralphis Baratheon

    Elia Martell: Yes, another Septa Lemore speculation

    If Elia was alive I think Jon Con would have sent her to Doran as soon as they landed. That way they'd get their spears much faster and easier then waiting for Arianne to come and convince her then have her sent a raven back to Dorne. If Tyrion couldn't figure out that Lemore was in some way related to Oberyn then I doubt Arianne would be able to verify that Elia is her aunt. The best way would be for Elia to travel to Dorne with guards instead of Arianne traveling to the Golden Company. People think Elia is dead, they know Arianne is alive.
  11. Ralphis Baratheon

    Why do people love Dany?

    True. But at least she had the sense to turn down that creep Jorah, despite how heavily he came onto her when she was in a vulnerable state. Drogo was forced on her and Jorah tried to persuade her into taking him as a husband or paramour, despite the fact she showed no interest in him. Perhaps that's why she took Daario into her bed, he was the first man she got to choose for herself.
  12. Ralphis Baratheon

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I think we could all agree that the Essosi slaves masters and the Nazis are both evil and move on and stop comparing them.
  13. Ralphis Baratheon

    on jaime lannister not telling people about the wildfire

    He certainly claims to love Cersei at the start of the series. He also claims to love Tyrion who was at Winterfell at the time and could have been in danger of Robert's wrath as well. He may not feel like a father to Myrcella and Tommen but I highly doubt he'd want to see them get executed in Winterfell or burned alive in King's Landing. I don't think he resents them either, just doesn't care for them as much as a uncle or father should. Plus he is a KG it's his job to protect the royal children. Oh not only has it already surfaced it's been spoken out loud to Brienne in their bathhouse chat. He saw traitors everywhere, and Varys was always there to point out any he might have missed. So His Grace commanded his alchemists to place catches of wildfire all over King's Landing. Beneath Baelor's Sept and the hovels of Flea Bottom, under stables and storehouses, at all seven gates even in the cellars of the Red Keep itself.-Jaime V - A Storm of Swords He then goes on to tell Brienne about the rest of the sack of King's Landing, seeming to remember it perfectly. Even telling her how he killed Aerys' other pyromancers days after the sack to make sure they didn't ignite the wildfire, but still doesn't tell anyone about the wildfire itself. All this points to Jaime being very conscious of the wildfire and how dangerous it is. He even remembers where all the wildfire was placed.
  14. Ralphis Baratheon

    on jaime lannister not telling people about the wildfire

    If Jaime loves Cersei and his family so much that he'd throw a child out of tower to save them from Robert's wrath then why wouldn't he tell everyone about the wildfire that surrounds King's Landing, the very place most of that family is currently living?
  15. Ralphis Baratheon

    Quentyn is fake, his death is not

    Doran also sent his daughter to the middle of a war zone to treat with sellswords and their unknown leaders, who he is not sure if they really are who they are claiming to be. Arianne's mission is a risky one just like Quentyn's.